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Posse, Are You Ready? (Vol. III) - a 1979 - 1985 rub-a-dub mix by BMC

Yes people, BMC Taking Over one more time! Here's the third and final volume of my short but sweet series of rub-a-dub mixes called "Posse, Are You Ready?". Got strictly positive responses on these from a number of the loyal followers of my mixes, which is much much appreciated, as always. It's a well known fact most however just take without any comments or thank you's, that's just the way things go on the net, so not complaining, just stating the obvious. I have noticed though that it is continuously less motivating for me to put the effort into making a next one again due to this (amongst others, like people offering mixes on ebay). I don't care much for how often a mix is played, but instead get most enjoyment out of comments from listeners, exactly what is lacking. Really wanted to make this third volume for "Posse, Are You Ready?" as I had the tunes already recorded and liked making it a trilogy, but for those that care, I for now honoustly don't know if there'll be more new mixes (in whatever style) from me online anymore. No sad affair or anything, noone's fault, just a feeling that I think those that have been checking my mixes out all these years deserve to know. This one will be Mixcloud only (for reasons I wont bother mentioning) and perfectly suits the summer months ahead of us, together with Vol. I and II, also still available from my Mixcloud page. If you want more, take Johnny Osbourne's advise on the last track of this mix: if you happy and you love it, rewind! :-)

Same recipe as Vol. I & II: early 80s tunes by a whole variety of singers and deejays and no vocalist appears twice, all tracks taken from vinyl, so expect some crackle and pop here and there. Mix in the usual BMC style: no full tunes, one continuous 60 min. mix with some added soundsamples. Feel good music. Enjoy!

Posse, Are You Ready? - Vol. III 
(in brackets the source of each track is given, where 7, 10 and 12 are single sizes)

01) Frankie Paul - Taking Over (Showdown 6 LP - Channel One)
02) Barrington Levy - Jah Life (Bounty Hunter LP - Jah Life)
03) Scientist - Jah Life In Dub (Jah Life In Dub LP - Jah Life)
04) Wayne Smith - Live Honestly (Youthman Skanking LP - Black Joy)
05) Purpleman - We're Badder Than Them (Confessions LP - Vista)
06) Sugar Minott - Jailhouse (Power House 7)
07) Little John - Better Yu Gwan (Power House 7)
08) Bunny Wailer - Conqueror (Solomonic 12)
09) Carlton Livingston - Feel The Vibes (Satta Rock 12)
10) Lone Ranger - Dance Have Fe Cork (Satta Rock 12)
11) Ini Kamoze - Wings With Me (Ini Kamoze LP - Island)
12) Michael Palmer - Youth-Man Take It Easy (Show-Down Vol 4 LP - Empire)
13) Michael Prophet - Evil Doers (Certify LP - Burning Sounds)
14) Billy Boyo - Billy Boyo In The Area (DJ Clash 2 LP - Greensleeves)
15) George Nooks - Fret Not Yourself (CF 12)
16) Papa Tullo - Ride The Rhythm (CF 12)
17) Don Carlos - Ginalship (Them Never Know Natty Dread Have Him Credential LP - Channel One)
18) Luie Lepki - Bank Clerk (Willie Red LP - Hitbound)
19) Johnnie Clark - Rude Boy (Art & Craft 12)
20) Hugh Mundell - Going Places (Volcano 12)
21) Toyan - Strictly The Dread (Greensleeves 12)
22) Eek A Mouse - Falling Heroes (Black & White 7)
23) Barry Brown & Ranking Joe - What You Don't Know (Jah Life 12)
24) Jah Thomas - Two In The Family (Dance Hall Stylee LP - Daddy Kool)
25) Wailing Souls - They Don't Know Jah (Volcano 12)
26) Triston Palmer - Babylon (Joker Smoker LP - Greensleeves)
27) Early B - Call The Doctor For Me (Four Wheel No Real LP - Midnight Rock)
28) Wayne Jarrett - Jah Jah I (Chip In LP - Thompson)
29) Johnny Osbourne - Rewind (Jammys 7)

Thanks for the support, enjoy!

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