Sunday, July 8, 2007

Welcome to my blog

Hello all, welcome to my blog!

This blog will be used for collectively presenting my mixes, videos and other mainly music related things. Reggae is my number one choice of genre and will cover the vast majority of contributions here. I made numerous mixes, old and modern reggae, over the years and I'll post my old and new ones to come here from now on instead of at the old address There they stopped allowing non-members to leave comments, while I for one do NOT make my mixes for podomatic members but for one and all to enjoy. Therefore, I moved to this place, where I am in charge of who can leave comments. Also, now I have the opportunity to ask all listeners for opinons through a poll, at the right of your screen (so please, fill this in! :-) ) and much more, so happy to start working here and getting in touch with you all through this site.
First, I'll post just tracklists and the stories behind all my older mixes. If there's interest for 'm, I can upload the audio to zshare or so for download. Drop a comment at the mix to let me know. For the latest few mixes, there are download links, so check 'm out and let me know what you think! Also, I'll look up some of my older 'top-of-the-year' lists to check back what I rated highest in a particular year. And there'll be more, when it's worth sharing.

Keep watching this space for it is my new home online and please, drop me a comment if you rate the work. For now, I conclude with posting one of my favourite vid's that I uploaded on YouTube some time ago: the crown prince of reggae Dennis Brown.