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Have A Good Time - a 2011 Dancehall Mix - summer edition

Not one for my usual 'Roots & Culture' followers: IT's DANCEHALL TIME AGAIN at BMC's REGGAE BLOG! As last year also in 2011 there's a whole lot of dancehall coming out of which just a small portion is actually worthwhile in my opinion, so I decided to join together a bunch of riddims and tunes in that category of 2011 that I rate for various reasons. Sometimes the ruff energy in some riddims, sometimes the happy summer vibe, sometimes the lyrical feud between artists (and please keep it lyrical only people!) and mostly the overall danceable vibe in tunes. As I'm not a fully up-to-date, 'only-the-latest-counts' dancehall selector this mix has tracks from all over the year, probably heard many times in the tons of other mixes coming out almost daily. So why bothering making it and, for you, downloading it then? Well easy:

1) First and foremost for my own pleasure, hearing 80 minutes of dancehall that I know I rate.
2) For those that do like some dancehall, but can't be bothered looking through all those riddims and tunes coming out to hear what they like and are happy when someones else makes a selection over the year so far.
3) For those annoyed by those mixes with loud sirens, horns and samples every minute or less; very few soundeffects here, I try to let the actual music make the mix.

There's more good dancehall out there, so possibly later in the year a follow up might follow. No promises though, we'll see. For now, Have A Good Time, it's DANCEHALL time!

No full-tune downloads here, mixtape promo-style this!

Have A Good Time - a 2011 Dancehall Mix - summer edition

Selection & Mix by: BMC
Twitter: BMCsReggaeBlog

Riddims & tracks:
01 Pepper riddim (Di Genius / Big Ship)
Shabba Ranks - None A Dem
Mavado - Pepper
Agent Sasco - Nothing At All
02 Vybz Kartel - Have A Good Time (Fresh Ear)
03 Barbwire riddim (Q45)
Mr. Vegas - Certain Law
Bugle - One Life
Assassin - Profile Pic
Sizzla & Ninja Kid - Gal Dem
04 Star A Star riddim (TJ)
Mr Lexx - Clean
Assassin - Dem Fear We
05 Beenie Man vs Fantan Mojah vs Sizzla
Beenie Man - Nuh Talk Too Long
Fantan Mojah - Rasta Inna Turban
Sizzla - Diss Rasta
06 Gaza World riddim (TJ)
Vybz Kartel - Real Badman
Sheba - Money
Vybz kartel - Life
07 Voodoo riddim (Baby G)
Mavado - Voodoo
Sizzla - Run Dem
08 Bad Acid riddim (Di Genius / Big Ship)
Busy Signal - We Nah Dweet
Di Genius - Nuh Beg Friend
Mavado - Lost Dem
Agent Sasco - We Dem A Watch
Busy Signal - Real Star Gyal
09 Summer Time riddim (Adidjahiem)
Vybz Kartel - Summer Time
Popcaan - Ravin
10 Sex On Di Beach riddim (Seanizzle)
Beenie man - Sex On Di Beach
Tarrus Riley - Come Ova
I Octane - Come Close
11 Summer Scheme riddim (Don Corleon)
ZJ Liquid - Summer Scheme
Sean Paul - Give Me The Loving
Wayne Marshall - It's Party Time
Vybz Kartel - My Baby U
12 Party Shot riddim (Mini-E5)
Tony Matterhorn - Fluffy Summer
Bugle - My Aim
13 Drink & Party riddim (Boardhouse)
Busy Signal - Swag Tun Up
Mr. Vegas - A Better Place
Agent Sasco - Drink & Merry
Kiprich - Line Inna Road
Cecile - Hold Me Tight
14 Beenie Man - Inna Di Gogo Club (357 Records)
15 Summer Fling riddim (Chimney)
Tarrus Riley - Summer Fling
Stein - Shell Dung The Party
Mavado - Final Destination
16 Lea Anna - Sway (Adde)
17 White Liver riddim (Cashflow)
Beenie Man - Gimmi Likkle
Vybz Kartel - Horny And Proud
18 Mr Vegas - Black & Proud (MVmusic) &
Busy Signal - Grab A Gyal (Blaqk Sheep)
19 Contra riddim (CR203)
Vybz Kartel - Sex & The City
Mavado - Do Road
Capleton - Choose Your Friend
Assassin - Tun Up
20 Spazzle riddim (Big Yard / Scikron)

Chase Cross - Yes I Am
Mavado - Tumping
21 Jericho riddim (Don Corleon)
Vybz Kartel - Mi Don't Know
Kymani Marley - War
22 Mavado - Delilah (2hard / Di Genius)

For those looking to buy music, some of these can be found for sale at iTunes. On vinyl sadly none of these is available as far as I know.

Drop me a comment if you've enjoyed the effort.
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BMC on Twitter

Just joined Twitter the other day:

Look for: BMCsReggaeBlog as username

Looking forward to sharing some comments every now and then, getting in touch with new people in the reggae scene and / or promoting my reggae related works like mixes and reviews.

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BMC's TARRUS RILEY Discography

In my opinion, as said before, Tarrus Riley is among the best, if not the best, singers in the reggae business these days. Great voice, great flow, lyrically interesting, great live show, very friendly and open to his fans and a whole heap of wicked releases. As a vinyl buyer (yep, also in 2011 there's still people buying modern reggae on vinyl!) I always keep an eye out for new releases by the man. This and a question on a message boards about his output on vinyl made me look at the number of 45s I already own of Tarrus and made me wonder how many more there might be out there. This lead to me closer examining his entire catalogue to this day, what resulted in a long list of released tunes on singles, CD's and compilations, mp3's or collaborations on other artists' albums. So in the end this became probably the closest to a complete discography of Tarrus Riley's work online, compiled by yours truly, BMC.

As a vinyl man, I have divided the output in singles available on 45s and tunes available as mp3's or on CD's. The list is most likely not complete yet and this is where I'd love to get help from all Tarrus' fans worldwide. If you know of a tune or tunes not in this list yet, drop me a comment or mail me at and I will add it to the list to eventually end up with a complete output of Tarrus Riley's music!

The list below is the current situation on august 15th 2011. I hope to keep it up to date for time to come. If you wanna use the work I put into collecting all this data, please give credit where credit is due!

BMC's TARRUS RILEY discography - sorted on format, date and title

Vinyl 7"
Tarrus Riley & Jimmy Riley - Life Is No Bed of Roses (Heavy Beat - 1995) [credited to Taurus]
Tarrus Riley - Chop It Off (Love Promotions - 199x) [credited to Tarrus]
Tarrus Riley - Now A Days (Love Promotions - Night Nurse riddim - 2000) [credited to Tarrus]
Tarrus Riley - Babylon Running Loose (Love Promotion - 2004(?))
Tarrus Riley & Jimmy Riley - Stronger (Taxi - Bam Bam riddim - 2005) [b/w Bounty Killer & Bunny Ruggs - Down In The Ghetto]
Tarrus Riley - Whispers (Pot Of Gold - Shine riddim - 2006)
Tarrus Riley - Beware b/w Stay With You (Cannon - 2006)
Tarrus Riley - Back Biter (Don Corleon - Far Away riddim - 2007)
Tarrus Riley - Far Away (Don Corleon - Love Potion riddim - 2007)
Tarrus Riley - Life Precious Gift (Joe Frasier - Chi Chi Bud riddim - 2007)
Tarrus Riley - Protect Your Neck (Fat Eyes - Midnight Hour riddim - 2007)
Tarrus Riley - She Is Royal b/w Parables (Cannon - 2007)
Tarrus Riley & Dwayne Stephenson - Doesn't Hurt To Care (Reflection - Babylon riddim - 2007)
Tarrus Riley - Guessing Game (Road Dog - Binghi riddim - 2008)
Tarrus Riley - Jah Help Our Souls (Maximum Sound - The Session riddim - 2008)
Tarrus Riley - Larger Than Life (Ya Man Music - 2008)
Tarrus Riley - Marcus Teaching (Cannon - Jah Live riddim - 2008)
Tarrus Riley - One Two Order b/w Something Strong (Deadly Dragon Sound / VP - 2008)
Tarrus Riley - Pick Up The Pieces b/w Lowe Mi Business [aka Ease Off] (Cannon - 2008)
Tarrus Riley - Start A New (Juke Boxx - Nylon riddim - 2008)
Tarrus Riley - Stop Watching (Fat Eyes - General Penitentiary riddim - 2008)
Tarrus Riley & Bugle - Nothing Change aka Love Reigns (Sons of Spoon / Tad's - Chemistry riddim - 2008)
Tarrus Riley & Chalice - Good To Be There (Cannon - 2008)
Tarrus Riley & Jimmy Riley - Pull Up Selector (Taxi - Tune In riddim - 2008)
Tarrus Riley - Cold Kisses (Don Corleon - 2009)
Tarrus Riley - Getty Getty No Want Ee (Don Corleon - Changes - 2009)
Tarrus Riley - Young Heart Reminiscing (Peckings - 2009)
Tarrus Riley & Aidonia - Di Trees (Tad's - Go Go Club riddim - 2009) [b/w Gaza Kim & Lisa Hype - Bills]
Tarrus Riley & Alaine - Forever More (Don Corleon - 2009)
Tarrus Riley - Children A Pree Wi (Juke Boxx - Boops riddim - 2010) [b/w Assassin - Boopsie]
Tarrus Riley - Jah Nah Sleep (Don Corleon - Dread riddim - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Living The Life Of A Gun (VP - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Mi Homeland (Juke Boxx - Stagalag riddim - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Nobody Knows (Don Corleon - Feeling riddim - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Poverty Nuh Inna Fashion (Maximum Sound - Rebellion riddim - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Spen Shell Fly (John John - Zion Gate riddim - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Wildfire (Don Corleon - Major riddim - 2010)
Tarrus Riley & Michigan - Dangerous Diseases (VP - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Groovy Little Thing (Rockers Island JPN / Koyashi - 2011) [b/w Stevie Face - Full Attention]
Tarrus Riley - Front Door (VP - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Shaka Zulu Pickney (Sound Quake - Nyabinghi riddim - 2011) [b/w Anonymous & Bay-C - Fire We Are Burn]
Tarrus Riley - Stress Silent Murder (Stars - Natty Dread A Weh She Want riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Warriors (La La) (Necessary Mayhem - Gorilla riddim - 2011) [b/w Franz Job - What's It Gonna Be]

Vinyl 12"
Tarrus Riley & Jimmy Riley - Life Is No Bed Of Roses (Charm - 1999) [credited to Taurus]
Tarrus Riley - Now A Days (Love Promotions - Night Nurse riddim - 2000) [credited to just Tarrus] [b/w Anthony B - Waan Back]
Tarrus Riley - Rebel c/w Captain Sinbad - World Wide Rebellion (Maximum Sound - Skateland Killer riddim - 2011) [b/w Dean Fraser - Skateland Sax]

Tarrus Riley - Challenges (Ya Man Music - 2004)
1. Larger Than Life
2. Jah Will
3. It's Better This Way
4. All Is Vanity
5. Who Can Stand It
6. Don't Give Up
7. I'll Be Your Friend
8. The Other Half
9. Take Me Higher
10. Ego
11. Rasta At The Control
12. Barber Chair
13. Love Created I (Bonus - 2008 VP release)
14. Save The Children (Bonus - 2008 VP release)

Tarrus Riley - Parables (VP - 2006)
1. System Set
2. Haunt You
3. Beware
4. Micro Chip
5. One Two Order
6. Stay With You
7. She's Royal
8. Something Strong
9. Lion Paw
10. Parables
11. Africa Awaits
12. Pick Up The Pieces
13. Let Love Live (ft. Duane Stephenson)
14. Family (ft. Della Manley)
15. My Baby (Cyan Sleep)
16. She's Royal (De Royal Vibes Mix) [Japanese edition bonus track]
17. Lion Paw (Live)
[Japanese edition bonus track]

Tarrus Riley - Contagious (VP - 2009)
1. Living The Life Of A Glin
2. I Sight
3. Love's Contagious
4. Human Nature
5. Soul Mate
6. Superman
7. Young Heart
8. Start A New
9. S-craving
10. Why So Much Wickedness?
11. Let Peace Reign (ft. Etana, Duane Stephenson)
12. Don't Judge
13. King Selassie H.I.M.
14. Stop Watch
15. Herbs Promotion (ft. Demarco & Vybz Kartel)
16. Good Girl Gone Bad (ft. Konshens)
17. Mankind
18. It Will Come

Tracks from one riddim albums, collaborations, mp3's and / or compilations (no vinyl release):
Tarrus Riley & Duane Stephenson - Exhale (VP - 2007)
Tarrus Riley & Queen Ifrica - Stay With You (Flames (?) - 2007)
Tarrus Riley & Sizzla - Who's Gonna Save Us (? - 2008)
Tarrus Riley & Demarco - Over And Over (StarKutt - 2009)
Tarrus Riley, Barbee, Lady G, Duane Stephenson & Macka Diamond - Paradise Redemption (? - 2009)
Tarrus Riley - Get Power From Pain (Cash Flow - Give Thanks riddim - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Intimate Reservation (Rose Gold Ent - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - My Mother (Cannon - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Soldier Of Love [remix] (Bulby - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Talk Is Cheap (Russian / Head Concussion - Bomb Drop riddim - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Who's Responsible (2 Hard Music - City Life riddim - 2010)
Tarrus Riley & Agent Sasco - Why You Do Me So (DJ Frass - My Life riddim - 2010)
Tarrus Riley & Dub Incorporation - No Doubt (Diversite - 2010)
Tarrus Riley - Armageddon Time (Romeich - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Away From Me (Bombrush - Spitfire riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Bless Me (Don Corleon - Broken Hearts riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Come Ova (Seanizzle - Sex On Di Beach riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Eye Water (Ghetto Youths International - Jah Army riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Good Thing Going (21st-Hapilos - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Karma (ZJ Chrome / CR203 - Cardiac Strings riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Love Scars (Bombrush Records - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Natural (Dutty Rock Music - Blaze Fia riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Never Leave I (Chimney - Island Vibes riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Peer Pressure (John John - Fuss & Fight riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Slow Down (Romeich - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Soul Grabber (Yard Vybz - Captain riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley - Summer Fling (Chimney - Summer Fling Riddim - 2011)
Tarrus Riley & Prince Koloni - Nature (? - 2011)
Tarrus Riley & Shaggy - Just Another Girl (Ranch Entertainment - 2011)
Tarrus Riley & Sleepy Hallowtips - Mad Scientist (Bombrush - 2011)
Tarrus Riley & Sophia Squire - Nature Calling [remix] (? - 2011)
Tarrus Riley & Third World - That's All We Have (VP - 2011)

DVD (not live stage shows with other artists):
Tarrus Riley - Words N' Melody (limited tour edition) (Cannon - 2010)

Looking for more info on:
Tarrus - Chop It Off (Love Promotions 7'') -- What year did this come out?

Any additions? Let me know and I'll add 'm (do check by the original title though, a track like Wildfire is sometimes also referred to as Protect The People or so, but its official title is Wildire and that's the title in the list).

Big up the man's work, great artist in the business. Let's hope for many more big tunes to come!

If you missed it in the past, don't forget to check out my mix showcasing Tarrus' work that can be found a bit further down on this blog. Search for Tarrus to get there fast, it's a wicked 80 minute journey!!!