Monday, December 30, 2013

Love Is All I Bring - Another 2013 Roots & Culture Mix

Love Is All I Bring - Another 2013 Roots & Culture Mix by BMC

After my well-received Step Out And Dance mix from early this year, I felt like making a next 2013 mix to close the year with. Lots of great music has been released this year again that many don't seem aware of, next to the usual larger pile of low-quality crap ofcourse. I hope this mix will introduce some of this lovely music to people out there, so they can check out the artists and labels further, you wont be sorry!! The so called 'revival' of more positive, conscious music by artists like Chronixx, Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid clearly made its impact this year on the reggae scene and on me same way. So no surprise to find quite a few tracks by especially Chronixx and Kabaka Pyramid in this one. Besides them, a whole variety of artists and producers recorded and released very worthwhile tunes this year and this mix showcases a whole heap of different names and styles to proof that. Especially nice this year has been the increasing number of tunes that get pressed on vinyl again, love that, bought quite a bunch of 'm! Mix is in the usual BMC style: no full tunes, some but not too many sound samples, one continuous cd-length mix in the old-school mixtape tradition. If you like what you hear, go check out the full tunes in good quality to get the real deal. I just love this music, Love Is All I Bring!

Selection & Mix by: BMC
Facebook: Bmc Better Must Come / BMC's Reggae Mixes (page)
Twitter: BMCsReggaeBlog

Riddims & tracks in order of appearance (tracks with * have, to my knowledge, been released on 45s):

1) Chronixx - Thanks And Praise (Lifeline Music) *
2) Fight This Feeling Riddim (Ranch Entertainment)
Shaggy ft. Beres Hammond - Fight This Feeling *
Maxi Priest ft. Assassin - Bubble My Way
Tessanne Chin - If You Love Me
3) Going Home Riddim (Larger Than Life)
Busy Signal & Exco Levy - Wicked Evil Man
Chino - Larger Than Life
Gappy Ranks - Free My Chains
4) Jah Sun ft. Kabaka Pyramid - Foundation (Bizzarri)
5) Poison Arrow Riddim (Dynasty)

Alaine - Love Is All I Bring
Jah Vinci - Lock Me With Love
I Octane - Island Breeze [Jamaica]
6) Dancing Machine Riddim (Evidence)
Brother Culture - Life
Skarra Mucci - Confusion
7) Chino & Di Genius - Roots Sound (Di Genius)
8) Inna Rub A Dub Style Riddim (John John)
Chronixx - Alpha & Omega
Jah Cure & Bounty Killer - A Murdah
Sizzla - Big Surpirse
Tarrus Riley - Money Cry
Chronixx - Alpha & Omega (pt. 2)
9) Micah Shemaiah ft TJ, Hempress Sativa, Jahkime & Infinite - Dread At The Control (EDB Entertainment) *
10) Militancy Riddim (Overstand Entertainment)
Kabaka Pyramid - The Revival
Jah Cure - Territory
Dre Island - Uptown Downtown
Protoje - Resist Not Evil
Chezidek - Damage
11) Selassie Souljahz Riddim (Royal Order) *
Addis Pablo & The Suns Of Dub - Selassie Souljahz - Melodica Version
Chronixx, Sizzla, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid - Selassie Souljahz
Addis Pablo & The Suns Of Dub - Selassie Souljahz - Dub
12) Mavado - Soldiers (Tribute To Roach) (JA Productions)
13) Chronixx - World Under Seige (Roots Tribulation)
14) Milk & Honey Riddim (Reggae Fever / iMusician Digital) *
Turbulence - Righteousness
Jah Mali - Stop Self Destruct
Jah Mason - My God & King
15) Honey Pot Riddim (Silly Walks Discotheque) *
Chronixx - Smile Jamaica
Lutan Fyah - Lonesome Soldier
Daville - One In A Million
16) Just Say When Riddim (Heavy Beats)
Glen Washington - Put Away Your Guns
Lloyd Brown - Blessed Love
17) Sellassie I Way Riddim (Israel Records)
Tarrus Riley & Kabaka Pyramid - Fly Di Gate
Chronixx - Prayer
Pressure - One Way
Lutan Fyah - Jah Na Sleep
18) Richie Campbell - What A Day (Don Corleon)
19) Tin Mackerel Riddim (Maximum Sound Bwoy Killers)
Konshens & Romain Virgo - We No Worry 'Bout Them
Burro Banton - Can't Get Me Out
Mr. Vegas, Natel & Major Mackerel - Flash Up Unu Lighta
20) Take My Hand Riddim (Redemtion's Sound)
Luciano - Take My Hand Oh Jah
Kabaka Pyramid - Sun Rising
David Kennedy - Take My Dub
21) Rising Sun Riddim (Chimney Records) *
Chronixx & Kabaka Pyramid - Mi Alright
Tarrus Riley - My Day
Demarco - It's Not Right

Enjoy and happy new year people, thanks for another year of support for the efforts I put into these mixes!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Channel One Show-Down Series

Took me a while, but with the addition of Vol. 3 and 6 finally have this superb series complete on vinyl (a couple of originals, bunch of represses). Channel One at its finest!

Show-down Vol. 1 - Barry Brown & Little John
Show-down Vol. 2 - Sugar Minott & Frankie Paul
Show-down Vol. 3 - Don Carlos & Gold & The Gladiators
Show-down Vol. 4 - Frankie Jones & Michael Palmer
Show-down Vol. 5 - Yellowman & Fathead & Purpleman
Show-down Vol. 6 - Frankie Paul & Little John
Show-down Vol. 7 - Wayne Smith & Patrick Andy
Show-down Vol. 8 - Frankie Paul & Coco Tea


Recommended, so check 'm out, most available on excellent quality represses.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chronixx on vinyl

Great to see more and more modern JA music getting pressed on good old 45s again, particularly by the good people of! Here's a pic of the Chronixx, who I rate very very high, 45s I've found and bought so far:

Chronixx - Ain't No Giving In (Chimney)
Chronixx - Here Comes Trouble (Overstand)
Chronixx ft. Sizzla, Protoje & Kabaka Pyramid - Selassie Souljahz (Royal Order)
Chronixx - Smile Jamaica (Silly Walks)
Chronixx - Thanks And Praise (Lifeline Music)

Tunes definitely worthy to be praised for quality and so worthy to be pressed! Keep 'm coming!

(some tuff tunes on the same riddims available as these by Chronixx and definitely worth picking up the 10" of Addis Pablo (son of) with melodica and dub versions to Selassie Souljahz in lovely picture sleeve)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sizzla Kalonji & Bredren - The Early Years In Roots (1995 - 2002)

Sizzla Kalonji & Bredren - The Early Years In Roots (1995 - 2002)

The first time I got introduced to the works of a, at the time, young singer calling himself 'Sizzla Kalonji' was when I heard the album Black Woman & Child somewhere in the mid to late 90s. I was very impressed with what I heard and ever since started following the musical output of this man from August Town, Jamaica. Lots can be said about his varying output from his debut Burning Up (1995) 'til his latest The Messiah (2013), but here I'd like to focus on the years that I and many with me consider his best: 1995 - 2002. He truly made classic tunes and albums in those years, mainly but not solely for producers Philip "Fatis" Burrell and Bobby "Digital B" Dixon. In this set of 2 mixes I like to showcase the early works in roots of Sizzla Kalonji & Bredren. It started off as a single-mix-effort, but after reaching the 80 min mark on the first, I had too many superb tunes left that had to be included, so a 2nd mix was born. I still had to leave out many killer tunes I highly rate, but felt 2 was enough for now. It does say something about the quality of his output of those days! The choice of tracks is based on my personal preference, diversity in the mix and the vibe of the moment. I'm not a fan of Sizzla in his falsetto style, so left tunes with that out. A tracklist like this is surely debatable, but for now it all lead to this and good music it is! Finding next tracks on riddims or even some dubs has been very time consuming, but very enjoyable to do: hadn't focussed this much on that time period in a while and man, what a pleasure it was to delve into it. Very hard to mix right at points too, due to the included tunes from other artists on the same riddims being mixed totally different (especially with Xterminator, love that attention they gave to every single tune in those days!) or coming from different albums with a different final mixing. I decided to strictly use tunes I have on original format (so no downloads), be it CD, LP or 45s and combined some with other tracks and/or dubs on the same riddims for a diverse, quality journey through the works of Sizzla Kalonji and with that through JA music of 1995 - 2002. Next artists include Luciano, Cocoa Tea, Anthony B, Admiral Tibet, Capleton, Jah Cure, Prince Malachi, Morgan Heritage and more. Mixes are in the usual BMC-style: no full tunes, one continuous 80 minute mix each with soundsamples here and there and with sources given for each track. Big up to my mate Andre who helped in the riddimspotting and provided a couple of original CD's for use in the process!

Enjoy reggae music as good as it gets. Tell 'm, Kalonji! 

Tracks (in brackets is the name of the album or label of the single the tune came from, V.A. means the album is a compilation) 

Sizzla Kalonji & Bredren - The Early Years In Roots - 1995 - 2002 - Part 1
01) Half That Has Never Been Told (Good Ways)
02) Juvenile (Blaze Up The Chalwa)
w/ Jah Cure - Dance Vibes (Free Jah's Cure)
03) Lift Mine Eyes (Words Of Truth)
04) Dem A Try A Ting (Freedom Cry / Kalonji)
w/ Luciano - Ulterior Motive (Jet Star Reggae Max)
w/ Ulterior Motive Dub (MLK Dub)
w/ Prince Malachi - Love Jah (The World Shall See - V.A.)
05) Live Yu Live (2 Strong)
w/ Anthony B - Watch Out (2 Strong)
06) More Guidance (Black Woman & Child)
w/ Yami Bolo - Chill I Soul (Flag Flown High - V.A.)
07) Do You Ever? (The Story Unfolds)
08) Hale The Woman (Zulu 45)
w/ Version (Zulu 45)
09) Catch The Place A Fire (Reggae Central 45 / Hosanna)
w/ Luciano - Should I Slumber (Reggae Central 45)
w/ Jah Mason - High Grade (Reggae Central 45) 
10) Ripe Leaf (Royal Son Of Ethiopia)
11) Go Round Them (Harmony House 45)
w/ Version (Harmony House 45)
w/ Jah Cure - Western Region (Harmony House 45)
12) Praise Ye Jah (Praise Ye Jah)
13) Bless The Youth (Good Ways)
w/ Morgan Heritage - Send Us Your Love (Don't Haffi Dread)
14) Kings Of The Earth (The Story Unfolds) 
w/ Luciano - Gunzalis (Rough Inna Town - V.A.)
w/ Weaponist dub (MLK Dub)
w/ Cocoa Tea - The Weed (The Herbalist - V.A.)
w/ Kings Of The Earth Dub (MLK Dub)
15) Solid As A Rock (Da Real Thing)
16) Greedy Joe (Praise Ye Jah)
w/ Cocoa Tea - Repatriation (Israel's King)
w/ Repatriation Dub (MLK Dub)
17) Do Some Good (2 Strong)
w/ Anthony B - (Al) low The Herb (So Many Things)
18) Merciful Father ft. Causion (3 Wise Men - V.A.)
19) Give Them A Ride (Black Woman & Child)
w/ Instrumental (Digital B 12")
w/ Admiral Tibet - Babylon Brutality (Try To Reach The Top)
w/ Tanya Stephens - Handle The Ride (Digital B 45)
w/ Version ft. Cocoa Tea (Digital B 45)
20) Ghetto Youth (Liberate Yourself)
21) Done Nothing For Us (Harmony House 45)
22) I'm Not Sure (Jet Star Reggae Max)
w/ Cocoa Tea - Hurry Up & Come (Israel's King)
w/ Sanchez - Never Dis Di Man (Forever)
w/ Luciano, Louie Culture & Terror Fabulous - In This Together (Jet Star Reggae Max)
23) Purified Woman (Serious Reggae - V.A.)
24) Rastafari Teach I Everything (Rastafari Teach I Everything)
25) Azanido (Good Ways)
w/ Garnett Silk, Cocoa Tea & Charlie Chaplin - Every Knee Shall Bow (Flag Flown High - V.A.)
26) Stop The Youth (Be I Strong)

Sizzla Kalonji & Bredren - The Early Years In Roots - 1995 - 2002 - Part 2
01) Life's Road (Rough Inna Town - V.A.)
02) It's Amazing (Da Real Thing)
03) Love Amongst My Brethren (Freedom Cry)
w/ Cocoa Tea - Rastaman (Israel's King)
04) The Poor (Burning Up)
w/ Luciano & Spanna Banna - What We Need Is Love (Duets)
05) Holding Firm (Jet Star Reggae Max)
w/ Anthony B - Raid The Barn (So Many Things)
06) World Wide Love (Hosanna)
w/ Instrumental (Hosanna)
07) Hard Ground (Black Woman & Child)
w/ Junior Tucker - Praise His Name (Flag Flown High - V.A.)
08) Rejoice (Da Real Thing)
09) The World Shall See (The World Shall See - V.A.)
w/ Prince Malachi - Life Cycle (The World Shall See - V.A.)
w/ L.M.S - Zion Gates (Zion Gates)
w/ Xterminator All Stars - Life Cycle (Dub Down Babylon)
10) Can't Cool Can't Quench (Good Ways)
w/ Admiral Tibet - Envious People (Try To Reach The Top)
11) Submerge Cocaine Base (The Herbalist - V.A.)
12) True God (Jet Star Reggae Max)
w/ Cocoa Tea - Israel's King (Israel's King)
w/ Luciano - Never Give Up My Pride (Messenger)
13) Bandulu (Black History)
14) Woman I Need You (Da Real Thing)
w/ Morgan Heritage - Works To Do (Pt.1) (Three In One)
15) Strength And Hope (Bobo Ashanti)
w/ Prince Malachi & Turbulence - Righteous Way (Armageddon Time - Chapter II)
16) No Other Like Jah (Praise Ye Jah)
17) Babylon Homework (Royal Son Of Ethiopia)
w/ Jah Blessing ft. Luciano (Freedom Cry)
18) One Away (Black Woman & Child)
w/ Admiral Tibet - To Jah I Pray (Try To Reach The Top)
w/ Capleton - Raggy Road (Flag Flown High - V.A.)
19) Healing Of The Nation (Liberate Yourself)
20) Babylon A Listen (Jet Star Reggae Max)
w/ Luciano - Sweep Over My Soul (Sweep Over My Soul)
w/ Sweep Over My Soul Dub (MLK Dub) 
w/ Cocoa Tea - Mr. Neck Tie Man (The World Shall See - V.A.)
w/ Capleton - Stand Tall (More Fire) 
21) Like Mountain (Firehouse Crew)
w/ Lukie D - Heavy Load (Firehouse Crew)
w/ Jah Cure - Chant (Firehouse Crew)
22) Food Of Thought (2 Strong)
23) Trod Mt. Zion (Da Real Thing)
w/ Instrumental (Digital B 45)
w/ Morgan Heritage - Blackman's Paradise (Digital B 45)
24) Love Is Divine (Black Woman & Child)
25) The Vibes ft. Capleton (Be I Strong)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Step Out And Dance - 2012/13 Roots & Culture Mix

Gimme Likkle One Drop as the man Tarrus Riley sings on the Tropical Escape riddim. Well, ok, here you go! New roots & culture mix by BMC, over 79 minutes with riddims and tracks from 2012 and 2013. Lotsa (but not only) JA productions this time and above all lotsa good music! Selection solely based on what I rate for whatever reason, not the charts! Noticable how many artists in their lyrics express their hope for a change of musical and/or lyrical content in the scene, let's see where it goes from here. Above all these are 79+ minutes that show that reggae is alive and kicking in 2013! Very nice riddims, excellent vocal deliveries from upcoming stars like Chronixx and Exco Levi to a great lovers tune by dancehall star Mavado to the always impressive Tarrus Riley and I can go on. Check out all artists and labels (in brackets in the tracklist below), there's usually more where this came from. Mix is in the usual BMC style: whole heap of different artists and styles, no full tunes, (very) few sound samples, one continuous cd-length mix in the old-school mixtape tradition. What can I say? I'm rocking to it, hope you too, so Step Out And Dance!

Step Out And Dance - 2012/13 Roots & Culture Mix

Selection & Mix by: BMC
Facebook: Bmc Better Must Come / BMC's Reggae Mixes (page)
Twitter: BMCsReggaeBlog

Riddims & tracks:
01 Gyal Season Riddim (Bambino Musik - Jus Bus)
Joe Lickshot - Vintage Concert Version
Romain Virgo - All Out
Busy Signal - Girls Tonight
Etana & Busy Signal - Love Love Love
Tanya Stephens - If You Knew
Spragga Benz - Step Out And Dance
02 Impossible Riddim (Bizzarri)
Blackout JA - Rub A Dub King
Lion D - Irie
03 EZ Riddim (Smart Move Records)
Tarrus Riley - Hurt Me
Adrian Campbell - Take It Easy
04 Mavado - Always On My Mind (Troyton)
05 Moving Riddim (Di Genius)
Mr. Easy - Moving
Chino - Boom Draw
J Boog - Change Up Your Evil Ways
Chris Martin - What Can I Do (Without A Woman)
Lutan Fyah - Hold A Medz
06 Downtown Riddim (Riddim Wise)
Turbulence ft. I Shenko - Obeah Man
Mikey General - Promise
Lutan Fyah - Bossman
07 Chronixx - Start A Fyah [extended] (Jungle Josh)
08 Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor - Me Alone (Di Genius)
09 Another Dollar Riddim (Penthouse)
Romain Virgo - Another Day Another Dollar
Kiprich - No Fake Friends
Tessanne ft. Busy Signal - Don't Wanna Fight
I-Wayne - Nightmare
10 Focus Riddim (Vickings)
Exco Levi - Save The Music
Loyal Flames - Keep Focus
11 Rootsman Riddim (Overstand)
Chronixx - Here Comes Trouble
Jesse Royal - Modern Day Judas
Tarrus Riley - Cold Girl
12 Return Riddim (Juke Boxx)
Morgan Heritage - The Return
Exco Levi - Cyaah Cow Wi Down
Romain Virgo - Nah Figet
13 Busy Signal -  Come Shock Out (Juke Boxx)
14 Freedom Shines Riddim (Truckback)
Tarrus Riley - Original Dancehall
Busy Signal - Tell Dem Already
15 Man Of The Living Riddim (Street Rockaz Family)
Chezidek - Talk To Jah Jah
Peetah Morgan - World Revolution
16 Rock & Come Een Riddim (Dalton Leith)
Busy Signal - Stop Show Off
Romain Virgo - Mama
Shuga - I Dream Of A Solution
Exco Levi - Leave Mi Herbs
17 Feeling It Riddim (Machete)
Luciano - Them Never Know
Turbulence - She Wanna Be Friends
18 Tropical Escape Riddim (Chimney)
Tarrus Riley - Gimme Likkle One Drop
Cecile - Life Is So Precious
Chronixx - Aint No Giving In
I Octane - What About The Poor
19 Lutan Fyah - Dancehall Still A Gwaan (Nature's Way)
(drawing in the artwork by Lumonious, taken from the LP One DJ Won't Do on Techniques)

Drop me a comment if you've enjoyed the works.