Monday, October 17, 2016

Posse, Are You Ready? (Vol. IV) - a 1979 - 1985 rub-a-dub mix by BMC

The return of the Posse, Are You Ready? series is here! Presented the third and 'final' volume about a year and a half ago, not really feeling the motivation to continue making these kind of mixes anymore for a variety of reasons. The last couple of weeks however I played back all three volumes of Posse, Are You Ready? and loved 'm. That, in combination with some lovely new tunes in, brought back the motivation to make a Vol. IV, for my own enjoyment and the interested listeners out there. A lengthy break was needed apparentely. We'll see where it goes from here.
Recipe is the same as for Vol. I - III: rub-a-dub tunes by a whole variety of singers and deejays and no vocalist appears twice, all tracks taken from vinyl, so expect some crackle and pop here and there (plus a skip in one of the tracks this time, oops, can you find it?). Mix in the usual BMC style: no full tunes, one continuous 60 min. mix with some added soundsamples. Mixcloud only. So, Posse, Are You Ready for Vol. IV???

Posse, Are You Ready? - Vol. IV 
(in brackets the source of each track is given, where 7, 10 and 12 are single sizes)

01) Bobby Melody - Ram The Session (Two Uprising Stars LP - Midnight Rock)
02) Ranking Toyan - Too Young (Scandal 7)
03) Leroy Sibbles - Don't Worry Yourself (The Champions Clash LP - Kingdom)
04) Wailing Souls - Oh What A Lie (Inchpinchers LP - Greensleeves)
05) Massive Dread - No Countryman No Exist Again (It's Massive LP - Upfront)
06) Junior Murvin - Jamaican Girl (Volcano 7)
07) Charlie Chaplin - Hey Youthman (Sunset 7)
08) Yellowman - Ram Dance Master (Arrival 7)
09) Half Pint - Dance Hall Vibes (In Fine Style LP - SunSet)
10) Dennis Brown - Let Me Love You (Joe Gibbs 12)
11) Trinity - Up Town Girl (Joe Gibbs 12)
12) Lui Lepki - She Is A Part Of My Life (Late Night Movie LP - Joe Gibbs)
13) Bunny Lie Lie - Love Me A Deal With (High Power 7)
14) Al Campbell - She Loves Me (Bad Boy LP - CSA)
15) U Brown - Jam It Tonight (Jam It Tonight LP - CSA)
16) Trevor Castell - Cool And Deadly (Shuttle 12)
17) Lenky Roy - Be Like A Soldier (Rastaman Unity LP - Naphtalie Roy)
18) Don Carlos - Fight Fight (Showdown Vol 3 - Channel One)
19) Little John - False News (Channel One 7)
20) Paragons & Lord Sassafrost - Modeling Crowd (Starlight 12)
21) Cornell Campbell - Confusion On The Land (Boxing LP - Starlight)
22) Ringo - Model With Me (Musical Ambassador 7)
23) Tony Tuff - Nobody Like You (Live & Learn 12)
24) Sugar Minott - Move Up (Can't Stop Us Now LP - Easy Star)
25) Eek-A-Mouse - Sensi Party (Can't Stop Us Now LP - Easy Star)
26) McWoner - Nuh Fire It (Channel 1 10)
27) Winston Hussey - Fight War Again (The Girl I Adore LP - Live & Learn)
28) Junior Keating - Long Long Time (Midnight Rock 12)
29) Jah Thomas - I Hear It In The News (Midnight Rock 12)

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