Monday, February 20, 2017

Brotherly Love - An Old School New Style Modern Roots Mix by BMC (2017)

About 4 years after my latest full modern roots mix and with an increasing amount of released modern roots with a traditional touch I decided to go into it again and make this type of releases the focus of a new mix. Love those sounds, that need to be heard, so here it is. 79 minutes, modern roots releases but with a more traditional sound and instrumentation. Sometimes recycled old riddims, sometimes newly played riddims. Clear influences of 60s (rocksteady), 70s (roots, instrumentals, dub) and early 80s (rub-a-dub) Jamaican music. Tunes included date from roughly the last decade, but the majority from the last 5 years. Those claiming to not like contemporary reggae, think again after hearing this! :) Old School New Style!
Mix in the usual BMC style: no full tunes, one continuous mix with some added soundsamples. Mixcloud only. With Brotherly Love!

Brotherly Love - An Old School New Style Modern Roots Mix by BMC
(in brackets the source of each track is given, where 7, 10 and 12 are single sizes)

01) Bob & Gene ft Inversions - I Can't Stand These Lonely Nights (Daptone 7)
02) Jah Faith - No Bother Grumble (Jandisc 7)
03) Breadwinners ft Stevie - Mr Landlord (Breadwinners 12)
04) Clive Hylton - Mr Bossman (Upstir 7 promo)
05) Earl Sixteen ft Addis Pablo - Evolution (In My Fathers House LP)
06) Alpheus - Reach For The Top (Good Prevails LP)
07) Tarrus Riley - Cry No More (Love Situation CD)
08) Shaka Black - Pick Myself Up (LoFi Showcase Part 3 LP)
09) Pura Vida ft Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Brotherly Love (Seasons Of Life LP)
10) Big Youth - Eat Bread (By The Sweat Of Your Brow LP)
11) Jah Bami & Suns Of Dub - Unconditional Love (Far East Dub LP)
12) Spiritual - Stand Up To Rasta (Awakenings LP)
13) Shades - Before The Sun (Darker Shade Of Roots 7)
14) Randy Valentine, George Nooks & Tarrus Riley ft Ras Demo - Since I Found You (Peckings 7)
15) Alpheus - Call It A Day (From Creation LP)
16) Junior Thomas & The Volcanos - Beware (Beware LP)
17) Micah Shemaiah - Dread On Yah (Original Dread LP)
18) Singing Cologne - Row Mr Fisherman (Iroko 7)
19) Milton Henry - Rastafari Cannot Die (Branches And Leaves LP)
20) Frightnrs - Gotta Find A Way (Nothing More To Say LP)
21) Sir Scorcher & The Black Emeralds - Record Breaker (Jandisc 7)
22) Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band - Outta Jungle (Heavenless LP)
23) Cornell Campbell ft Little Roy - Hypocrites - The Right Way (Tuff Scout 7)
24) Max Romeo ft Lee Perry - Give Thanks To Jehovah (Horror Zone LP)
25) Roberto Sanchez & The Rockers Disciples - Tell The Children (Showcase Vol.2 LP)
26) Reality Souljahz & The Rockers Disciples - Give Jah The Glory (Showcase Vol.1 LP)
27) Chronixx - Wheel Out (Dread & Terrible LP)
28) Josey Wales - Roll Like Lion (Roots Garden 7)
29) Bitty McLean & Josey Wales - Running Over (Taxi 12)

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