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We Love Di Vibes - 2012 Dancehall Mix - Summer Stylee

We Love Di Vibes - 2012 Dancehall Mix - Summer Stylee

Party mi seh! :-)

My latest and well received 2012 Roots & Culture mix 'Reggae Summer Again' was released last month and here's its follow-up inna dancehall stylee already. I (very) soon wont have much time for mixing for a while (for good reasons), so soon(er) wanted to have a mix of recent Dancehall to accompany the Roots & Culture one to move & groove to this summer (and beyond)! Summer vibes the recipe, this the result: We Love Di Vibes - 2012 Dancehall Mix - Summer Stylee.

I know most following BMC's Reggae Mixes do so for the modern roots and foundation styled mixes, but hey, I do like my fair share of dancehall vibes and enjoy making one or two mixes a year with those riddims and tunes that hit me one way or the other. And when I made 'm, I might as well share it with the interested few. This one has a high percentage of summer party vibes, feel-good style, as opposed to the 'harder' side of dancehall. This will make you move! No idea whether it contains *the* big hits or so, I'm not that 'up-to-date', I just know it sounds good to me and makes me dance. That's all there is to it.

80 minutes, no full tunes, shorter pieces mixed together in the traditional mixtape style. Whole heap of different artists and very very few sound effects, which makes this different than most dancehall mixes around. We Love Di Vibes!

We Love Di Vibes - 2012 Dancehall Mix - Summer Stylee

Selection & Mix by: BMC
Facebook: Bmc Better Must Come / BMC's Reggae Mixes (page)
Twitter: BMCsReggaeBlog

Riddims & tracks:
01 I Octane - Love Di Vibes (So Unique)
02 Movin' Feva Riddim (Charlie Pro)

Busy Signal - Whining Feva
Bushman - Always On My Mind
Tarrus Riley - We Run It (Jamaica)
Koolant (Wailers) - World Coming Too

03 Sun Tan Riddim (Cashflow)
Stein - Again And Again
Khago - Love Summer
Demarco - This Is The Life

04 Bass Line Riddim (Big Ship)
Mavado - I Swear
Busy Signal - Cyaan Believe (Bubble Up)
Di Genius - Whine Like
Agent Sasco - Wish Bad
Gyptian - I Like It

05 Damian Marley - Affairs of the Heart (Universal)
06 Peenie Wallie Riddim (Don Corleon)

Mavado - Mek She Cry
Masicka - Fall Inna Love
Sean Paul - Caught

07 Jouvert Riddim (UIM)
Demarco - Gyal Dem Wah Whine
Konshens - Live It Up
Charly Black feat. Quick Cook - Welding (Wap Wap)

08 Gyptian - Gyal Gimme Some (So Unique)
09 Coolie Gal Riddim (UIM Records)

Popcaan - Coolie Gal
Bugle - Champion Gal
Cherine - Haffi Come Back
Vybz Kartel feat. Gaza Slim - F#%k It & Cum

10 Priceless Signature (Lena British - Jam 2)
Gyptian - Mr. Chief
Bugle - Hawk Dem Surround Me
Gappy Ranks - Wickedest Slam In Di Garrison
Sizzla - Love The Gal Dem
Bounty Killer - Dem Buss Up

11 Stylee Riddim (Ballaz)
Voicemail - Style
RDX - Caribbean Girl

12 Overtime Riddim (JA)
Beenie Man - Clean Heart
Wasp - Hot Like Fiya
Gyptian - Overtime
Mavado - Caribbean Girls

13 So Unique Riddim (So Unique)
Tommy Lee - Gal Gimme Wine
Vybz Kartel - Galopoly

14 I Octane - Jiggle Fi Me (ZJ-Ice - Thirty Six Degrees)
15 Happy Daze Riddim (Fras Twinz)

Munga - Pull Up Di Tune
Chi Ching - Stop Mock
Beenie Man - Feeling Gud
Gyptian feat. Jupita - Body Good

16 Love Bug Riddim (Washroom)
Liquid - Nah Let Yuh Go
Wayne Marshall - Rookie Love
Voicemail & Raine Seville - Watch Mi Wine Now
Alaine - Touch (On And On)
Timeka - Si How Mi Hot

17 Aurora Skies Riddim (So Unique)
Bugle - Another Day
Blak Diamon - Diamond In The Ruff
Gyptian - One Man She Need
Savage - Da Wine Deh
Kiprich - Party Just Start
Agent Sasco - Can't Hold Dem Liquor
Bounty Killer - The Real Deal

18 Summer Wave Riddim (TJ)
Popcaan - Summer Wave
Beenie Man - Jamaica Celebration

19 Liquid And Patexxx - More Rum (Echo 1)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BMC on Facebook!

Took some time, but after getting some convincing arguments I've registered on Facebook now too to see how I like it. Have my profile as BMC and a separate page for BMC's Reggae Mixes. I think the following links will bring you there:

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reggae Summer Again - 2011/12 Roots & Culture Niceness (mix)

Summer time is here, time for another good-old roots & culture mix, summer style at BMC's Reggae Blog. Productions from mainly JA, UK and EU. Variety of riddims and artists and mixed in the usual BMC style: no full tunes, sound samples here and there, one continuous cd-length mix in the old-school mixtape tradition. The mix starts in a old-school fashion with Busy Signal introducing the mix with Reggae Music Again, after which a lengthy segment follows of modern tunes on old-day styled riddims that should be enjoyable for both lovers of the old and new. This time there's a particularly long part on traditional rocksteady riddims, lovely and perfect for the summer months! Big tunes, enjoy people and thanks for the continuous support.

Reggae Summer Again - 2011/12 Roots & Culture Niceness

Selection & Mix by: BMC
Twitter: BMCsReggaeBlog

Riddims & tracks: 

01 Busy Signal - Reggae Music Again + Version (VP)
02 Cultura Riddim (Reggaeland)
Jah Mali - Selecta Man
Linval Thompson - Know Your Rights
Jah Thomas - Strong Ganja
Ranking Forrest - The Bubbling
Roberto Sanchez - Cultura Dub
03 You Don't Care Riddim (Joe Fraser)
Stevie Face - One Night Stand *
Gappy Ranks - School Days *
Papa Biggy - Soul Mate
Courtney John - Every Way
Terry Linen - You Look Like Love *
04 Hold On Riddim (Peckings) *
Ras Demo - Make You Rock
Tarrus Riley & Baby Boom - Chocolate
05 54-46 Riddim (Peckings) *
Macka B - Never Played A 45
06 Leggo Di Riddim (Maximum Sound) *
Da'Ville - Dancehall Nice
Tarrus Riley - Lovers Leap
Captain Sinbad - Jamaica 50
Ras Demo - What Will It Take
Christopher Martin - Roll It Up
Slim Smith & Ce'Cile - Girl You Hold Me
07 Love Is A Treasure Riddim (Nu Edge) *
Carroll Thompson - Impossible
Luciano - Love Be With You
Lloyd Brown - Right There
Bubblers - LIAT Dub
08 Move Up Riddim (Stingray) *
Jazwad & Stanley Andrews - Dub Move
Freddie McGregor - Jamaica Move Up
Raymond Wright - Night & Day
09 Rock Fort Rock Riddim (Lifeline)
Exco Levi - In The Streets
Protoje - This Is Not A Marijuana Song
Romain Virgo - Mussi Mad
Peetah Morgan - Bloodline
10 Rude Bway Be Nice (Maximum Sound) *
Mr Vegas - Jamaica Nice
Yami Bolo - Jah Is The Fire
Tarrus Riley - Prophecy Fulfill
Captain Sinbad - Capital Offence
11 Romain Virgo - Fantasize (VP - The System album track)
12 Live In Love Riddim (TJ)

Bugle - Its A Journey
Tarrus Riley - Sorry Is A Sorry Word
Rasun - Hard To Walk Away
J Boog - Love Me
13 Kush Morning Riddim (Dynasty / Twelve 9)
Jah Sun Ft. Peter Morgan - Heart Like A Lion
Serani - Dear Lord
Capleton - Fire Fire
14 Redeemer Riddim (OneNess)
Fanton Mojah - Giving Praises
Junior Kelly - Heads Up
Mark Wonder & Al Pancho - Dancehall Stylee
Lutan Fyah - Bag a Herbs
15 Heart And Soul Riddim (Notice)

Busy Signal - Missing You
Etana - Wifey
16 Steady Flow Riddim (GT Muzik)

Zamunda - Should A Work It Out

* = available on 45s
(check Macka B's lyrics in his track in this mix, 45 promotional stylee! :-) )

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Busy Signal - Reggae Music Again / Reggae Dubb'n Again (VP - 2012)

Note: this is NOT a download, but a topic of appreciation for a good album! Wanna hear the album: go and get it, it's worth the $$$. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Swing On - a 2011 Dancehall Mix - the sequel

After Have A Good Time (a 2011 Dancehall Mix - summer edition) from late august here is a second and final mix showcasing my choice of the most interesting dancehall from 2011. The two mixes together are a pretty good summary of what I've been rating in dancehall last year, but do realize it is just that: MY choice, MY taste and no objective selection as such. These tunes just work for me, for various reasons, and contain big hits, but also less common tunes. First about an hour of nice, ruff and / or swinging riddims after which there's a 'slow it down'-break with the Rio and Danger Luv riddims, after which we step on it again with a Popcaan & Vybz Kartel segment. The end of this mix is somewhat unusual for modern dancehall mixes and is by the true King Of The Dancehall: Yellowman, giving his opinion on the music of today. Might not be my view, but when Yellow speaks, it's worth to make it heard in my book and so an interesting end of my picks of 2011 dancehall!

As said last time, I'm not a fully up-to-date, 'only-the-latest-counts' dancehall selector, so this mix has tracks from all over the year, probably heard many times in the tons of other mixes coming out almost daily. Truth is, I don't care, as I'm just making 'm for myself as (now 2x) 80 minutes of dancehall I do rate out of all the mediocre stuff out there. And since I have the mix, I might as well share it for others into it like me: not all up-to-date, just interested in hearing a nice selection of dancehall from 2011 without a loud siren or screaming every 30 seconds. That's all there is to it, just so you know, feel free to disagree. For now: check it out and Swing On!

Big up all artists and producers for yet another year with nuff music to enjoy!

Swing On - a 2011 Dancehall Mix - the sequel

Selection & Mix by: BMC
Twitter: BMCsReggaeBlog

Riddims & tracks:
01 Touch Screen riddim (Sam Diggy)
Vybz Kartel - Every Gal A My Gyal
Munga - Real Complexion
Agent Sasco - Gal A Follow Mi
02 Snap Back riddim (TJ Records)
Vybz Kartel - Put It On Hard
Popcaan - Clean
Jahmiel - Cut Dem Off
03 Timeline riddim (Yellow Moon)
Mavado - Swing On
I Octane - Life Too Hard
Khago - Bruk Bread
Stein - Haffi Get A Girl
04 Damian Marley - Set Up Shop (Ghetto Youths International)
05 Champagne Campaign riddim (Streets Amplified)
Lea-Anna - Murder
Gappy Ranks - War Ah Yuh Gate
06 Knockings riddim (Daseca)
Serani - Evil Heart
Di Genius & Chino - Lowe Wi
Laden - You & I
07 Sunrise riddim (Seanizzle / Charlie Pro)
Mavado - Stay Far
ZJ Liquid - Beat Skinz
I Octane - Di Thing Dem Loud
Beenie Man ft. Mr. G - Clean Everyday
Jah Vinci - Wine A Control Me
08 Nymphomaniac riddim (UIM Records)
Bugle - Kush
Popcaan - Nuh Box Pon Jaw
Vybz Kartel - Nymphomaniac
09 Busy Signal - Real Spenders (Truckback Records / Turf Music)
10 Jah Vinci - Wah Si Mi Dead (Touch Ah Good - Wata Pipe riddim)
11 Tenemant Yard riddim (Di Genius / Big Ship)
I Octane - Load Di Ting Dem
Mavado - Cyaa Hold Me Again
Serani - Make Me Stronger
Beenie Man - Come Outta Mi Way
Singing Sweet - Nothing Nuh Change
Di Genius - Dem Nah Nuh Girl
12 Type R riddim (Good Good)
Popcaan - Jeans So
Assassin - Nuh Loose Ting
13 Ice Cream riddim (Adde Productions)
Vybz Kartel - Bike Back
Popcaan - Back It Up
14 Overproof riddim (JA Productions)
Mavado - Settle Down
Baby Tash - Nah Settle Down
Sizzla Kalonji - Nuh Idle
Demarco - Nuff Gyal
Bounty Killer - Just A Sing Bout Gal
Gyptian - All Over
Beenie Man - Let's Go
Konshens - Bad Gal [riddim remix]
15 Rio riddim (Head Concussion)
Vybz Kartel - Warn Him
Jahmiel - Leaving You Lonely
Konshens - Gal Dem Song
16 Danger Luv riddim (Troyton Music)
Mavado - Love Me Girl
Lutan Fyah - No Wah Settle Down
Tarrus Riley - Dangerous Luv
17 Cyras - Say She Waan (Andre Solid - Kingpin riddim)
18 Smudge riddim (TJ Records)
Popcaan - Party Shot
Laden - Style Deh Shot
19 So Bad riddim (Young Vibez)
Vybz Kartel - Give Way Di Pum Pum
Popcaan - So Bad
Popcaan & Vybz Kartel - We Never Fear Dem
20 Vybz Kartel - Come Ya Nuh Mi Gal (Young Vibez - New Era riddim)
21 Yellowman - King A Talk (New Move - Locust riddim)

Listen here:


What those 'in the know' might notice is the absence of the many lyrical battles we had this year. This is no accident, personally got pretty tired of these 'lyrical wars' going on: Beenie vs Bounty, Iyara vs Deva Bratt , Kiprich vs Merciless, Tony Matterhorn vs Twin Of Twins, Chase Cross vs Bounty and more. I do like a good lyrical fued and used some in earlier mixes, but in 2011 it seemed the attention-seeker to use, loosing its appeal for me and so I just left 'm all out in this second 2011 mix of mine. Plenty good stuff (often better even) left and that's all that matters.

Those more interested in 2011 Roots & Culture style, scroll down to the False Alarm mix! :)