Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Impressions - The Jamaican Connection - Pt. II

After Part I below, here is Part II of my Impressions - The Jamaican Connection showcase (Impressions songs covered in Jamaica)

Part II
01 Impressions ft Bob Marley & Big Youth - I Gotta Keep On Moving
02 Impressions ft Jamaicans - Dedicate My Song To You
03 Impressions ft Cornell Campbell - I'm The One Who Loves You
04 Impressions ft Derrick Morgan - It's All Right
05 Impressions ft Heptones - I've Been Trying
06 Impressions ft Mad Lads - Ten To One
07 Impressions (Jerry Butler) ft Delroy Wilson - Find Another Girl
08 Impressions ft Milton Henry & Marcia Griffiths - Gypsy Woman
09 Impressions ft Joe White - I'm So Proud
10 Impressions ft Uniques - My Woman's Love
11 Impressions ft Wailers - I Made A Mistake
12 Impressions ft Mighty Diamonds - I Want To Be With You
13 Impressions ft Delroy Wilson - You Must Believe Me
14 Impressions ft Pat Kelly - Soulful Love
15 Impressions ft Techniques & Dennis Alcapone - You'll Want Me Back
16 Impressions ft Heptones & Prince Jazzbo - Choice Of Colors

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Part II

Enjoy and thanks for all the kind words on this project!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Impressions - The Jamaican Connection - Pt. I

BMC presents The Impressions - The Jamaican Connection
(Impressions songs covered in Jamaica)

Superb singer, musician and songwriter Curtis Mayfield and his group the Impressions, in early stages featuring Jerry Butler, had a big influence on the Jamaican music scene. Many of their recordings in the 60s have been covered countless times on the island. In this set of 2 mixes, of which this is part I, I like to bring awareness of this fact to listeners who might not realize how often they are actually enjoying a Curtis Mayfield penned song and at the same time I want to show the absolute brilliance of Curtis' Impressions and former Impression Jerry Butler of the 60s. In this mix I've joined the original Impressions song with one or two cover versions out of Jamaica, in some cases featuring an instrumental or deejay version. Of some of these there are many more cover versions available, but I've picked one or two that bring an overall diverse selection of Jamaican artists in the mix. There's also many other Impressions songs that were covered, so this is not meant as the definite selection, but it is a showcase of the influence and brilliance of Curtis Mayfield's Impressions on the Jamaican music scene: The Jamaican Connection. Mix in the usual BMC style: no full tunes, one continuous mix with some added soundsamples. Little over 60 minutes for each part, so overall 2 hours of pure beauty and for some possibly a musical lesson. Enjoy!

Part I
01 Impressions ft Delroy Wilson - Can't Work No Longer
02 Impressions ft Wailers - Just Another Dance
03 Impressions ft Slim Smith - I've Found Out That I've Lost
04 Impressions ft Mighty Diamonds - Aware Of Love
05 Impressions ft Gaylads - That's What Love Will Do
06 Impressions ft Techniques & Dennis Alcapone - Minstrel And Queen
07 Impressions ft Cornell Campbell - Talking About My Baby
08 Impressions ft Noel Brown - Man's Temptation
09 Impressions ft Johnny Osbourne & Wailers - People Get Ready
10 Impressions ft Uniques - You Always Hurt Me
11 Impressions ft Pat Kelly - Little Boy Blue
12 Impressions ft Junior Murvin & Slim Smith - Grow Closer Together
13 Impressions ft Sensations - Right On Time
14 Impressions (Jerry Butler) ft Silvertones - He Will Break Your Heart
15 Impressions ft Bob Marley - Long Long Winter
16 Impressions ft Lloyd & Glen - Keep On Pushing

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Part II:
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Enjoy and bless!