Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LIST: Modern Roots 45s 2009 - a Top 50 by BMC



Another year behind us and another year that again lead to numerous discussion on the current output of JA. Especially the dancehall side of things gets a lot of criticism for the direction where it is going with the non-JA influences of r&b, rap and techno. I also do not favor the route it is taking, but am not too worried about it to start 'dancehall is dead' kinda talk. There apparentely is an audience for it, artists have sold out shows all over the world, so I guess we're looking at JA-dancehall 2009 stylee. Hopefully 2010 brings back more of the pounding bass in the riddims. Personally I do rate some of the current output in the genre though, specifically Busy Signal and Mavado, but not even close to enough for an end-of-year list. That's different for modern roots 45s (yep, still buy vinyl in these times!) from 2009. There has been plenty lovely stuff out there again, though most of my preferred riddims and tunes this year come from the EU & UK. JA had some nice rootsy riddim, but I feel it's less than in previous years and a smaller percentage I rated enough to buy. Not gonna go into a 'oh-see-what-became-of-reggae'-blah, cause there's simply still nuff nuff good stuff out there and with the worldwide output combined I could easily come up with a top 50 modern roots 45s list again, just like last year.

The order is kinda momentarily, if I was to make the same list tomorrow, it'd probably differ at points, but that aside. Here's 50 tunes making 2009 nice enough for me again. This is obviously a personal preferences, add to it with your recommended tunes for the year to make it all more complete.

My wish for the new year musically is mainly more bass(lines), more positivity and more quality control instead of releasing every trial of a riddim or voicing : higher standards. All the best for 2010 for all reggae-massive worldwide!

Titles as: "Artist - Title (Label - Riddim)".

BMC's Top 50 Modern Roots 45s 2009:

01) Fu-Steps - Wicked Men (Vibes Creator)
02) Courtney John - Lucky Man (Peckings)
03) Don Carlos & Million Stylez - World Crisis (Ink A Link)
04) Jah Faith - No Bother Grumble (Jan-Disc)
05) Tarrus Riley & Alaine - Forever More (Don Corleon)
06) Busy Signal - Uniform Bad Bwoy (Maximum Sound - Praise Jahovia)
07) Lyrical Benjie - Sit N Wonda (Roots Tribe)
08) Prezident Brown - Rasta Rock (African Beat - Bubbler)
09) Anthony Cruz - Woman 24-7 (Shan Shan)
10) Alaine - Without You (Don Corleon - Changes)
11) Million Stylez & Joey Fever - Young Gunz (Necessary Mayhem - Come Down)
12) Tarrus Riley - Young Heart Reminiscing (Peckings)
13) Mykal Rose - Hypocrites Warning (Heartical - Tonight)
14) Lutan Fyah - Nuh Talk (Juke Boxx - Indiscretion)
15) Turbulence - Lovely Days (Roots Survival - Ras In)
16) Lutan Fyah - No Tribulation (Pow Pow - Respond)
17) Luciano - Invasion (Maximum Sound - I Know My Herbs)
18) Peter Spence - Thanks And Praises (Lockdown - Sweet Jamaica)
19) Stevie Face - Proverbs 6 (No Doubt - Sweet)
20) YT, Million Stylez, Tenor Fly, Blackout JA & Mr Williamz - Dubplate (Necessary Mayhem - Rumours)
21) Jah Cure - Never Find (Don Corleon - Changes)
22) Luciano & Freddie McGregor - Night After Night (Big Ship - New Chapter)
23) Sizzla - Revolution (Irie Ites - Strange Things)
24) Peetah Heritage - Jesse James (Maximum Sound - Vineyard Town)
25) I-Eye - What A Day (Shengen Clan)
26) Admiral Tibet - Never Stop Trying (Luv Messenger - The Whip)
27) Petah Morgan feat Busy Signal - Unfair (No Doubt - Ghetto)
28) Anthony B & Chezidek - Better Hafi Come (Maximum Sound - Matches Lane)
29) AmP & Echo Ranks - Mr Warmonger (AMP)
30) Solo Banton - Talk To Me (Maffi)
31) I Wayne - What Will They Do (Fresh Ear - Relationship)
32) Queen Omega - Jah Dawta (Bombist - Soprano)
33) Lutan Fyah - Real Rasta (Jam' Strong - Stronga)
34) Lukie D - Send Dem Come (Maximum Sound - Praise Jahovia)
35) Etana - Badmind (No Doubt - Rock Steady)
36) Kenny Knots - Unbreakable (Roots Garden - People)
37) Tarrus Riley - Cold Kisses (Don Corleon)
38) Gappy & Nerious - Soul Rebel (Peckings - Soul Rebel)
39) Chezidek - War Monger (Irie Ites - Only Solution)
40) Prince Theo - Chant Dem Down (High Fly Music - Spread Dat Love)
41) Ziggi - Joker Smoker (Smoke In The Air) (Necessary Mayhem - Joker Smoker)
42) Million Stylez - Born In The System (Bassrunner - Prison Break)
43) Jah Mali - Serious Question (Roots Survival - Ras In)
44) Turbulence - Live Good And Prosper (Redbud - Prosper)
45) Ras McBean & Queen Omega - No Time To Waste (Greatest Friends - Music)
46) Joey Fever - Back With A Blast (Fast Forward - Love My)
47) Tamlins - Send Them Come (Shengen Clan)
48) Fantan Mojah - Chalice (Fire Ball - Rocksteady)
49) Queen Omega - Good Canabis (Special Delivery - Je T'Aime)
50) Lutan Fyah - Mr Outlaw (Blenders Finest - Oooh)


Saturday, December 19, 2009

POLL Result: What musical style(s) do you play most besides reggae?

On the question "What musical style(s) do you play most besides reggae?" the majority of the people said:

Soul / Funk
Hiphop / R&B

Both with 26 votes.

These styles were followed by:

No dude, it's reggae and nothing but reggae! (17 votes)
World (16 votes)
Jazz (13 votes)

And there have been a couple of people voting for:

Punk / Hardcore (4 votes)
Old rock (8 votes)
New rock (4 votes)
Singer / songwriter (5 votes)

No votes came in for metal and 16 votes were for 'other genres'.

In total 65 people filled in the poll (with more than one answer allowed).

All in all mostly soul, funk and hiphop lovers to accompany the love for reggae.

Thanks all for participating. New poll up.