Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MIX: Musical Shot - BMC's 80s Rub-A-Dub Session

Early to mid 80s niceness again at BMC's Reggae Mixes. Quite a few not so common tracks here, mostly taken from the LPs or singles with the exception of 3 tunes that were taken from a CD-R I received years ago through the trading-scene, tunes I'm still looking for myself (#15-17 and 29). If I may say so myself, this mix is NICE! Very nice groove throughout, to be used with doors / windows open, volume up and dancing shoes on.
Recipe as usual, no full tunes, one continuous mix with soundsamples, I will not upload the seperate tracks, promotional thing this! A few of these are available as represses / reissues, so look out for those.

Enjoy, summer vibes all the way!

Picture used in the artwork is a fragment of an original Greensleeves (http://www.greensleeves.net) 12" single cover, check out the label if you haven't already, they have a wicked reissue program going!

Tracks in order of appearance:

1) Admiral Tibbett - Musical Shot (Showdown Vol 2 LP - Sir Tommys)
2) Musical Dub (Showdown Vol 2 LP - Sir Tommys)
3) Johnny Osbourne - To The Rub A Dub Session (Midnight Rock 45)
4) Frankie Jones - Dance Cork (Dance Cork LP - World Enterprise)
5) Leroy Smart - Music In The Dance Hall (Music In The Dancehall LP - ZMW)
6) Papa Beeto - Rub-A-Dub Remedy (Marcus 45)
7) Alton Ellis - Skateland Girl (Volcano 45)
8) Toyan - Over Me (Best Of Toyan LP - Sunset)
9) Ranking Dread - Love A Dub (Greensleeves 12)
10) Roots Radics Band & Jackie Mittoo - Dub A Dub (Greensleeves 12)
11) Junior Murvin - Nuclear Boom (Apartheid LP - Greensleeves)
12) Anthony Red Rose - Champion Bubbler (Frontline LP - Weed Beat)
13) Papa San - Pick Your Choice (Frontline LP - Weed Beat)
14) Ashanti Waugh - All Over (Crime Act LP - Black Solidarity)
15) Robert Ffrench - On the Dance Floor (Joe Gibbs 12)
16) Pappa Biggy - Bad Man Organisation (Joe Gibbs 12)
17) Version (Joe Gibbs 12)
18) Welton Irie - Walk & Talk (Dynamite 45)
19) Al Campbell - Watch Your Step (Dynamite 45)
20) Peter Metro - Canada Cold (Dynamite 45)
21) Carlton Livingston - Rumours (Dynamite 45)
22) Lone Ranger - Solomon (Dynamite 45)
23) Version (Dynamite 45)
24) Barry Brown - Tour's Season (Joe Gibbs 12)
25) U Mike - Island In The Sun (Joe Gibbs 12)
26) Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Right Hand Side (Joe Gibbs 12)
27) Pampidoo - Bonanza (High Music 45)
28) Toyan - Yard Stylie A New Stylie Version (Sunset 45)
29) Yellowman - Gregory Free (White label 12)
30) Version (Sunset 45)
31) Bunny Wailer - Rock And Groove (Solomonic 12)
32) Version (Solomonic 12)
33) Freddie McGregor - Roots Man Skanking (Big Ship LP - Greensleeves)
34) Barrington Levy - True Love (Poor Man Style LP - Trojan)
35) Little John - You Can Do Anything (Live & Learn 12)
36) Shadowman - Come She Just A Come (Live & Learn 12)
37) Version (Live & Learn 12)
38) Delton Screechie - Pretty Blue Eyes (Wheely Wheely 45)
39) Super Cat - Ride And Shut Off (Wheely Wheely 45)
40) Early B - Wheely Wheely (56 Hope Road 45)
41) Wiss - Mr Sunshine (Mr Sunshine LP - Jah Life)
42) Mr Sunshine Dub (Mr Sunshine LP - Jah Life)

Drop me a comment if you rate the music! Let me know which tunes stood out for you, always nice to read what tunes have most impact.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Live Good And Prosper - another 45s mix (2008/9)

It often takes some time for a next episode to appear at BMC's Reggae Mixes, but sometimes there's suddenly some extra time to do some mixing and resulting in this quick follow-up to my latest modern styled effort. Not much to add this time, same recipe (all 45s, no full tunes, info given to get 'm yourself), same style, same niceness. Extra bonus track added this time, which doesn't really fit in the style of these mixes, but I do rate the tune so added it as a bonus after the normal business is over. Completely different style, but big tune still! Just wanted to include it at some point. :-) Comments more than welcome, they're what counts, not number of downloads! I love the shared enthousiasm of the listeners, so if you rate the mix, drop me a line in the comments section, through mail or otherwise.

Tracks in order of appearance:
1) Capleton - Head Above The Water (Down Sound)
2) Chezidek - Trap (Redbud - Prosper riddim)
3) Lutan Fyah - The Way We Live (Redbud - Prosper riddim)
4) Turbulence - Live Good And Prosper (Redbud - Prosper riddim)
5) Pressure - Hail Fari (Akom - Highlight riddim)
6) Lorenzo - How Can I (Akom - Highlight riddim)
7) Natty King - Still Have Love (Akom - Highlight riddim)
8) I-Eye - What A Day (Shengen Clan)
9) Brinsley Forde - Your Love Is Overdue (Muzamba - Youthsamba riddim)
10) Earl Sixteen - Pirate's Game (Muzamba - Youthsamba riddim)
11) Digitaldubs - Pirate's Samba (Muzamba - Youthsamba riddim)
12) Jah Cure - Never Find (Don Corleon - Changes riddim)
13) Alaine - Without You (Don Corleon - Changes riddim)
14) Morgan Heritage - Can't Get We Out (Don Corleon - Changes riddim)
15) Gentleman - I Can See The Rain (Don Corleon - Changes riddim)
16) Richie Spice - More Life (Don Corleon - Changes riddim)
17) Tarrus Riley - Getty Getty No Want Ee (Don Corleon - Changes riddim)
18) Chezidek - War Monger (Irie Ites - Only Solution riddim)
19) Lutan Fyah - The Blessings (Irie Ites - Only Solution riddim)
20) Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal - Nuff Time (Irie Ites - Only Solution riddim)
21) Buju Banton - Girlfriend (African Beat - Bad Boys 2009 riddim)
22) Perfect - 10 Pound Of Ganja (African Beat - Bad Boys 2009 riddim)
23) Naptali - Fire Burn (African Beat - Bad Boys 2009 riddim)
24) Marc Wonder & Conscious Fyah - Who A Go Run (African Beat - Bad Boys 2009 riddim)
25) Tippa Irie - Bad Boy (African Beat - Bad Boys 2009 riddim)
26) Burro Banton - Nah Drop Di Ting (African Beat - Bad Boys 2009 riddim)
27) Terry Linen - Better Man (Tads)
28) Fantan Mojah - Chalice (Fire Ball - Rocksteady riddim)
29) Suga Roy, Linval Thompson & Conrad Crystal - Youthman Get Ready (Fire Ball - Rocksteady riddim)
30) Jamelody - Spread Some Love (Special Delivery - Je T'Aime riddim)
31) Gyptian - Pretty Darling (Special Delivery - Je T'Aime riddim)
32) Lukie D - Young Love (Special Delivery - Je T'Aime riddim)
33) Queen Omega - Good Canabis (Special Delivery - Je T'Aime riddim)
34) Alborosie & Tamlins - Baltimore (remix) (Shengen Clan - Baltimore riddim)
35) Instrumental (Shengen Clan - Baltimore riddim)

Bonus track:
36) Laden - Time To Shine (Big Ship)

MIX: Nothing Can Touch The 45 _ 2008 & 2009 - 45s mix

It's often said, the 45 is dead for modern reggae, well, NOT QUITE YET! Here is another episode of BMC's Reggae Mixes with strictly modern tunes (2008 & 2009), still all taken from 45s! Wicked productions, both JA and EU. The Irie Ites camp comes with their latest relick of the originally by Phill Pratt produced Strange Things riddm with the original vocalist, none other than John Holt, voicing it next to a selection of big modern artists like Lutan Fyah, Sizzla and Chezidek. The riddim is played by Mafia & Fluxy, which equals quality! All out on excellent pressed 45s. Besides John Holt, other oldies pass by here, like the Ethiopians with an update on their The Whip on Luv Messenger label, Big Youth with a new tune voiced in his classic style and a remix of Alborosie with the crown prince of reggae Dennis Brown. The Bombist crew is represented here with the wicked Soprano riddim, with the stand-out track on it being the Queen Omega. Tune! Riddim superbly played by Bost & Bim, also reponsible for numerous wicked remixes of, amongst others, old soul and hiphop tunes. Check 'm out! Plenty of other riddim and tracks of well-known and lesser known artists. The mix ends with the more dancehall oriented, wicked Baddaz riddim on Birchill, but all starts with a great tribute to the 45 by Ray Darwin! Keeping the 45 alive!
All tracks taken from 45s, no full tunes here, shorter pieces mixed together to one continuous mix (appr. 45 minutes) with added sound samples. If you rate what you hear, go get them at the usual online sellers. Comments more than welcome, always love hearing people all over the world have been enjoying the music.

Tracks in order of appearance:

1) Ray Darwin - Nothing Can Touch My 45 (Love Tank - Tribute riddim)
2) Version (Love Tank - Tribute riddim)
3) Macka B - Ariwa Sound (Ariwa - Chase The Devil riddim)
4) Queen Omega - Jah Dawta (Bombist - Soprano riddim)
5) Aka Koxx - Serious Time (Bombist - Soprano riddim)
6) Admiral T - So Clean, So Nice (Bombist - Soprano riddim)
7) Ethiopians - The Whip (Luv Messenger - The Whip riddim)
8) Mark Wonder - Troubled World (Luv Messenger - The Whip riddim)
9) Admiral Tibet - Never Stop Trying (Luv Messenger - The Whip riddim)
10) Elijah Prophet - Leaders Of Tomorrow (Luv Messenger - The Whip riddim)
11) Big Youth - Do Da Day (Vizion Sounds)
12) John Holt - Strange Things (Irie Ites - Strange Things riddim)
13) Lorenzo - So Dem Stay (Irie Ites - Strange Things riddim)
14) Lutan Fyah - Work It Out (Irie Ites - Strange Things riddim)
15) Junior Kelly - Shake It Woman (Irie Ites - Strange Things riddim)
16) Sizzla - Revolution (Irie Ites - Strange Things riddim)
17) Chezidek - Bun Di Ganja (Irie Ites - Strange Things riddim)
18) Tarrus Riley & Alaine - Forever More (Don Corleon)
19) I-Eye - No Matter (Shangen Clan)
20) Busy Signal - Beep (Juke Boxx - Secrets / Indiscretion riddim)
21) Richie Spice - Soothing Sound (Juke Boxx - Secrets / Indiscretion riddim)
22) Jah Cure - Searching (Juke Boxx - Secrets / Indiscretion riddim)
23) Lutan Fyah - Nuh Talk (Juke Boxx - Secrets / Indiscretion riddim)
24) Konshens - (Juke Boxx - Secrets / Indiscretion riddim)
25) Capleton - Acres (Juke Boxx - Secrets / Indiscretion riddim)
26) Jah Mali - Serious Question (Roots Survival - Ras In riddim)
27) Turbulence - Lovely Days (Roots Survival - Ras In riddim)
28) Alborosie & Dennis Brown - Can't Stand It (Shengen Clan)
29) Assassin - Child Molester (Birchill - Baddaz riddim)
30) Busy Signal - Hustling (Birchill - Baddaz riddim)
31) Shaggy - Can't Fight This Feeling (Birchill - Baddaz riddim)
32) Beenie Man - Tek Back Yard (Birchill - Baddaz riddim)

No download link, just the tracklist for one and all to see tunes of that period I recommend.


MIX: Dillinger meets the Singers inna Showcase Stylee

New episode of BMC's Reggae Mixes with yet another deejay as the central point of attention. This time a deejay with his biggest tunes in the 70s, who got a bit of a 'commercial' reputation after his Cocaine In My Brain became a big international hit. Yep, it's Dillinger we're talking about, a deejay who made plenty of big tunes in his days for various producers riding riddims voiced by various singers. This mix wont focus on the Cocaine In My Brain kinda tracks, but on the rootsy side of Dillinger with a whole lot of different singers in the mix with added instrumental and dub versions. No singer appears twice in this 80 minutes mix, giving a wicked variety of styles and vibes. Tracks come from various studio's like Studio 1, Channel One, Black Ark and more. All in all, 80 minutes of roots niceness with the man Dillinger as the central point of attention. Furthermore you know the deal: no full tunes, shorter pieces mixed together with added sound effect. If you want to get the full tracks, use the sources credited behind each track to track down and buy the music. Enjoy this new, long and sweet episode of BMC's Reggae Mixes!

1) Yabby You - Jah Vengeance (Jesus Dread - Blood & Fire)
2) Dillinger - Freshly (Jesus Dread - Blood & Fire)
3) Tommy McCook - Revenge (Jesus Dread - Blood & Fire)
4) Tappa Zukie - Natty Dread On The Mountain Top (Jesus Dread - Blood & Fire)
5) Trinity - Gwan And Lef' Me (Jesus Dread - Blood & Fire)
6) King Tubby - Tubby's Vengeance (Jesus Dread - Blood & Fire)
7) Winston Watson - Dispensation (Singers & Deejays - Culture Press)
8) Dillinger - Lion Rock (Singers & Deejays - Culture Press)
9) Dillinger - War Is Not The Answer (Top Ranking - Attack)
10) Johnny Clarke - African Roots (Rockers Time Now - Virgin)
11) Dillinger - African Roots Rock Reggae (Bunny Lee meets King Tubby & The Aggrovators - Culture Press)
12) Gregory Isaacs - The Sun Shines For Me (The Sensational Gregory Isaacs - Burning Sounds)
13) Dillinger - CB200 (CB200 - Island)
14) Dillinger - Stumbling Block (Psalms Of Drums - Pressure Sounds)
15) King Tubby - Page One (Psalms Of Drums - Pressure Sounds)
16) Dillinger - Bionic Dread (Bionic Dread - Island)
17) Roy Richards - Freedom Blues (7" - Studio 1)
18) Dillinger - Killer Man Jaro (Ready Natty Dreadie - Studio 1)
19) Dillinger - Kung Fu Fighting (Ready Natty Dreadie - Studio 1)
20) Lee Perry & The Upsetters - French Connection (The Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection Vol. 4 - Trojan)
21) Dillinger & The Upsetters - Connection (The Upsetter Box Set 1 - Trojan)
22) Upsetters - French Connection (Chapter 2) (The Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection Vol. 4 - Trojan)
23) Dennis Brown - Lightning And Thunder (Dread Beat & Riddims Vol. 2 - CRS)
24) Dillinger - Lightning And Thunder (Natty BSc - Recall)
25) Mighty Diamonds - I Need A Roof (Right Time - Virgin)
26) Dillinger - Plantation Heights (CB200 - Island)
27) U-Roy - Crash Programme Project (Dubbing To The King In A Higher Rank - King Attarney)
28) Revolutionaries - Roof Top Dub (Vital Dub - Virgin)
29) Pat Kelly - Talk About Love (Phil Pratt Thing - Pressure Sounds)
30) Dillinger - Talk About Love (Phil Pratt Thing - Pressure Sounds)
31) Dillinger - Repatriation Time (Cornbread - Bellaphon)
32) Linval Thompson - 12 Tribes Of Israel (Ride On Dreadlocks - Blood & Fire)
33) Dillinger - Jah Love (Talkin Blues - Bellaphon)
34) Roman Stewart - Hit Song (Life Goes In Circles - Pressure Sounds)
35) Dillinger - Natty Sings A Hit Song (Life Goes In Circles - Pressure Sounds)
36) Dillinger & King Tubby - Dub Songs (Life Goes In Circles - Pressure Sounds)
37) Sugar Minott - Let Go The Dread (Singers & Deejays - Culture Press)
38) Dillinger - Dread Call Fred (Cornbread - Bellaphon)
39) Dillinger - Natty Dread A The Ruler (Answer Me Question - Scramble)
40) Wailing Souls - Things And Time (Wailing Souls at Channel One - Pressure Sounds)
41) Dillinger - Natty BSc (Wailing Souls at Channel One - Pressure Sounds)
42) Revolutionaries - Natty BSc Version (Wailing Souls at Channel One - Pressure Sounds)
43) Horace Andy - Fever (Mr. Bassie - Heartbeat)
44) Dillinger - Babylon Fever (Ready Natty Dreadie - Studio 1)
45) Hurricanes - You Can Run (7"- Black Art)
46) Dillinger - Middle East Rock (7"- Black Art)
47) Upsetters - You Can Dub (7"- Black Art)
48) Dillinger & Trinity - Rizla Skank (Clash - Burning Sounds)
49) Leroy Smart - Ballistic Affair (Tougher Than Tough - Island)
50) Dillinger - Eastman Skank (Bionic Dread - Island)
51) Dillinger - Three Mile Rock (Top Ranking - Attack)
52) King Tubby & Tommy McCook - Smiling Rockers Dub (The Legacy - Unity)
53) Junior Murvin - Roots Train (Arkology - Island)
54) Dillinger - Roots Train (Arkology - Island)


MIX: Turbulence & Friends - BMC's Turbulence Showcase

I never made it a secret that Turbulence, born Sheldon Campbell, is one of my favourite artists of the 2000s. Especially the period 2003 - 2006 has been particularly strong for him imo with plenty of wicked singles. His flow is the main thing I highly rate in combination with his ability to both sing and deejay in a strong way; a true 'singjay'. I'm not really a lyrics-man myself, but also in that area he has some very good efforts, especially when he touches subjects against violence, reality style. In my opinion his albums don't really show his skills too well with too many fillers, but each album does have its very strong moments. It's mainly his single-output I've been focussing on though. Turbulence started in the 90s with Xterminator record, opening at Sizzla shows for quite some time, what caused people to see him as a Sizzla copy in those days. Luckily he went his own way soon enough and got good success on his own, making the comparison with Kalonji, deservedly, becoming less and less common. Had a number of hits in JA, of which Notorious probably the biggest together with his combinations with female singer Sasha. He is best at home on roots riddims imo, with his dancehall efforts he doesn't reach that same level. The last two years his overall output decreased both in quality and quantity, but with still a couple of strong tracks each year I still rate the man's music highly. This all was enough reason for me to make a new mix with his music as the theme, in combination with some additional tracks of other artists on the same riddims, to show all listerners to my mixes what I rate about him. Hopefully you'll feel the tunes too. The majority of the tracks are a few years old and it isn't necessarily a 'best of', due to time I had to leave out plenty of other wicked tunes (I could make a next hour without any problem, maybe even will do so some day). It will show the diversity and overall strong delivery of the artist Turbulence - The Future. Let's hope he gets back to the form of those years soon! Leave a comment when you've enjoyed this latest episode of BMC's Reggae Mixes, already 2,5 years online, 33 mixes further and still going strong! Thanks for your support.

Tracks in order of appearance:
1) Hail To The King (from the album 'Hail To The King')
2) It's So Bright (Star Trail)
3) Morgan Heritage - Don't Push We (Star Trail)
4) Hail King Negus (Foundation riddim album)
5) Rest A Show (Pow Pow)
6) Richie Spice - The Way You Living (Pow Pow)
6) Ethiopia Awakes (Pow Pow)
7) We Can Make It (KT)
8) Luciano - We Can Weather The Storm (KT)
9) Move Ur C (Rollin)
10) Never Going Stop (Ice Burg)
11) Mass Destruction (Insight)
12) Give It To Me (Black Scorpio)
13) Luciano - Diamond Love (Black Scorpio)
14) Poor Man's Cry (Organic)
15) Turbulence - Seperate (Rebel Muzic)
16) Perfect - Hand Cart Bwoy (Rebel Muzic)
17) Don't Be Jealous (Hi Score)
18) Rastafari Livity (Irie Ites)
19) Lutan Fyah - Intoxicated (Irie Ites)
20) Lorenzo - You Always Deliver (Irie Ites)
21) Gun Brings Misery (Palm Of Gold)
22) Freedom (Digital B)
23) Practice What You Preach (God Bless)
24) Life Is Not A Game (Doctor's Darling riddim CD)
25) Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity (Doctor's Darling riddim CD)
26) Burn Dem Down feat. Lutan Fyah (from the album 'Different Thing')
27) Live In Love (Insight)
28) Show More Love (Triple T)
29) Turn Your Life Around (Digital B)
30) Capleton - Ton Load (Digital B)
31) AJ Brown - Reggae Music (Digital B)
32) Based On A True Story (from the album 'Join Us')
33) Ghetto Youth (Chip I)
34) Show Some Love (Addis)
35) Want A Natty feat. Sasha (from the album 'Notorious')
36) Notorious (THC)



LIST: Modern Roots 45s 2008 - a top 50 by BMC

We're at the end of the year again, so I figured why not make a list like previous years of the best modern roots 45s I bought this year (both JA, UK and EU productions). Yeah, you read it well, I'm still one of those that buys 45s of the modern tunes instead of settling for the mp3's. The order is kinda momentarily, if I was to make the same list tomorrow, it'd probably differ, but that aside. Here's 50 tunes I've been enjoying a lot this year and hoping for another 50 like these for 2009! This is my personal preferences, so instead of arguing an opinion (as this is just that), better add to it with your recommended tunes for the year. Titles as: "Artist - Title (Label - Riddim)".

Top 50 modern roots 45s 2008:

01) Million Stylez - Police In Helicopter (Necessary Mayhem - Police In Helicopter)
02) Pressure ft Beres Hammond - Putting Up Resistance (Don Corleon)
03) Doniki - Life Of The People (Gully Bank)
04) Lutan Fyah - Give Thanks For Life (Unik - Dem A Run Away)
05) Chezidek - Call Pon Dem (Massive B - Kingdom)
06) Fustep - Mr Greedy (Conscious Sounds)
07) Morgan Heritage - Nothing To Smile About (No Doubt - Rub A Dub)
08) Sugar Minott - Righteous Tradition (Heartical - Ministerio Del Dub)
09) Capleton - Clean Meditation (Shore Jam - Ruff Life)
10) Tarrus Riley ft Chalice - Good To Be There (Cannon)
11) Anthony B - Clam Down De Gun (Fire Ball - Jah Jah See Dem A Come)
12) Jah Mason - Man To Man (Macro Beats - Early Morning)
13) Richie Spice - Di Plane Land (No Doubt - Rub A Dub)
14) Beres Hammond - I Feel Good (Penthouse - I Feel Good)
15) Million Stylez - Oh Jah Jah (Rootdown - I Love)
16) Natty King - The Truth (House Of Riddim - Conquerer)
17) Pressure - Your Love (Don Corleon)
18) Alaine - Love Of A Life Time (Don Corleon - Secrets)
19) Chezidek - I Won't Change (Charlie's - Back To Mount Zion)
20) Echo Ranks - Long Time (Scoops)
21) Million Stylez - Love We Deal With (Sound Quake)
22) Queen Ifrica - Keep It To Yourself (Don Corleon - Secrets)
23) Ras McBean - Dem A Run Away (Unik - Dem A Run Away)
24) Alborosie ft Etana - Blessing (Forward)
25) Zareb - Ghetto Youths (Heartical - Ministerio Del Dub)
26) Turbulence - I'm Home Alone (Kings Of Kings - Live Wire)
27) Anthony Cruz ft Marlene Johnson - Africa (House Of Riddim - Conquerer)
28) Konshens - How It Feel (Birchill - Politics)
29) Marcia Griffiths & Busy Signal - Automatic Remix (Penthouse - Automatic)
30) Nikesha Lindo - Pack The Memories (Jah Ruby - Can I Change My Mind)
31) Chaka Demus & Pliers - When King Tubby's Used To Play (Pull Up My Selecta - Duke Street)
32) Chezidek - Higher (G String - Love Line)
33) Perfect & Chezidek - Journey (Irievibrations - Hit Drop)
34) Frankie Paul - Draw Out (Total Satisfaction - Draw Out)
35) Prezident Brown - Leaders (Oneness - General Key)
36) Cocoa Tea - Barack Obama (Roaring Lion)
37) Lutan Fyah & Anthony John - Roots Woman (Rial Agony - Bless Ya)
38) Sizzla - One Love (Road Dog - Star)
39) Mr Vegas - Mus Come A Road (A Team)
40) Etana - Love Myself (Cannon - Jah Live)
41) John Holt & Queen Ifrica - Queen Of The Ghetto (Penthouse)
42) Gyptian - This Love (Itation - Show Love)
43) Bunny Brown - A Good Woman (Big Stars - Call On Me)
44) Pressure - More Justice And Truth (Fire Ball - Jah Jah See Dem A Come)
45) Lukie D - How Long (Pull Up My Selecta - Duke Street)
46) Mr Williamz - Babylon In Helicopter (Necessary Mayhem - Police In Helicopter)
47) Robert Lee - Red Out Deh (Own Mission - Red Out Deh)
48) Richie Spice - Serious Girl (Juke Boxx - Nylon)
49) Lutan Fyah & Etana - Gun (Tads)
50) Estelle feat Sean Paul - Come Over Remix (Black Chiney)


MIX: Overcome - A 2008 Dancehall Mix by BMC

Overcome - A 2008 Dancehall Mix by BMC

With so many dancehall riddims coming out in a row, I decided to mix a whole bunch of 'm together for enjoyment on my bike-rides to work every day. Been enjoying the final result for a few days now and figured I might as well upload it too, surely there are others out there that'll like to hear this sort of overview of 2008 too. Some quite new, others relatively old (for dancehall standards), but for the largest part 2008 as far as I know. This is a step away from my usual mixes of 45s focused on the conscious sounds of today (http://bmc.podomatic.com). These are from mp3's, since many never even appeared on 45 (yet) and all dancehall stylee, meaning different lyrical subjects that might not be to everyone's taste. Without paying much attention to lyrical content, I love the style and even added a bunch of autotune tunes, an effect I very much dislike, but sometimes riddim and vocal flow just make up for the annoying effect. All in all, modern dancehall in the mix. For the roots vibes check my podomatic site linked above and in messages below, for this one, find the download link below the tracklist:

Tracks in order of appearance:

1) Movado - Overcome
2) Konshens - Hear Dem Talkin (Heatstroke riddim)
3) Einstein - Length An Strength (Heatstroke riddim)
4) Voicemail - Close To Drunk (Heatstroke riddim)
5) Vybz Kartel - Wine Up Yuh Body (Heatstroke riddim)
6) Serani - Study People (Drum Lane riddim)
7) Bugle - Cyaan Look Inna Wi Eye (Drum Lane riddim)
8) Elephant Man - Dawg A Bark (Mad Dogg riddim)
9) Vybz Kartel - Art A War (Mad Dogg riddim)
10) Busy Signal - Nah Help You
11) Aidonia - Gal Say Whoiiiii (Day Rave riddim)
12) Elephant Man & Ding Dong - DIP Again (Day Rave riddim)
13) Movado - Real Killa (Day Rave riddim)
14) Busy Signal - Mek She Stamma (Day Rave riddim)
15) Chino - Wine And Touch Ur Toe (Day Rave riddim)
16) Beenie Man - Hate Me Now (Bad Breed riddim)
17) Hitlist - Me Laugh People (Bad Breed riddim)
18) Bounty Killer - Mek Gal Bawl
19) Busy Signal - Money We Sey (Silent River riddim)
20) Assassin -Inna Mi Room (Silent River riddim)
21) Serani - Do U Good (Silent River riddim)
22) Bounty Killer - Corrupt (Silent River riddim)
23) Bugle - Almighty Bless (Silent River riddim)
24) Munga - When Mi Waan Too (Silent River riddim)
25) Movado - Dem A Pree (Silent River riddim)
26) Vybz Kartel - Nuh Batty Ting (Silent River riddim)
27) Busy Signal - Whine Like That (Silent River riddim)
28) Aidonia & Vybz Kartel - Laugh & Shot Dem
29) Konshens - Badmind (Tear Up Jeans riddim)
30) Serani - Iz This Real (Tear Up Jeans riddim)
31) Laden - Haffi Buss (Tear Up Jeans riddim)
32) Bugle - Don't Be No Pussy (Tear Up Jeans riddim)
33) Damian & Stephen Marley - The Mission (Mission riddim)
34) Movado - On The Rock (Mission riddim)
35) Elephant Man - Cater For The Poor (Mission riddim)
36) Jah Cure - Green Grass (Mission riddim)
37) Aliane - Spin Me (Stimulant riddim)
38) Vybz Kartel - Never Turn A Raper (Stimulant riddim)
39) TOK - Come Ya Mi Gal (Stimulant riddim)
40) Bugle & Movado - Set Me Free
41) Vybz Kartel - Life Sweet
42) Busy Signal - Do That (Sand Fly riddim)
43) Sean Paul - Grip (Sand Fly riddim)
44) Leftside / Dr. Evil - Cologne (Sand Fly riddim)
45) Bling Dawg - Licky Licky (Sand Fly riddim)
46) Movado - Dem A Fag (Self Defense riddim)
47) Vybz Kartel - Weh Dat Fah (Self Defense riddim)
48) Elephant Man - Sweep (Self Defense riddim)
49) Delly Ranks & Esco - Close Fit (44 Play riddim)
50) Bounty Killer - Send It Up (44 Play riddim)
51) Serani - She Loves Me
52) Vybz Kartel - Million By A Morning (Tiger Balm riddim)
53) Munga - Regular Basis (Tiger Balm riddim)
54) Assassin - Money (Work Out riddim)
55) Movado - Ina Di Car Back (Work Out riddim)
56) Sean Paul - Don't Tease Me (Work Out riddim)
57) Busy Signal - Enemy Territory (Quarter Past Twelve riddim)
58) Buju Banton - Water Man (Unfinished Business riddim)
59) Bugle - What Dem Doing (Unfinished Business riddim)
60) Assassin - Guide & Protect (Unfinished Business riddim)
61) Beenie Man - Since Him Dis (Unfinished Business riddim)
62) Movado - So Bless

Leave a comment when you've enjoyed the work put into the mix! Thanks.

MIX: Do The Thing - a BMC 12" special

New mix, mainly inna rub-a-dub stylee, early to mid 80s vibes, all from their vinyl sources! This time I picked some of my 12" singles to create a new mix with vocals combined with deejay and / or dub versions. As usual the tracks are custom-mixed and also if the 12" is already an extended tune, I've shortened it to a few minutes, as usual: no full tunes at BMC's Reggae Mixes. Labels of records are given with the side of the 12" I took the tune of. Not many of these (if any) are currently commercially available, so it's record fairs, ebay and more of such places to look for these. Personally I love every one of these records, hopefully you do too. Enjoy!

Do The Thing - a BMC 12" special

1) Intro by Jah Thomas
2) Michael Palmer - Pull It Up Now (Greensleeves A)
3) Version (Greensleeves B)
4) Tinga Stewart - Your Love (Calabash A)
5) Yellowman - Jack Sprat (Calabash A)
6) Bunny Lie Lie - Who Cork The Dance (JB Music A)
7) Lee Van Cliff - Do The Thing (JB Music A)
8) Sugar Minott - Mr. Fisher Man (KG Imperial B)
9) Version (KG Imperial B)
10) Johnny Osbourne - If Yu Love De Rubba Dub Say Forward (Selection A)
11) U-Brown - Chanting Till A Morning (Selection B)
12) Version (Selection B)
13) Trevor Junior - Joker Soldier (Ruff & Tuff B - miscredited to Junior Reid)
14) Version (Ruff & Tuff B)
15) Wailing Souls - Take We Back (Upfront A)
16) Ranking Trevor - Yard Oh (Upfront B)
17) Version (Upfront B)
18) George Nooks - Give Love A Try (Tower A)
19) Toyan - Youth Of Today (Tower B)
20) Dennis Brown - They Fight I (Greensleeves B)
21) Version (Greensleeves B)
22) Cornell Campbell - Hundred Pounds Of Collie (Papa D B)
23) Papa Tullo - Hundred Pounds Of Collie (Papa D B)
24) Gregory Isaacs - Wailing Rudy (African Museum A)
25) Version (African Museum B)
26) Triston Palma - Rub A Dub Session (Intense A)
27) U-Brown - Rub A Dub Session (Intense A)
28) Linval Thompson - Loving You (Live & Learn A)
29) Shadowman & Toyan - Sweet Talking (Live & Learn A)
30) Version (Live & Learn B)

Drop me a comment if you've enjoyed the mix, as Johnny Osbourne sings in this mix "if you happy and you love it, let me know"! :-) Thanks. Also a big thank you again for the continuous support from the group of listeners that keep on coming back to my mixes and leaving comments of appreciation; that's what it's all about for me! Large up!


MIX: Love We Deal With - a 2008 modern roots mix

New mix of 2008 tunes for your listening pleasure! As usual all taken from 45s (yep, I'm one of those that still buys his music on vinyl). All rootsy riddims, but a variety of vocal styles and lyrical subjects. Some lovers, some consciousness, some instrumentals even. Productions from JA and Europe. For the old-roots heads, check out this new riddim on the Heartical label called Ministerio Del Dub riddim. Wicked tunes, wicked melodica cut and dub too. Now available at your record store. The mix has no full tunes as usual, shorter pieces mixed together as one continuous mix. Still loving that good old pieces of vinyl? Go get 'm, they're out there, all these tracks were recorded from the 45s. Enjoy this mix of over 1 hour of modern roots! Comments more than welcome.

Love We Deal With - a 2008 modern roots mix

1) Million Stylez - Love We Deal With (Sound Quake)
2) Anthony B - Calm Down De Gun (Fire Ball - Jah Jah See Dem A Come riddim)
3) Pressure - More Justice And Truth (Fire Ball - Jah Jah See Dem A Come riddim)
4) Basque Dub Foundation (BDF) - Ministerio Del Dub (Melodica Cut) (Heartical - Ministerio Del Dub riddim)
5) Zareb - Ghetto Youths (Heartical - Ministerio Del Dub riddim)
6) Sugar Minott - Righteous Tradition (Heartical - Ministerio Del Dub riddim)
7) Mykal Rose - Wa'Dat (Heartical - Ministerio Del Dub riddim)
8) BDF & Dub Terror - Virtual Dubbing (Heartical - Ministerio Del Dub riddim)
9) Prince Malachi - Strength And Hope (Reality Sound - Midas riddim)
10) Jobe - Signs Of The Time (Reality Sound - Midas riddim)
11) John Holt & Queen Ifrica - Queen Of The Ghetto (Penthouse)
12) Turbulence - I'm Home Alone (Kings Of Kings - Live Wire riddim)
13) Perfect - Black Sea (Kings Of Kings - Live Wire riddim)
14) Beres Hammond - I Feel Good (Penthouse - I Feel Good riddim)
15) Anthony Cruz - Dem Block The Road (Penthouse - I Feel Good riddim)
16) Mr Vegas - Mus Come A Road (A Team)
17) Sizzla - One Love (Road Dog - Star riddim)
18) Capleton - Tricksters (Road Dog - Star riddim)
19) Lutan Fyah - Trodding Alone (Itation - Show Love riddim)
20) Jah Sun & Prezident Brown - Show Love (Itation - Show Love riddim)
21) Gyptian - This Love (Itation - Show Love riddim)
22) Niyorah - Biggest Thugs (Itation - Show Love riddim)
23) Frankie Paul - Draw Out (Total Satisfaction - Draw Out riddim)
24) Burro Banton - Chat & Show Off (Total Satisfaction - Draw Out riddim)
25) Chantel - Your Love (Total Satisfaction - Draw Out riddim)
26) Million Stylez - Police In Helicopter (Necessary Mayhem - Police In Helicopter riddim)
27) Mr Williamz - Babylon In Helicopter (Necessary Mayhem - Police In Helicopter riddim)
28) Da'Ville - Tonight Is Yours (Penthouse - Automatic riddim)
29) Marcia Griffiths & Busy Signal - Automatic Remix (Penthouse - Automatic riddim)
30) Richie Spice - Jah Never Let Us Down (Penthouse - Automatic riddim)
31) Jah Mason - Come Back Home (House Of Hits - Badman riddim)
32) Lutan Fyah - What Made Us (House Of Hits - Badman riddim)
33) Nikesha Lindo - Pack The Memories (Jah Ruby - Can I Change My Mind riddim)
34) Glen Washington - Goodness & Mercy (Jah Ruby - Can I Change My Mind riddim)
35) Bunny Brown - A Good Woman (Big Stars - Call On Me riddim)
36) Turbulence - That Place (Jamplified - Movements riddim)
37) Bushman - This World (Fire Ball - Merry Go Round riddim)
38) Admiral Tibet - Change Your Way (Fire Ball - Merry Go Round riddim)
39) Richie Spice - Thief (Penthouse)
40) Lutan Fyah - Stand Up For Life (Feel Free - Natty Ride riddim)
41) Busy Signal - Trading Places (Juke Boxx - Nylon riddim)
42) Etana - Chatty Mouth (Juke Boxx - Nylon riddim)
43) Tarrus Riley - Start A New (Juke Boxx - Nylon riddim)
44) Richie Spice - Serious Girl (Juke Boxx - Nylon riddim)

Thanks for the support.


MIX: Delroy Wilson - Let There Be Love

New DOUBLE episode of BMC's Reggae Mixes with a mix based on the music of my favourite reggae singer: DELROY WILSON! I've made quite a few mixes by now, but my favourite singer was still waiting to be the focus of a mix and here it is. Often overlooked, Delroy Wilson doesn't always get the credits he deserves. Double episode, could have easily been a triple or more, so many good tunes by this man! Mix lasts a little under 80 minutes and contains many of my favourite Delroy tracks and some version and deejay cuts. Tunes are from a variety of labels, studios, producers and musicians and cover quite a big part of his career, though mostly focus on the period late 60s - late 70s. His ska recordings for Studio 1 are left out. It's interesting to hear the change in his voice over the years, I here tried to show with 4 versions of Delroy's Dancing Mood going in steps through his career. Personally I've always rated his later period with his voice more matured a bit higher than his early years, but both periods are extensively covered here. Sadly Delroy Wilson died in 1995 at the way too young age of 46 years old, but left behind a catalogue to be enjoyed forever. What a singer.
For all tracks sources are given so if you rate the music, you can track down copies yourself to get the full tunes (as always, here only short pieces are used in one continuous mix, no full tunes) in good quality without samples. Support the music! Check it out and if you appreciate the effort, be so kind to let me know via a comment. Thanks and enjoy!

Tracks in order of appearance (in brackets the source, which is set up as: format, album-title, label):
1) King Tubby - Dub Is Shining (CD, Bunny Lee presents King Tubby, Unity / Jet Star)
2) Delroy Wilson - Sun Is Shining (LP, Money, Clocktower)
3) I Trust You (feat. I-Roy) (LP, I-Roy - Touting I Self, Heartbeat)
4) Got To See My Baby (LP, Money, Clocktower)
5) Dancing Mood (CD, Dancing Mood, Studio 1)
6) Dancing Mood (CD, Greatest Hits, Jamaican Gold)
7) Dancing Mood (12", Justice)
8) Dancing Mood (7", Music Works)
9) Pretty Girl (LP, V.A. - Joe Gibbs Revive 45's Vol II. Rocky Gibbs)
10) Give Love A Try (7", Striker Lee)
11) Better Must Come (7", Striker Lee)
12) Dennis Alcapone - It Must Come (7", Striker Lee)
13) Might Can't Beat Right (CD, Greatest Hits, Jamaican Gold)
14) Better To Be Loved (CD, Better Must Come....One Day, Jamaican Gold)
15) Money Love (LP, Good All Over, Studio 1)
16) Wont You Come Home (feat. Ken Boothe) (CD, Dancing Mood, Studio 1)
17) Wont You Come Home + Version (feat. U-Brown) (12", Starlight)
18) I Can't Stand It (CD, Cool Operator, Music Club)
19) Every Body Needs Love (LP, Sarge, Charmers)
20) Talk Too Much + Version (7", Fatman)
21) Give Me Your Love (LP, Mr. Cool Operator, EJI)
22) Money (LP, Money, Clocktower)
23) Prince Hammer - Flash Your Dread (CD, Rastafari Bible, Patate)
24) Cool Operator (LP, Mr. Cool Operator, EJI)
25) Conquer Me (7", Striker Lee)
26) Dr. Alimantado - Johhny Was A Baker (CD, Best Dressed Chicken In Town, Keyman)
27) Dennis Alcapone & Prince Jazzbo - Lorna Banana (CD, Musical Liquidator, Jamaican Gold)
28) Too Much War (LP, blank - real track title unknown)
29) You Keep On Running (7", Dee Jay)
30) U-Roy - Never Get Away (7", Dee Jay)
31) Have Some Mercy (7", Dee Jay)
32) Trinity - The Book Of Roots (7", TR Groovemaster)
33) People Get Ready (LP, Unedited, Hulk)
34) King Tubby & Tommy McCook - African Roots Dub (CD, Bunny Lee presents King Tubby, Unity / Jet Star)
35) Live Good (7", Fatman)
36) Dillinger - Truth & Right (CD, Natty BSC, Recall)
37) Version (7", Fatman)
38) My Conversation (LP, Sarge, Charmers)
39) So Long Baby (LP, Money, Clocktower)
40) I Wont Take You Back + Version (12", E & J)
41) Conference Table (7", Striker Lee)
42) NuRoy - Conference At The Temple (LP, The Originator, Carib Gems)
43) Call On Me (LP, Unedited, Hulk)
44) Suspicion (12", Revue)
45) Sharing The Night Together (12", E & J)
46) Halfway Up The Stairs + Version (7", Observer)
47) Can I Change My Mind (7", Striker Lee)
48) I-Roy - Rose Of Sharon (7", Striker Lee)
49) I'm Not A King (7", Studio 1)
50) Ungratefull Baby (7", Coxsone)
51) It's Just Your Carelessness (CD, Better Must Come....One Day, Jamaican Gold)
52) Soloman (LP, Unedited, Hulk)
53) No Body's Business (LP, Nice Times, Vista)
54) Worth Your Weight In Gold + Version (LP, Worth Your Weight In Gold, Burning Sounds)
55) Let There Be Love (CD, Greatest Hits, Jamaican Gold)

"Let there be love love love among the nations, let there be peace peace peace among the people, too much war and there is no love, love is the only thing the world need today" - Delroy Wilson


MIX: Stop the Violence! - a lyrical message

Crime and violence sadly is the order of the day in many places on this earth. Countries at war, countries with huge crime and murder rates, there's just too many of them. Jamaica, the island where the majority of the music of my mixes originates from, is no exception, au contraire, as the french would say. Crime and violence is a big problem for the country, the news is filled with reports on a next murder case; "too much blood a run" as Morgan Heritage sing. I can't speak from experience, I've never been to Jamaica myself, but have heard enough stories to at least have a slight idea of the situation. Since it's such a burning issue for this island that practically breathes music, the subject cannot stay untouched in songs. I do not refer to gun-tunes here, with singers bigging up guns and badman behaviour. Instead I refer to the positive songs by artists addressing the problem, asking for it to stop, no more guns, more unity, a plea for peace. There's a lot of such songs out there and for this mix I've selected a few of them from the last few years that I enjoy a lot and feel have a strong message. Often applicable not only to the situation in parts of Jamaica, but also to many other places on the planet. Certainly not my best mix in terms of transitions or song order, but lyrically hard to beat imo! For those that check most of my modern mixes, you will notice repetition of a few songs from older mixes, that's because I rate the tunes highly and they nicely fit this special episode so I reused them for the purpose. The mix ends with a song more of hope for the future. Lots of text, I know, but I liked to introduce this special episode a bit more extensive this time. Now let the music and singers do the talking.

Stop the violence, stop the crime, show more love, better must come!

1) Cherine - Kingston State Of Mind (Taxi)
2) Hit List - Stop Di Killing (Fouta)
3) Kashief Lindo - Paradise Jamdown (Joe Frasier)
4) Luciano - Get It Together (Pete)
5) Beres Hammond feat Delly Ranks - Siren (Harmony House)
6) Turbulence - Better Way (Sajay)
7) Sizzla - No Wickedness A Zion (In Time Music)
8) Luciano - Too Much Gunz (In Time Music)
9) Gyptian - Stop The Fussing & Fighting (Pleasure Time)
10) Chezidek - Want To See Love Again (Xterminator)
11) Turbulence - Show More Love (Maximum Sound)
12) Sanchez - Oh Please (Digital B)
13) Capleton - No Guns (Danger Zone)
14) Turbulence - Shoot Out (Free The Children)
15) Morgan Heritage - Too Much Blood A Run (Free The Children)
16) Richie Spice - Tired A (Yellow Moon)
17) Anthony B - Trigger Happy Cowboy (Camp Fire)
18) Turbulence - Gun Brings Misery (Palm Of Gold)
19) Luciano - It A Fi Stop (Ffrench)
20) Jah Mali - Blood Speaks (Rising Sun)
21) Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal - Tired Of It (Digital B)
22) Alpha Rowen - Murder (Acient Mystic)
23) Jah Cure & Jah Mason - Out Of Control (Kickin)
24) Turbulence - Live Up Right (New Beginning)
25) Gyptian - Serious Times (Frenz)
26) Capleton - Put It Down (King Lion)
27) Ghandi - Better Must Come (Kickin)

Please leave a comment when you've enjoyed the mix, it makes the effort much more worthwhile if people not only download, but also let me know that the love for the music is mutual. Thanks!


LIST: BMC's 2007 Modern Roots 45s top 50

Another one of my older lists I found back on my harddrive: best 45s of 2007. Top 50 with the info as I wrote it in those days, just for fun. Check it out:

My personal 2007 45s top 50

The year is coming to an end, time to look back a bit. There haven’t been many dancehall / bashy riddims that did it for me in 2007, but I didn’t follow it very closely either (list anyone?). Some artists made important steps there this year though imo, especially Movado and Busy Signal. On the rootsy side of things for me numerous 45s with interesting riddims and tunes have been released, ranging from just nice to killers. Here’s a selection I made of 50 more rootsy tracks that I rate highly and still play regularly; roughly in order, but don’t take that too serious cause tomorrow it may differ again. Just my personal preference, no official thing or so, feel free to disagree and / or dislike.

1. Natty King – Real Herbalist (House Of Riddim)
2. Glen Washington – In The Distance (A-Lone – Dirty Dozen)
3. Ray Darwin – People’s Choice (Tad’s – officially released late december 2006 though)
4. Alborosie & Sizzla – Meditation (Forward)
5. Capleton – Prophet Rides Again (Ink A Link)
6. Pressure – Be Free (Don Corleon)
7. Tami Chynn – Over And Over Again (Fresh Ear – Guardian Angel)
8. Luciano – Every Where I Go (Broken Stick – Let Them Talk)
9. Natty King – Dem A Fight (Pleasure Beat – Majestic)
10. Alpheus – Ultimate (A-Lone – Dirty Dozen)
11. Richie Spice – The World Is A Cycle (Fresh Ear – Guardian Angel)
12. Capleton – No Fold Hand (Shall I – Meditation)
13. Burro Banton – Friday Dress (SWS – Crazy Night)
14. Shaggy – Move Hype (Big Yard – 007)
15. Million Stylez – More Life (Supersonic – Devil’s Angel)
16. Chezidek – Bad Out Deh (Irie Ites – Down In Jamaica)
17. Alborosie – Kingston Town (Forward)
18. Perfect – 30 Pieces (Irievibrations)
19. Taurus Riley – She Is Royal (Cannon)
20. I Wayne – More Herb (Yellow Moon – Dst)
21. Lutan Fyah – Hypocrits (Oneness – Oneness)
22. Da’Ville – Africa Is Calling (Pure Music – Serengeti)
23. Etana – Roots (Freemind)
24. Lutan Fyah – Red-Red (Al.Ta.Fa.An – Senior)
25. Lymie Murray – Fire Will Be Burning (Bay Rock – Bay Rock)
26. Glen Washington – Jah Jah Delivered Me (A-Lone – Family)
27. Taurus Riley – Back Biter (Don Corleon – Far Away)
28. Morgan Heritage – Too Much Blood A Run (Free The Children – Africa)
29. Natural Black – Free Your Mind (Total Satisfaction – Melody Life)
30. Burro Banton – MC Peggy Part 2 (One Love – Maria)
31. Da’Ville – In My Arms (Renaissance – Legal)
32. Jah Cure – Sticky (Danger Zone – Jamdown)
33. Maxie Priest & Richie Stephens – My Girl Dis (Joe Frasier – Full Attention)
34. Turbulence – Youths (Kickin – Rewind)
35. Alborosie & U-Roy – Precious (Forward)
36. Alaine – Sincerely (Don Corleon – Love Potion)
37. Cocoa Tea – Poverty (Minor 7 Flat 5 – Bodo)
38. Lukie D – Step Away (Badda)
39. Richie Spice – A No Me Dat (No Doubt – Eighty Three)
40. Sizzla – Sow More Love (Irie Ites – Rocking Time)
41. Pressure – Love & Affection (Don Corleon)
42. Jah Cure – To Your Arms Of Love (VP – Guardian Angel)
43. Edge Michael – Delilah (House Of Riddim)
44. Lutan Fyah – Can’t Stop The Fire (Bassrunner – Glorious)
45. Luciano – Strive (Mafia & Fluxy)
46. Pinchers – Slaughterer (Penthouse – M16)
47. Morgan Heritage & Busy Signal – Run Dem (Juke Boxx)
48. Frankie Paul – Love Somebody (Stone Love – Rocksteady)
49. Morgan Heritage – Guards Up (Maximum Sound – Black Board)
50. Doniki – Gully Bank (Gully Bank)

I didn’t get the chance yet to get Fat Eyes’ Midnight Hour or Joe Frasier’s Chi Chi Bud riddims released on 45 last week, so those tunes were not taken into account.

All in all even though I bought significantly less 45s this year, 2007 brought enough good reggae again to keep me entertained, just needed a bit more selectivity. For 2008 I hope for more bass and positivity and less autotune!

MIX: Unity Is The Key - a 2007/2008 modern roots 45s mix

Two months since my last mix, over 3 months since my last modern roots mix: just can't find the time to start recording and mixing these days. This'll probably get worse, since I've got very busy months ahead of me, so to make up for the long wait since the last one and the, likely, long wait before the next one here a longer than usual new modern roots 45s mix, clocking in at one full hour. Tracks are mainly 2008 releases, with a couple of 2007 tracks that I didn't use in a mix yet, but still wanted to include in one. Both Jamaican and European productions, ranging from sweet soft riddim like the Secrets to harder bassy riddims like the Conqueror. All officially released and taken from the 45s (no downloaded mp3s), so obviously not the latest hype-selection, but music that imo deserves to be heard. 2008 has been somewhat dissappointing when it comes to good roots riddims, but after some time there's always enough to get a nice mix together.
Just for the record, business as usual: no full tunes, shorter pieces mixed together with added soundsamples and average soundquality. For full tunes, in good quality without samples, go get 'm, all are officially released. Don't ask me for the full tunes, I will not upload 'm. Enjoy and drop me a comment if you've enjoyed this latest episode of BMC's Reggae Mixes.

Tracks: Unity Is The Key (to set the people free) - a 2007/2008 modern roots 45s mix

01) Lutan Fyah & ETana - Gun (Tads)
02) Conscious Fiyah - Unity (Oneness - General Key riddim)
03) Prezident Brown - Leaders (Oneness - General Key riddim)
04) Prince Malachi - Gideon Road (Oneness - General Key riddim)
05) Pressure ft. Beres Hammond - Putting Up Resistance (Don Corleon)
06) Konshens - How It Feel (Birchill - Politics riddim)
07) Busy Signal - Politics (Birchill - Politics riddim)
08) Natty King - The Truth (House Of Riddim - Conqueror riddim)
09) Jah Mason - Shed No Tears (House Of Riddim - Conqueror riddim)
10) Anthony Cruz ft. Marlene Johnson - Africa (House Of Riddim - Conqueror riddim)
11) Alborosie & Etana - Blessing (acapella) (Forward)
12) Alborosie & Etana - Blessing (Forward)
13) Luciano & Candy Man - Dem No Know Jah (Kronic Beat - Promised Land riddim)
14) Chezidek & Perfect - Journey (Irievibrations - Hit Drop riddim)
15) Turbulence - Only Love (Irievibrations - Hit Drop riddim)
16) Luciano - Jah Live (Cannon - Jah Live riddim)
17) Etana - Love Myself (Cannon - Jah Live riddim)
18) Tarrus Riley - Marcus Teaching (Cannon - Jah Live riddim)
19) Duane Stephenson - August Town (Cannon - Jah Live riddim)
20) Jah Mason - Man To Man (Macro Beats - Early Morning riddim)
21) Capleton - Too Greedy (Macro Beats - Early Morning riddim)
22) Chezidek - Higher (G String)
23) Cocoa Tea - Barack Obama (Roaring Lion)
24) Pressure - Your Love (Don Corleon)
25) Queen Ifrica - Keep It To Yourself (Don Corleon - Secrets riddim)
26) Jah Cure - Miles Away (Don Corleon - Secrets riddim)
27) Morgan Heritage - Gun Town (Don Corleon - Secrets riddim)
28) Buju Banton - Sleepless Nights (Don Corleon - Secrets riddim)
29) Alaine - Love Of A Life Time (Don Corleon - Secrets riddim)
30) D Major - Perfect Strangers (Don Corleon - Secrets riddim)
31) Pressure - Bless My Soul (Don Corleon - Secrets riddim)
32) Tarrus Riley ft Chalice - Good To Be There (Cannon)
33) Lutan Fyah - Lonesome Fire (Irastapasta - A Bitta World riddim)
34) Chezidek - A De Weed (Irastapasta - A Bitta World riddim)
35) Robert Lee - Red Out Deh (Own Mission - Red Out Deh riddim)
36) Michael Rose - Love It Up (Own Mission - Red Out Deh riddim)
37) Edge Michael - Mr. Babylon (Akom - Vitamin riddim)
38) Jah Mason - Journey To Life (Akom - Vitamin riddim)
39) Lutan Fyah - Word, Sound & Power (Akom - Vitamin riddim)
40) Alborosie - Always (Forward)
41) Warrior King - Melody (Fat Eyes - Midnight Hour riddim)
42) Tarrus Riley - Protect Your Neck (Fat Eyes - Midnight Hour riddim)


MIX: Give Thanks For Life - 2007 - 2008 modern roots mix

New mix up of modern tunes. We're in may of 2008 already and I didn't make a mix containing JA tunes released this year yet, so it was time to change that. Here it is, 30 tracks, some from this year, some from last year, all from 7" except the Mary Jane riddim, which is taken from 10" singles. Usual things apply; no full tunes, shorter pieces mixed together at lower bitrate with added soundsamples. If you rate the tunes I'd encourage you to go out and get the tunes yourself to hear 'm in full, good quality and sample-free. A promotional thing this!
We have a nice mix of JA and European releases here with a variety of names, both veterans and newer vocalists. Two wicked Doniki's, a very underrated singer imo, old-school digital style riddims from Scotch Bonnet and Charlie's labels, Massive B's massive Kingdom riddim, big hits on the Rub A Dub riddim, wicked roots riddim called Dem A Run Away etc etc. Lots of niceness, roots stylee. Enjoy!

Comments will be appreciated.

Give Thanks For Life - 2007 / 2008 modern roots mix

1) Million Stylez - Oh Jah Jah (Rootdown - I Love)
2) Jah Mason - Yours Forever (Rootdown - I Love)
3) Ras McBean - Dem A Run Away (Unik - Dem A Run Away)
4) Lutan Fyah - Give Thanks For Life (Unik - Dem A Run Away)
5) Mafia & Fluxy - Version (Unik - Dem A Run Away)
6) Doniki - Life Of The People (Gully Bank)
7) Doniki - Don't Destroy The Earth (Vineyard - Earth)
8) Junior Slice - No Patience (Vineyard - Earth)
9) Version (Vineyard - Earth)
10) Kenny Knots - Rock Inna Dancehall (Scotch Bonnet - Mary Jane [10"])
11) Top Cat - Herbalist (Scotch Bonnet - Mary Jane [10"])
12) Carl Meeks - Higher Level (Scotch Bonnet - Mary Jane [10"])
13) Chezidek - I Won't Change (Charlie's - Back To Mount Zion)
14) McPullish - Dub Change I (Charlie's - Back To Mount Zion)
15) Lutan Fyah & Anthony John - Roots Woman (Rial Agony)
16) Capleton - Clean Meditation (Shore Jam - Ruff Life)
17) Anthony Cruz - Mi See It Clear (Shore Jam - Ruff Life)
18) Jah Mason - Thanks & Praise (Shore Jam - Ruff Life)
19) Chezidek - Call Pon Dem (Massive B - Kingdom)
20) Collie Buddz - Let Me Know (Massive B - Kingdom)
21) Burro Banton - Garrison (Massive B - Kingdom)
22) Queen Ifrica - Choppa Grade (Nicetime - No Combo)
23) Sweet T - Lethal Weapon (Nicetime - No Combo)
24) Chaka Demus & Pliers - When King Tubby's Used To Play (Pull Up My Selecta - Duke Street)
25) Tony Curtis - Mr. Law (Pull Up My Selecta - Duke Street)
26) Lukie D - How Long (Pull Up My Selecta - Duke Street)
27) Morgan Heritage - Nothing To Smile About (No Doubt - Rub A Dub)
28) Richie Spice - Di Plane Land (No Doubt - Rub A Dub)
29) Etana - I Am Not Afraid (No Doubt - Rub A Dub)
30) Ginjah - Never Lost My Way (No Doubt - Rub A Dub)

Large up once again for all the support, especially to the group that keeps returning to my mixes, taking the time to leave comments or send an email of appreciation instead of just grabbing it . I don't care about the number of downloads, I do care about the nice comments of the people that enjoy the music with me.
Special shout-out this time to the Reggae Sundance Guestbook and its contributors for the support and interesting conversations.


MIX: Dub Along - a late 70s Black Ark selection

Double episode - foundation stylee! Lee 'Scratch' Perry, a crazy genius! There's lot to say on the man and his works, but many already did so much better than I possibly could so I wont try. Check for instance David Katz' very nice book People Funny Boy on the life of Perry and his musical legacy. This lenghty mix focusses on the later period of recording in Perry's Black Ark studio, mid to late 70s, my favorite period of Perry as producer. This ofcourse does not mean that his earlier work can be ignored. On the contrary, it is great, I just prefer this a bit better. This selection draws from various sources, artists and type of riddims, though all with that 'Black Ark sound'. By no means a 'best of', but mainly a selection of both common and less common tunes that I rate highly. I could easily make a few more episodes like this, there's too many big tunes, but I wont. Let this mix take you on a trip down memory-lane, introduce you to unknown tunes or maybe a bit of both with Lee 'Scratch' Perry at the controls! As always, not full tunes, pieces blended to almost an hour of roots from the Black Ark. Details of sources are given if you'd like to track down the tracks to hear 'm sample-free, in full and in good quality. 7" tracks are mostly from CD-R copies, I wish I owned the originals of those.

* Lee Perry - Dub Along (Super Ape - Island LP)
* Gregory Isaacs - Mister Cop / Version (Micron 7")
* Jah Lion - Fat Man (Colombia Colly - Upsetter LP)
* Brent Dowe - Down Here In Babylon / Version (Upsetter 7")
* Tony Laidley - Happy Birthday Jamaica / Version (Tulsa 7")
* Earl 16 - Freedom (Heart Of The Ark 2 - Seven Leaves CD)
* Aura Lewis - Full Experience (Baffling Smoke Signal - Heartbeat CD)
* The Diamonds - Talk About It / Yama Khy / U-Roy - Yama-khy / Version (Upsetter 7" / Perries 7")
* Raphel Green & Almantado - Rasta Train (Upsetter / Trojan 12")
* Dub & Praise / Junior Ainsworth - Thanks & Praise (Build The Ark - Trojan LP)
* Preacher - Reggae Music (Heart Of The Ark - Seven Leaves CD)
* Horace Smart - Ruffer Ruff (Open The Gate - Trojan LP)
* Junior Murvin - Solomon (Police & Thieves - Mango CD)
* Leroy Sibbles - Rastafari / Combination Two - Rastafari (Heart Of The Ark - Seven Leaves CD)
* Max Romeo - Sexy Natty / Version (Upsetter / Trojan 12")
* The Shadows - Brother Noah / Version (Build The Ark - Trojan LP)
* Rupie Edwards - Three Pan One, A Murder / Version / Rise And Fall / Version (Cactus 7" / Succes 7")
* Keith Rowe - Groovy Situation / Version (Arkology - Island CD)
* Jackie Bernard - Economic Crisis (Excaliburman - Seven Leaves CD)
* Heptones - Now Generation (Party Time - Mango LP)
* Evan Jones - 4 & 20 Dreadlocks / Version (Cutting Razor - Heartbeat CD)
* Mystic Eyes - Forward With Love (Heart Of The Ark - Seven Leaves CD)
* Meditations - Running From Jamaica / Version (Wild Flower 7")
* Jolly Brothers - Conscious Man / Version (Cyprian 12")
* The Congos - Children Crying (Heart Of The Congos - Black Art LP)
* Eric Donaldson - Freedom Street / Version (Build The Ark - Trojan LP)
* Lee Perry - Disco Devil / Version / Prince Jazzbo - Croaking Lizzard (Upsetter / Trojan 12")

For more on Perry there's two excellent websites you can visit with discography, sounds and more:

http://www.smokeyroom.net [very extensive discography with label-scans and all]
http://www.upsetter.net/scratch [discography, bio, news and much more; this one also has a whole heap of mixes for download going all through Perry's carreer, check 'm out, recommended!]


MIX: Respect People - a modern roots mix

New modern roots mix, no theme this time, no specific year, just tunes from the last couple of years that I rate. I started the mix with no idea of what would eventually get in there so it kinda is the choice of that moment and resulted in this. Some well known tunes, some hit-singles, some rather unknown, but all nice in my opinion. Enjoy ! :-)
If you like what you hear, check out the many online stores and get the music (complete tunes) yourself. Nothing beats owning the official releases if you ask me! ;-)

Respect People - a modern roots mix

1) Mikal Rose - Lightning & Thunda (Afrikan Bump - No Slavery riddim - 2005)
2) Lutan Fyah - Kick Babylon (Afrikan Bump - No Slavery riddim - 2005)
3) Red Dragon - Break Up 2 Make Up (Insight - Treasure riddim - 2004)
4) Tanya Stephens - Bring It On (Insight - Treasure riddim - 2004)
5) Turbulence - Apple Of My Eyes (Insight - Treasure riddim - 2004)
6) Jah Cure & Chaka Demus - Revolution (Flash - Medusa riddim - 2005)
7) Capleton - Dem Doom (Special Delivery - Judegment Time riddim - 2006)
8) Admiral T - Mizik (Special Delivery - Judegment Time riddim - 2006)
9) Perfect - Live Is What We Need (Special Delivery - Judegment Time riddim - 2006)
10) Allaine - No Ordinary Love (Don Corleon - Seasons riddim - 2005)
11) Natural Black - Far From Reality (Don Corleon - Seasons riddim - 2005)
12) Morgan Heritage - How Come (Don Corleon - Seasons riddim - 2005)
13) Sean Paul - Never Gonne Be The Same (Don Corleon - Seasons riddim - 2005)
14) Turbulence - Show More Love (Triple T - 2005)
15) Richie Spice - Tek Yuh Mine Off A Me (Purple Skunk - Kingly Character riddim - 2005)
16) Anthony Cruz - Respect People (Purple Skunk - Kingly Character riddim - 2005)
17) Cocoa Tea - War And Crime (Digital B - Throw Mi Corn riddim - 2004)
18) Lukie D - Meditation (Digital B - Throw Mi Corn riddim - 2004)
19) Anthony B - Can't Test We (Digital B - Throw Mi Corn riddim - 2004)
20) Jah Cure - What Will It Take (Purple Skunk - Istanbul riddim - 2005)
21) Mary J Blidge - Be With Out You (remix) (Music World - Istanbul riddim - 2006)
22) Josie Mel & Lutan Fyah - Rasta Still De 'Bout (Minor 7 Flat 5 - 2005)
23) Admiral Bailey - Why Worry (Experience Music - Love Bump riddim - 2005)
24) Fantan Mojah - Feel So Nice (Experience Music - Love Bump riddim - 2005)
25) Capleton - Burn Dem (NAP - Passion riddim - 2005)
26) Richie Spice - Babylon System (NAP - Passion riddim - 2005)
27) Turbulence - Vampire (NAP - Passion riddim - 2005)
28) Joseph Israel & Luciano - Ruff Times (Lions Of Israel - 2004)


MIX: Ruling Sound - a mid-late 80s 45s mix inna digital stylee

After the succesfull first episode of a 80s-digital-stylee-45s-mix I did over 1,5 years ago, here finally is part 2! Twice as long, just as nice! The very nice response on the first one made we want to make a next episode for some time now and I had plenty of tunes to include, just didn't get to it until now. Variety of labels, artists and productions. Check out the wicked opening series of 'sound killing' tunes, the continuing of the Modern Girl riddim from part 1 with two other cuts on it here, a Sleng Teng segment includig no less than 5 tracks on the Harry J lick of the riddim, another Jazzbo produced combination of Horace Ferguson and U-Roy tunes on Ujama, the Agony riddim of Admiral Bailey's Big Belly Man included in part 1 here with three other cuts etc. etc. Some riddims more kinda semi-digital than pure digital, but all from the period 85 - 89 and all recorded from the 45s, no mp3s here. No full tunes as usual either, shorter pieces mixed together to one continuous mix of a little over 60 minutes and believe me, IT NICE! :-) The mentioned part 1 is still available too; mix called *** Ruff & Tuff *** , scroll down to hear that one!

Tracks in order of appearance in this new one:

Ruling Sound - a mid-late 80s 45s mix inna digital stylee - part 2

1) Intro by Fuzzy Jones (taken from Banana Man - Ruling Sound (Taurus))
2) King Everald - Beat That Sound (Waterhouse)
3) Horace Martin - Sound Boy Style (Crystal)
4) Sanchez - Sweetest Sound (Techniques)
5) Banana Man - Ruling Sound (Taurus)
6) Frankie Wilmot - My Sound (Taurus)
7) Version (Taurus)
8) Chakademus - Season Me Season (Jah Life Time)
9) Little John - Clarks Bootey (Jammy$)
10) Peter Metro - Police In A England (Jammy$)
11) Tonto Irie - Have To Girlie Girlie (Jammy$)
12) Wolfman - Badman Living (Techniques)
13) Screwdriver - Dance Hall Full Up (Kangal)
14) Conroy Smith - Dance Hall Possie (Kemarley)
15) Version (Kemarley)
16) Thriller U - Dibby Dibby Sound (TB Sharp)
17) Chuck Turner - Youthman Struggling (Stereo One)
18) Major Worries - Mek Some Money (France)
19) Hopeton Lindo - Ghetto Tenement Yard (Jammy$)
20) Screw Driver - Computer Rule (Sunset)
21) Uglyman - Computer (10 Roosevelt Ave)
22) Little John - Come Back To Me (Harry J)
23) Peter Metro - Boopsy (Music Master)
24) Jah Screw - Boom Shock Attack (10 Roosevelt Ave)
25) Version (10 Roosevelt Ave)
26) Professor Nuts - Kangal A Knock (Kangal)
27) Peter Metro - The Don (Rosie Uprising)
28) Conrad Crystal - Fed Up (Thunder Bolt)
29) Early B - Gi God Trouble (Vena)
30) Carl Meeks - Johnny (Redman)
31) Florugon - We Run Things (Redman)
32) Shabba Ranks - Get Up Stand Up & Rock (Jammy$)
33) Little Kurt - Killer Sound (Techniques)
34) Robert Lee - Living Ain't Easy (Rambo)
35) Dignitary Stylish - Don't Touch The Crack (Kangal)
36) Pinchers - Agony (Jammy$)
37) Pampidoo - Synthesizer Voice (Jammy$)
38) Major Worries - Me No Response (Jammy$)
39) Horace Ferguson - Great Stone (Ujama)
40) U-Roy - Jah Jah Call You (Ujama)
41) Version (Ujama) Comments are appreciated!


MIX: Ruff & Tuff - a late 80s 45s mix inna digital stylee

With the introduction of the famous Sleng Teng riddim by Jammy$ in the mid 80s a new trend was set for digital reggae. The later 80s dancehall scene was ruled by digital riddims and gave way to numerous classics and sometimes nowadays higly sought after tunes. As one of the many interesting era's in Jamaican music I wanted to make a nice mix of it and here it is. I've recorded a bunch of my 45s from the period (i.e. late 80s) and mixed them together. Not the full tunes, parts of it that give a great idea of the tune itself. This mix has both classics and rather unknown tunes with a wicked Belly Man series, some nice Courtney Melody's, Pinchers', Robert French, a young Beenie Man, White Mice and much more. I've included some pics of the labels in the picture that comes with this episode. Enjoy!

Ruff & Tuff - a late 80s 45s mix inna digital stylee

1) Firehouse Crew - Mi No In A It Version (Taurus) feat. Fuzzy Jones intro
2) Pad Anthony - Mi No In A It (Taurus)
3) Pincher - Kingston 13 (Ossie)
4) Courtney Melody - Screechie Across The Border (Stereo One)
5) Lieutenant Stitchie - Story Time (Stereo One)
6) Lee Crystal - Give My Loving A Try (Romantic)
7) Sluggy - 95% Black In Jail (Music Master)
8) Little Kirk - Suffer Not The Little Ones (Shocking Vibes)
9) Horace Fergeson - Sensi Addick (Prince Jazzbo Music)
10) Prince Jazzbo - Brain Food (Ujama)
11) U-Roy - Musical Addict (Ujama)
12) Admiral Bailey - Big Belly Man (Jammy$)
13) Charlie Chaplin - Long Belly Man (Juney Star)
14) Tonto Metro - Flat Belly Man (Redman International)
15) Beeny Man - A Nuh Things Run We (Shocking Vibes)
16) Pinchers - Return Of The Don (Supreme)
17) Dennis Mangaroo - Turn It On (Mystic)
18) Bobby Digital & Cocoa Tea - Come Home (Jammy$)
19) White Mice - Youths Of Today (Incredible Music)
20) Robert French - Ruff & Tuff (France)
21) Courtney Melody - Modern Girl (France)
22) Version (France)
23) Badoo - Light Of Jahovah (Photographer)

If you've enjoyed the music, please let me know by leaving a comment. The postive feedback from the listeners means more to me than a big number of 'm. Just knowing you rate the effort is worth a lot. Thanks in advance! :-) More of this in the future, so keep checking back!


MIX: Papa Tullo Rides The Rhythm

After having Nicodemus (2x) and Ranking Toyan in the mix with vocal companions and some dub versions, it's now time for a next deejay that was operating most actively in the same period. Centre of attention this time is PAPA TULLO, who later started calling himself Tulloch T when he did some work for amongst others Jammy$. I don't know much about this man, only that I usually enjoy his flow and style, what's most important. I don't know where he resides nowadays, but if I'm not mistaken he occassionally still voices a tune and performs, but it's not much. For now we're looking back to the period of the early 80s, in which Papa Tullo voiced plenty of tracks on known, but also lesser known riddims with lovely vocal companion tracks. Amongst others he had a number of his tunes released on 12" on the Negus Roots and Greensleeves labels. Here I've selected 14 vocal tracks, which get Tullo riding the rhythm next, sometimes followed by the version. Some of these come from vinyl copies, while other tunes are taken from CD's (official releases or CD-R's). The source of each is given below, so if you'd like to try and track a tune down you should have enough info to go by, though some of these are not easily available (while others can be found on more places than just the source given). As always, there's no full tunes here, it's shorter pieces mixed together to one continuous flow of niceness. :-) Please leave a comment when you've enjoyed the mix! Thanks.

1 ) Intro by Anthony Johnson
2a) Jah Son - She Love The Rub A Dub (1)
2b) Papa Tullo - Rub A Dub (1)
2c) Version (1)
3a) Cornell Campbell - Rasta Come From Jail (2)
3b) Papa Tullo - Jump And Practice (3)
4a) Wailing Souls - Diamonds & Pearls (4)
4b) Papa Tullo - Sister Pearl (4)
4c) Version (4)
5a) Lacksley Castell - Jah Is Watching You (1)
5b) Papa Tullo - Sweet Reggae Music (1)
5c) Version (1)
6a) Barry Brown - Please Officer (5)
6b) Papa Tullo - Parish Connection (6)
7a) Don Carlos - Gimme Gimme Your Love (1)
7b) Papa Tullo - Gimme More Love (1)
7c) Version (1)
8a) Leroy Smart - I Don't Like It (7)
8b) Papa Tullo - Do It Sweet And Neat (6)
9a) Jimmy Riley - Majority Rule (8)
9b) Papa Tullo - Ride The Rhythm (6)
10a) Lacksley Castell - Speak SOftly (1)
10b) Papa Tullo - Money A The Remedy (1)
11a) Barrington Levy - She Rob & Gorn (9)
11b) Papa Tullo - Cat Call Francella (9)
11c) Version (9)
12a) Wailing Souls - Up Front (4)
12b) Papa Tulllo - To The Edge Of The Rump (4)
13a) Natural Vibes - Be Wise (10)
13b) Papa Tullo (10)
14a) Cornell Campbell - Trick In The Book (11)
14b) Papa Tullo - Special Request To David Rodigan & Tony Williams (3)
15a) Lacksley Castell - Government Man (1)
15b) Papa Tullo - Straight To The Government (1)
15c) Version (1)

(1) Negus Roots 12"
(2) Papa D 12"
(3) Purpleman & Papa Tullo - Purpleman Saves Pappa Tollo In A Dancehall Style (Vista)
(4) Greensleeves 12"
(5) Various Artists - Dancehall Explosion (Trojan)
(6) Mother Liza & Papa Tullo - Mother Liza Meets Pappa Tollo (Vista)
(7) Various Artists - Zion Land (Jah'So)
(8) Various Artists - It's Reggae Time (Burning Rockers)
(9) Strong Like Sampson 12"
(10) Black Joy 12"
(11) Cornell Campbell - Natty Dread (Anthology) (Trojan)