Thursday, August 13, 2009

MIX: Purpleman A Go Nice Up The Area - A BMC Mix

Yes people, here's another special one I'm quite proud of. How often have you seen (if ever!) a mix dedicated to the works of Purpleman? Well, here is one. After having mixes focusing on the works of deejays Nicodemus (2x), Toyan, Papa Tollo and Dillinger, this time the 'other' albino deejay from the early 80s gets the bmc-treatment. Purpleman is sometimes confused with Yellowman due to their looks, but also because Purpleman even released an album under the name Yellowman (Confessions, Vista, 1983). He also recorded under the name Peter Yellow, but that period isn't covered here cause I don't own those records myself. Wicked deejay, clearly different from Yellowman (which makes it easy to see that that Confessions album certainly isn't thé Yellowman) and had most of his recordings in the early 80s. I don't own many singles by Purpleman, only one 7" on the Hitbound label. I do however have a few albums by him, which are the main source for the tracks here (see credits below). His discography isn't very big, but overall quality pretty good. It was fun finding out how many tunes he toasts on that were voiced by Don Carlos! Already 7 in this mix alone! Also a couple of Barry Brown tunes appear, from Hitbound releases - the Show Down series. Wicked music, lots to get to know. He's no big name in the scene so I hope, as happened very successfully with my earlier Papa Tollo mix, that you'll hear and get to know and appreciate a whole heap of tunes by this man: PURPLEMAN!

Another BMC Special. Drop me a comment if you rate the music and work put into it.

Purpleman A Go Nice Up The Area - A BMC Mix

(Number in brackets refer to source listed below the tracklist)
1) Purpleman - Get Ready (1)
2) Don Carlos - Praise Jah With Love & Affection (2)
3) Purpleman - Me A Go Nice Up The Area (3)
4) Purpleman - Jah My Guiding Master (4)
5) Barry Brown - Dance And Sing (5)
6) Purpleman - My Girl Friend (6)
7) Don Carlos - Just Groove With Me (2)
8) Purpleman & Papa Tollo - The Chemist And Apprentice (3)
9) King Tubby - Wiseman Dub Stylee (7)
10) Mother Liza - Joy To Your Soul (8)
11) Sister Candy - Devon (9)
12) Purpleman - Paulette (4)
13) Barry Brown - Come We Dub Tonight (5)
14) Purpleman - Get Me Mad (10)
15) Version (10)
16) Purpleman - No Luck In Trafficating (4)
17) Don Carlos - My Brethren Party (2)
18) Purpleman - Coming On Strong (11)
19) Purpleman - A Murder We Charge For (6)
20) Purpleman - Can't Tell Mi Bossman (4)
21) Don Carlos - Ababa John I (2)
22) Purpleman - Sandra Lee Buy Big House For Me (11)
23) Mother Liza - Love Plan On Now A Days Man (8)
24) King Tubby - Real Dub Stylee (7)
25) Don Carlos - Booming Ball (2)
26) Purpleman - Trod Along (11)
27) Purpleman - Westmoreland Skank (1)
28) Purpleman - Session Inna Westmoreland (4)
29) Barry Brown - My Woman (5)
30) Purpleman - Every Man Do A Thing (6)
31) Don Carlos - Spread Out (2)
32) Purpleman - Purpleman A Go Boom It Up (3)
33) Purpleman - Feeling Irie (1)
34) Don Carlos - Late Night Blues (12)
35) Version (12)
36) Purpleman - King On The Way (11)
37) Purpleman - Fiscal Fitness (4)
38) Purpleman - Nothing Is Impossible (11)
39) Purpleman - Out Of Hand (1)
40) Purpleman - Thirteen Women To A Man (6)


(1) The Yellow The Purple and The Nancy (Greensleeves LP)
(2) Don Carlos - Spread Out (Burning Sounds LP)
(3) Sly & Robbie + The Taxi Gang v Purpleman & Friends (Vista LP)
(4) Yellowman - Confessions (Vista LP, miscredited to Yellowman)
(5) Barry Brown & Little John - Showdown Vol. 1 (Empire LP)
(6) Yellowman & Purpleman - Showdown Vol. 5 (Hitbound LP)
(7) King Tubby - King Tubby The Dubmaster With The Waterhouse Posse (Vista LP)
(8) Mother Liza with Kojak - Chant Down Babylon (Gorgon LP - CD-R)
(9) Sister Candy - Black Culture (Vista LP)
(10) Purpleman - Get Me Mad (Hitbound 7")
(11) Purpleman Saves Pappa Tollo in a Dancehall Style (Vista LP)
(12) V.A. - Haul & Pull Up Selekta (Trojan CD)

Mix and artwork by BMC

One love.

Monday, August 3, 2009

MIX: Sit N Wonda - a 2009 45s mix by BMC

New modern mix with the same recipe as always: all 45s unless mentioned otherwise, no full tunes, added soundsamples, info given to get 'm yourself in order: artist - title (label - riddim).
Majority is European productions with a variety of styles. The mix kicks off with a wicked rumours remix by the Necessary mayhem crew, followed by a superb digital tune by Solo Banton on the Maffi label with dub after which former King Shiloh singer Lyrical Benjie gets the mic with Sit N Wonda, where there certainly is no shortage of bass, UK stylee. Big tunes. Peckings' recent Soul Rebel riddim is up next, followed by a new riddim, Love Don't Live, from the Finland-based Maasto label. These tracks were taken from mp3, since they didn't appear on 45 (yet?), which I kindly received as promotional copies to introduce my listeners to, what I gladly do for them. So check it out, wicked Jah Mason and two rather unknown artists on a very nicely played riddim. Out and available in mp3-stores! Blenders Finest poppy Oooh riddim is added too, with a wicked Lutan Fyah and funny Perfect, altering the lyrics of a recent hit "I kissed a girl" (forgot by who, not really my thing). Big Ship's latest one drop effort New Chapter drops by as well as the M16 riddim (Total Satisfaction label), Music riddim (Greatest Friends label), Respond riddim (Pow Pow) and Matches Lane on Maximum Sound with a wicked combination by Chezidek and Anthony B. Tarrus Riley's latest, a fine soulful tune for Peckings and Massive B's Declaration Of Rights close the mix, lasting shortly over 45 minutes.
Like last time (I like the idea of showcasing a somewhat different tunes as a bonus at the end of the mix), an extra bonus track is added. Tune by Selah Sue, singer/songwriter from Belgium who's amongst others influenced by reggae, what can be clearly heard in this added track: Raggamuffin. Something different, something nice! Taken from her Black Part Love EP. Check her out!

All tracks currently available from various online reggae stores, so if you rate the tunes, go get 'm. ;-)

Comments more than welcome, in the comments section, through mail, chat or otherwise.

Tracks in order of appearance:

1) YT, Million Stylez, Tenor Fly, Blackout JA & Mr Williamz - Dubplate (Necessary Mayhem - Rumours)
2) Chyna Soulstar & Demolition Man - Lord Save My Soul (Necessary Mayhem - Rumours)
3) Blackout JA & Michie One - Love Me Woman (Necessary Mayhem - Rumours)
4) Da Grynch - Rumours Instrumental (Necessary Mayhem - Rumours)
5) Solo Banton - Talk To Me (Maffi)
6) Version (Maffi)
7) Lyrical Benjie - Sit N Wonda (Roots Tribe)
8) Slimmah Sound - Dub Version (Roots Tribe)
9) Gappy & Nerious - Soul Rebel (Peckings - Soul Rebel)
10) Sweetie Irie - Rebel With A Cause (Peckings - Soul Rebel)
11) Prince Malachi - Come Along (Peckings - Soul Rebel)
12) Jah Mason - My King (Maasto - Love Don't Live - mp3)
13) Hi Kee - Woman of Virtue (Maasto - Love Don't Live - mp3)
14) IBK-Tribe & Emil - Fading Away (Maasto - Love Don't Live - mp3)
15) Lutan Fyah - Mr Outlaw (Blenders Finest - Oooh)
16) Perfect - I Smoked A Spliff (Blenders Finest - Oooh)
17) Luciano & Freddie McGregor - Night After Night (Big Ship - New Chapter)
18) Assassin - Give Thanks (Big Ship - New Chapter)
19) Etana - Who Gave You The Right (Big Ship - New Chapter)
20) Burro Banton - Guns Outta Hand (Total Satisfaction - M16)
21) Sizzla - Way Out (Total Satisfaction - M16)
22) Lorenzo - Free Up (Greatest Friends - Music)
23) Roger Banton - The Right Thing (Greatest Friends - Music)
24) Ras McBean & Queen Omega - No Time To Waste (Greatest Friends - Music)
25) Natural Black - Manipulate (Pow Pow - Respond)
26) Nature - Falling In Love Again (Pow Pow - Respond)
27) Lutan Fyah - No Tribulation (Pow Pow - Respond)
28) Anthony B & Chezidek - Better Hafi Come (Maximum Sound - Matches Lane)
29) Alborosie - Can't Take What Is Mine (Maximum Sound - Matches Lane)
39) Tarrus Riley - Young Heart Reminiscing (Peckings - Break Up To Make Up)
40) Supersonics - Mr Peckings Your Time (Peckings - Break Up To Make Up)
41) Chezidek - Vampire (Massive B - Declaration Of Rights)
42) Burro Banton - What U Fightin For (Massive B - Declaration Of Rights)

Bonus track:

43) Selah Sue - Raggamuffin (from her Black Part Love EP)

Drop me a comment when you rate the music and effort. Thanks!