Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life To Live, Love To Give - more 2009 45s in the mix

Hello reggae-massive worldwide!

First of all, thanks for all the positivity about the site and the mixes (choice of concepts, choice of tunes, the mixing; been getting lots of positive feedback from all continents and I highly appreciate that!). Been quiet for some time here, but I'm back, with hopefully a new UK roots styled mix coming soon. For now it's modern JA and EU roots, 2009 stylee.

(picture contains 45s of Sweet Jamaica riddim on Lockdown label, included in the mix)

2,5 months since my last modern mix, about time for a new one. Haven't had much time and chance to look out for new quality tunes. Must admit that I haven't heard many that triggered me to go and order a few either (not taking into account the UK-style output, which will get into a seperate mix soon(ish)). However, I still had a bunch of 2009-tunes waiting to get the BMC-treatment, so here they are. One hour, variety of styles, though all modern roots. The mixing didn't turn out as well as I normally aim at, but wanted this one to get out there and due to time-issues left it what it is now. Music nice same way, so check it out, hopefully find some tunes you didn't know yet and go get 'm. All taken from 45s, no full tunes used and soundsamples added: the usual recipe.

Lots of European productions here once again. See if you can stop yourself from moving when you get to that lovely Sweet Jamaica riddim! :-)

Tracks (artist - title - label - riddim):

Life To Live, Love To Give - more 2009 45s in the mix

1) Tarrus Riley - Cold Kisses (Don Corleon)
2) Alaine - Never Done (Don Corleon)
3) Luciano - Be Aware (Maximum Sound - Vineyard Town)
4) Peetah Heritage - Jesse James (Maximum Sound - Vineyard Town)
5) Lukie D - Crying Out (Maximum Sound - Vineyard Town)
6) Capleton - All Is Well (Maximum Sound - Vineyard Town)
7) Lorenzo - Life To Live, Love To Give (Jam' Strong - Stronga)
8) Lutan Fyah - Real Rasta (Jam' Strong - Stronga)
9) Sena - Outcry In The City (Jam' Strong - Stronga)
10) Sizzla - Don't Give A F#$k (Jam' Strong - Stronga)
11) Earl Sixteen - Ocean Meets The Skies (One People - Rise My People)
12) Ras Zacharri - Rise My People (One People - Rise My People)
13) One People Production - Hornsman Version (One People - Rise My People)
14) Busy Signal - Spliff Tail (Juke Boxx - Dubwize)
15) Beenie Man - Love Is Lovely (Juke Boxx - Dubwize)
16) Peetah - War Zone (Juke Boxx - Dubwize)
17) Assassin - Priority (Juke Boxx - Dubwize)
18) Ziggi - Joker Smoker (Smoke In The Air) (Necessary Mayhem - Joker Smoker)
19) Mr Williamz - No Cigarette (Necessary Mayhem - Joker Smoker)
20) YT - Credit Crunch (Necessary Mayhem - Joker Smoker)
21) Da Grynch - Joker Instrumental (Necessary Mayhem - Joker Smoker)
22) Tamlins - Send Them Come (Shengen Clan)
23) Brinsley Forde & Tippa Irie - Long Time (Lockdown - Sweet Jamaica)
24) Kirk Davis - Hills And Valley (Lockdown - Sweet Jamaica)
25) Peter Spence - Thanks And Praises (Lockdown - Sweet Jamaica)
26) Nerious Joseph - Wrong And Strong (Lockdown - Sweet Jamaica)
27) Blackout JA - Anything Can Happen (Lockdown - Sweet Jamaica)
28) Vivian Jones - Jailhouse (Lockdown - Sweet Jamaica)
29) Tippa Irie - Sweet Jamaica (Lockdown - Sweet Jamaica)
30) Luciano - Invasion (Maximum Sound - I Know My Herbs)
31) Burro Banton - Love Me Sensimilia (Maximum Sound - I Know My Herbs)
32) Lukie D - One Cup A Day (Maximum Sound - I Know My Herbs)
33) Alborosie - Outernational Herb (Maximum Sound - I Know My Herbs)
34) Million Stylez - Everyday (Adonai - Everyday)
35) Chukki Starr - Congratulate U (Adonai - Everyday)
36) Ziggi - What You Stand For (Adonai - Everyday)
37) Lorenzo - Spread Dat Love (High Fly Music - Spread Dat Love)
38) Mark Wonder - Joy And Glorious Day (High Fly Music - Spread Dat Love)
39) Prince Theo - Chant Dem Down (High Fly Music - Spread Dat Love)
40) Ras McBean - Lambsbread (Greatest Friends - Ganja Too Much)
41) Lorenzo - High Grade (Greatest Friends - Ganja Too Much)
42) Johnny and Soul Vendors - Tribute To C. S. Dodd (Peckings)

Drop me a comment if you rate the tunes and maybe mention your favourite of the mix, always fun to know such things.