Saturday, September 12, 2009

Poll results: What style of mixes you rate highest?

First poll finished after some 50 days of voting. 163 people participated on the question what style of mixes they prefer hearing. Here's the result:

Winning style: MODERN ROOTS with 56 votes (34%)

Followed by: Early 80s RUB-A-DUB with 43 votes (26%)

And the rest in order of number of votes:

70s Roots (31 votes, 19%)
Late 80s Digital (24 votes, 14%)
Modern Dancehall (9 votes, 5%)

(ska and rocksteady were no options in this poll, in case you're wondering, this was because I never made a mix in those styles [yet])

Thanks all for participating, new poll up now about your preferred other musical styles next to reggae. Join in!

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