Saturday, December 19, 2009

POLL Result: What musical style(s) do you play most besides reggae?

On the question "What musical style(s) do you play most besides reggae?" the majority of the people said:

Soul / Funk
Hiphop / R&B

Both with 26 votes.

These styles were followed by:

No dude, it's reggae and nothing but reggae! (17 votes)
World (16 votes)
Jazz (13 votes)

And there have been a couple of people voting for:

Punk / Hardcore (4 votes)
Old rock (8 votes)
New rock (4 votes)
Singer / songwriter (5 votes)

No votes came in for metal and 16 votes were for 'other genres'.

In total 65 people filled in the poll (with more than one answer allowed).

All in all mostly soul, funk and hiphop lovers to accompany the love for reggae.

Thanks all for participating. New poll up.


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