Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet Jamaica - A 2010 Roots & Culture Mix

With 2011 almost two months on its way, the roots & culture releases from 2010 were still waiting to get the BMC treatment to end up with at least one modern roots mix of the year. Due to various reasons (no bad things!) I rarely have time left lately to start mixing and / or check tunes, so I'm behind my schedule of previous years. Ah so it go, and so it will probably stay, but the music still nice, whether you hear it in 2010 or 2011, right? So, here's a selection of roots & culture tunes from JA and other parts of the world inna JA style (rootsy, mainly JA vocalists, JA tradition). Mix called Sweet Jamaica and includes no less than three tunes with that title from the past year. Spring is in the air, what is reflected in the start of this mix: happy feel good stylee! The mix has a Bunny Lee segment for the old-style lovers too; both Maximum Sound and John John updated 70s Bunny Lee riddims with new vocals from a variety of artists. Check it out. For the vinyl collectors, some of these did see release on vinyl (yes, the format is still alive and kicking!), those that did have a ' * ' behind the title of the riddim. Nuff said, mix in the usual BMC style (no full tunes, added sound effects etc.), get it while you can!

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Sweet Jamaica - A 2010 Roots & Culture Mix - JA style
01) Mr. Vegas Featuring Shaggy & Josey Wales - Sweet Jamaica (Clifford Ray) *
Go Fi Her Riddim - Penthouse
02) Romain Virgo - Wha Dis Pon Me
03) Daville - Man Like Me You Want
04) Lutan Fyah - Woman A Stress Me
05) LUST - Go Fi Her
9 To 5 Riddim - Breadback
06) Lutan Fyah - Jamaican Girl
07) Warrior King - Experience Teaches Wisdom
08) Lukie D - Share Him
Everlasting Riddim - Pow Pow
09) Natural Black - Just Be There
10) Bescenta - Health Strength
11) Gentleman - Everlasting Love
12) Luciano - Memories (Super 100 - Hit Riddim)
13) Spragga Benz - Shotta Culture (Boomtunes)
The 'Bunny Lee' segment
Dunza 2010 riddim - Maximum Sound *
14) Yami Bolo - Ethnic Cleansing
15) Dean Fraser - Dunza Sax
16) Sizzla - African Liberation
17) Lutan Fyah - Sanctify Yourself
18) Aggrovators - Dunza 2010
Zion Gate riddim - John John *
19) Alborosie - Rudie Don't Fear
20) Sanchez - Mad Love For You
21) Sizzla - Music In My Soul
22) Tarrus Riley - Sweet Jamaica a.k.a. Spen Shell Fly
Rebellion 2010 - Maximum Sound *
23) Johnny Clarke & Fantan Mojah - Rebel With A Cause
24) Chezidek & U-Roy - Teach Dem
25) Tarrus Riley - Poverty Nuh Inna Fashion
26) Busy Signal & Million Stylez - As Mi Forward (Necessary Mayhem - Jam 1 riddim) *
Shoulder Move riddim - Lenky
27) Buju Banton - Hard Times
28) Buju Banton - Not Goin Crazy
Songs aka Jah Jah Give Us Life Riddim - Joe Fraser
29) Glen Washington - Good Old Day
30) George Nooks - It's Crazy
31) Big Youth - Traffic Jam
32) Lloyd Brown - Live The Life You Love
33) Turbulence ft. Kananga - Don't Let Them Fool You (Rogland - No Hypocrite riddim)
Major riddim - Don Corleon
34) Tarrus Riley - Wildfire
35) Ce'Cile - Take My Heart
36) Lutan Fyah - Come Over
37) Jah Cure - Respect
Water Pumping riddim - John John
38) Genteleman - Good Old Days
39) Sanchez - Trust In Me
Party Time riddim - Irie Ites *
40) Natty King & Spectacular - Sweet Jamaica
41) Glen Washington - Jah Love Holding Firm
Good Ova Evil Riddim - Sankofa
42) Jah Cure - Don't Let Them Cry
43) Sizzla - Herb
Boops riddim - Juke Boxx *
44) Busy Signal - Government Gone Luuuu
45) Busy Signal - Dat Mi Love
46) Assassin - Nowadays Boopsie
47) Tarrus Riley - Children A Pree We
48) Timeka Marshall - Sweet Vibes
City Life riddim - 2 Hard Music
49) Denyque - Supergirl
50) Queen Ifrica - Times L:ike These
You Don't Need Me riddim - Joe Fraser
51) Courtney John - Love Is
52) Glen Washington - Match Made In Heaven
53) Fantan Mojah - The Majesty Don't Please (Weedy G - Jaguar riddim) *
54) Pressure - Shield and Guide (Xterminator)
* released on 45s
Listen (click play):

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Mr. Ackerman said...

Love the mixes....crank it up in my car here in usa

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This is fantastic!!!! Thank you SO much!

Peter said...

BOOM! Yet another sick mix. Thank you so much. Been playing it non-stop since you posted it...

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeaaaahh Baby!
Finally a new lovely mix! Thanks a lot for this good music!
Keep on spreading the Good Vibrations...

Oge said...

Thanks ALOT again BMC. Truly awesome mix, perfect transitions between the best reggae vibrations on righta now. Please keep em coming!!!

tushengpeng said...

Mi love mi sweet Sweet Jamaica Mix!
Big up!

/Ras T

Bob said...

Great mix - love it. Always look forward to your mixes but this one is really good.

Anonymous said...

Very positive mix!!! I enjoy listening it from beginning to end! Respect!

Erik said...

Nice! Thanx!!!

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thanks for the irie mix!