Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Posse, Are You Ready? (Vol. II) - a 1979 - 1985 rub-a-dub mix by BMC

Late august this year I dropped my first rub-a-dub mix in a long time: "Posse, Are You Ready? Vol. I". As promised, when there would be enough interest, I'd drop a Vol. II soon. Well, here it is! Got great response to Vol. I that even went to the negative side with someone selling CD's of it on ebay (!!!, and ebay did nothing with my claims to remove it, ahhh, frustrating) and people requesting me to upload the tunes seperately for them to download (forget it, that is so not my intention with these mixes!!!!). Luckily, most response was just positivity on the vibes and the selection.

Vol. II has the exact same recipe as Vol. I: early 80s tunes by a whole variety of singers and deejays and no vocalist appears twice, all tracks taken from vinyl, so expect some crackle and pop here and there. Mix in the usual BMC style: no full tunes, one continuous 60 min. mix with some added soundsamples.

Tracks in order of appearance:

Posse, Are You Ready? - Vol. II 
(in brackets the source of each track is given, where 7, 10 and 12 are single sizes)
01) Sugar Minott - All Kind Of People (Black & White 7)
02) Fathead - It's Me (Greensleeves 12)
03) Johnny Osbourne - Yo Yo (Black Zodiac 7)
04) Little Danny Dread - Spar With Us (Black Zodiac 7)
05) U Brown - Stop Your Bouncing (Jam It Tonight LP - CSA)
06) Cornell Campbell - Boxing (Boxing LP - Starlight)
07) Billy Boyo - Jah Jah Made Me To Be A MC (DJ CLash 2 LP - Greensleeves)
08) Scion Sashay Success - Dance Hall Queen (Jah Life 12)
09) Bingy Bunny & Morwells - Apple Of My Eye (Bingy Bunny & Morwells LP - Park Heights)
10) Nicodemus - Star Fi-Di Show (Serious Nicodemus Chapter One - Sound System)
11) Midnight Riders - Illegal Gun (Showdown Vol. 9 - Tasha/DKR)
12) Mr Spalding - Vision (Kris Disk 7)
13) Little John - Bubbling Style (Black Roots 12)
14) Colour Man - Skin Afe Peel (Black Roots 12)
15) Linval Thompson - Bubble Up (Gamble 12)
16) Freddie McGregor - Are You Crazy (Come On Over LP - RAS)
17) Gay Lads - Little Candle (Vision Of Reggae LP - Tamoki Wambesi)
18) Zimbabwe Dread - Ladder Of Progress (Earthman Connection LP - Kingdom)
19) I Roy - Street Chat (Outer Limits LP - Intense)
20) Peter Broggs - Jah Jah Voice Is Calling (Rastafari Liveth LP - RAS)
21) Edi Fitzroy - Youthman In A Penitentiary (Maroon Rockers 12)
22) Ringo - Life In A Jail House (Maroon Rockers 12)
23) Toyan - Radics Connection (Witty 12)
24) Roy Rankin & Raymond Naptali - African Daughter (KG Imperial 12)
25) Teezy - Wanted By The Massive (Two Of A Kind LP - Tamoki Wambesi)
26) Michael Palmer - Chucky No Lucky (At Channel One LP - Dancefloor)
27) Kelly Ranks - Woman Make You Waistline Roll (At Channel One LP - Dancefloor)
28) Tony Tuff - Big Bout Yah (Come Fi Mash It LP - Volcano)
29) Jah Mel - Sufferers Song (Iroko 12)
30) Jah Mel - Sinking Sand (Iroko 12)

And who knows, nuff tunes left, so a Vol. III might even appear in 2015.......

Let me know if you enjoy the tunes. That's what makes it nice to share these mixes.

Find it here, streaming and limited amount of downloads:


Anonymous said...

Yo star you should upload a high quality version of this to Mediafire or something so it can be downloaded... while you're at it you could do the same for Vol. 1 so I don't have to keep listening to my crappy Soundcloud rip lol.... Respect

Anonymous said...

And it goes without saying, but give thanks for the works. Really enjoy these posse mixes where you only rinse each singer once... big up yourself

Anonymous said...

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