Saturday, January 2, 2010

MIX: Can't Conquer We - a UK & EU modern roots mix

Here's one for the dubheads out there! Roots from the UK and mainland EU with plenty of old-school dubs, even more BASS and overall wicked vibes. Digital style, classic roots style, heavy UK steppers style, it's all here! All mixed in the usual BMC-way: one continuous mix, no full tunes, added sound samples and source-info given so you can go and track down these tunes yourself. Variety of singers and producers, one hour of niceness. Two older tracks in here, Dixie Peach's Slaughter and the Disciples Vintage 10", late 80s tunes that fitted in just nice, so were included.
The intro and Old Time Something by Solo Banton are taken from promo-mp3's spread by Reality Shock for the Reggae Got Talent competition. A nice initiative that I took part in by contributing the first 20 minutes of this mix. No results in on that yet, postponed to unknown date, but the total mix was finished and I wanted to get it out to the people, cause I'm very pleased with this one: IT NICE! So here it is, for one and all to enjoy, 60 minutes of heavy dub vibes, not for the weak-hearted! Enjoy.

1) Intro by Solo Banton (Reality Shock promo-mp3)
2) Reggae On Top All Stars – Soldiers Of Jah Dub (Reggae On Top 10”)
3) Kenny Knots – Never Get Burn + Dub (Reggae On Top 10”)
4) Lyrical Benjie – Rastaman Style feat. Disciples Riddim Section + Dub (King Shiloh LP)
5) King General feat. Bush Chemists – Wicked Them Wicked + Dub (Conscious Sounds CD)
6) Solo Banton – Old Time Something + Dub (Reality Shock promo-mp3)
7) Fu-Steps – Wicked Men + Dub (Vibes Creator 7”)
8) Dixie Peach & The Offbeat Posse – Slaughter + Dub (Jah Tubbys 7”)
9) GCorp meets The Mighty Tree feat. Messenger Douglas & Juggla – Perilous Time [Vibronix Mix] + Dub (Endulge 10”)
10) AmP & Echo Ranks – Mr Warmonger (AMP 7”)
11) Earl Sixteen - Can't Conquer We + Dub Creator - Hornsman Dub (King Shiloh 12")
12) Disciples - Worship mix 2 (Disciples Vintage 10")
13) Messalie - Struggling + Dub (Inner Sanctuary 12")
14) Jah Mason - Don't Cry + Don't Cry Dub Wise Part 2 (Jah Warrior LP + 10")
15) Princa Alla - Big Disgrace (Entebbe 10")
16) Norman Grant & Twinkle Bros - Justice + Dub (Entebbe 10")
17) Tony Roots - Chanting (Reggae On Top 10")
18) Barry Issac - Beware + Ancient Dub (Reggae On Top 10")
19) Vibronics - New Wolrd Dub (Deep Roots 7")
20) Errol Bellot - Ancient Warrior (King Shiloh 12")
21) Iyah-One - Ancient Melodica + Dub Warrior (King Shiloh 12")
22) Michael Rose - Solid Ground + Solid Dub (MRecords CD)
23) Fu-Steps - Coz We Are Youth + Dub (Orcast 10")
24) Echo Ranks - Long Time + Version (Scoops 7")
25) Culture Freeman - The Fittest + Dub (Conscious Sounds 10")
26) Kenny Knots - Unbreakable (Roots Garden 7")
27) Dark Angel - People Come To + Dub (Roots Garden 7")

Comments appreciated.



Erik said...

Pure murder as usual. Many great songs that I've never heard of.

Many thanks for digging out these tunes and make a solid mix.

Anonymous said...

bmc bmc bmc!!!
much thx!

Barak said...

Quality selection as always.

Keep them coming !

Dubmaster X said...

Very good mixing and selection

Marcus said...

I've been diggin' around looking for a great blog site just like this one. This is the first mix I've listened to, and it's fire! Thank you VERY much for putting these together.

As a DJ and true lover of music, you have a great ear for tracks! I wish you could link your track listings to iTunes or some kind of affiliate where I could just buy on the spot as I listen through. I haven't looked - not sure if many of these are even available through that store. It would be nice, though.

Thanks again, BMC - I'll be back regularly!

Anonymous said...

fucking great!

Chegeh M said...

Is it possible to get the download link to all your mixes, it seems some/most their links do not exist.