Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tarrus Riley live in Paradiso, Amsterdam (review)

I don't have much time to make new mixes at the moment. A lot of ideas, just not the time to realize 'm. Sorry about that, hope to get one out there real soon again. Still, did find the time to attend Tarrus Riley in concert yesterday (august 2nd) in Amsterdam and wrote a little review about it:

Wow, what a great show from this big artist yesterday in Amsterdam's finest venue, Paradiso. He once again proofed to be the biggest modern roots artist around at the moment. 100% professional, positive, spreading a message of one love and unity and all this via great music. Backed by the Black Soil band feat. Dean Fraser the show started for an almost empty Paradiso, an estimated number of around 50 people present at the time. Still, although the almost echoing emptiness of the venue gave it a strange feeling, the band started with some lovely dubby instrumentals (one on Real Rock riddim) and gave it their all. The drummer was having a lot of fun, hitting hard and groovy and musically the band started of very strong. Dean Fraser as the clear leader of the band with bass, drums, 2x keys, percussion, guitar and sax in it, gave each musician the chance to do some soloing, including himself and after three tunes he called out Tarrus. By that time the crowd reached its peak at about 200 people I think. A sad low number, mainly due to very late annoucement of the show and holidays, but it didn't stop Tarrus from giving it his best. A great show followed, with as a positive side-effect of the low turn-out, a very intimate vibe. Three backingvocalists entered the stage, shortly after followed by Tarrus. Starting with Lion Paw he went through his albums and singles, big tune after big tune. Only one song that I wasn't familiar with, all others I knew and own, so a great show of recognition. Very strongly played with a very enthousiastic and motivated Tarrus, interacting with the crowd (even went in the crowd at some point), bringing the tunes in a very convincing way showing he is not only strong on record, but knows how to bring 'm live too. Tracks that passed by included (not in this order):

Lion Paw, Love's Contagious, Human Nature, Start A New, System Set, Micro Chip, Living The Life Of A Gun, One Two Order, She's Royal, Back Biter, Wildfire, Beware, Stay With You, Far Away, Getty Getty No Want Ee, Parables, Good Girl Gone Bad en Children A Pree Wi (mixed with Tosh's Can't Blame The Youth). And I probably forget a few there. Think that Africa Awaits was played too and he did a few lines of his beautiful track Superman.

To get an idea, check this video (not from the show in Amsterdam!):

Music great, Tarrus great, vibe great, show great! Big artist, big band, big show. He played Amsterdam earlier this year in de Melkweg and a friend of mine who attended that show and this one too concluded that this show in Paradiso was at least 10 times better, despite the low turn-out. After the show he came to meet & greet the people, also something I don't see too often with reggae artists. Great evening.

Some Tarrus links (not of yesterday's show):

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Anonymous said...

Yeah i only knew about this last sunday, so i was sadly too late to attend. Wish I could be there.
Nice review. Anticipating on new mix : )
Bless, Lasious

craig allen said...

sounds similar to the Nashville show a year ago, small crowd but an awesome performance. we were surprised to see Duane Stephenson as an opening act and Dean Fraser in the band, i don't think the promoter knew who all was coming.