Friday, August 6, 2010

SOON COME: BMC presents Tarrus Riley & Friends


The recent gig of Tarrus Riley in Amsterdam's Paradiso (see topic below) motivated me to do a mix of his tunes in the same style I used for my older Turbulence mix: plenty of own tunes, combined with some other artists on the same riddims. Tarrus' being my favorite modern artist at the moment (taking Turbulence's spot at that) is a good enough reason for me to showcase the man's work to those that don't know him well or do know and enjoy his works too. Tunes from albums and singles mixed in the usual BMC style (no full tracks!, want to promote his works). I'm starting on it real soon, so for now a little teaser, sneak preview style, with some of the tunes I'll use in the mix.

Soon come!


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Reggaemani said...

Boom! Very nice. I catched Tarrus live in Stockholm earlier this year. Great perfomer with lots of good material. Bless / Erik