Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Turbulence & Friends - BMC's Turbulence Showcase

I never made it a secret that Turbulence, born Sheldon Campbell, is one of my favourite artists of the 2000s. Especially the period 2003 - 2006 has been particularly strong for him imo with plenty of wicked singles. His flow is the main thing I highly rate in combination with his ability to both sing and deejay in a strong way; a true 'singjay'. I'm not really a lyrics-man myself, but also in that area he has some very good efforts, especially when he touches subjects against violence, reality style. In my opinion his albums don't really show his skills too well with too many fillers, but each album does have its very strong moments. It's mainly his single-output I've been focussing on though. Turbulence started in the 90s with Xterminator record, opening at Sizzla shows for quite some time, what caused people to see him as a Sizzla copy in those days. Luckily he went his own way soon enough and got good success on his own, making the comparison with Kalonji, deservedly, becoming less and less common. Had a number of hits in JA, of which Notorious probably the biggest together with his combinations with female singer Sasha. He is best at home on roots riddims imo, with his dancehall efforts he doesn't reach that same level. The last two years his overall output decreased both in quality and quantity, but with still a couple of strong tracks each year I still rate the man's music highly. This all was enough reason for me to make a new mix with his music as the theme, in combination with some additional tracks of other artists on the same riddims, to show all listerners to my mixes what I rate about him. Hopefully you'll feel the tunes too. The majority of the tracks are a few years old and it isn't necessarily a 'best of', due to time I had to leave out plenty of other wicked tunes (I could make a next hour without any problem, maybe even will do so some day). It will show the diversity and overall strong delivery of the artist Turbulence - The Future. Let's hope he gets back to the form of those years soon! Leave a comment when you've enjoyed this latest episode of BMC's Reggae Mixes, already 2,5 years online, 33 mixes further and still going strong! Thanks for your support.

Tracks in order of appearance:
1) Hail To The King (from the album 'Hail To The King')
2) It's So Bright (Star Trail)
3) Morgan Heritage - Don't Push We (Star Trail)
4) Hail King Negus (Foundation riddim album)
5) Rest A Show (Pow Pow)
6) Richie Spice - The Way You Living (Pow Pow)
6) Ethiopia Awakes (Pow Pow)
7) We Can Make It (KT)
8) Luciano - We Can Weather The Storm (KT)
9) Move Ur C (Rollin)
10) Never Going Stop (Ice Burg)
11) Mass Destruction (Insight)
12) Give It To Me (Black Scorpio)
13) Luciano - Diamond Love (Black Scorpio)
14) Poor Man's Cry (Organic)
15) Turbulence - Seperate (Rebel Muzic)
16) Perfect - Hand Cart Bwoy (Rebel Muzic)
17) Don't Be Jealous (Hi Score)
18) Rastafari Livity (Irie Ites)
19) Lutan Fyah - Intoxicated (Irie Ites)
20) Lorenzo - You Always Deliver (Irie Ites)
21) Gun Brings Misery (Palm Of Gold)
22) Freedom (Digital B)
23) Practice What You Preach (God Bless)
24) Life Is Not A Game (Doctor's Darling riddim CD)
25) Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity (Doctor's Darling riddim CD)
26) Burn Dem Down feat. Lutan Fyah (from the album 'Different Thing')
27) Live In Love (Insight)
28) Show More Love (Triple T)
29) Turn Your Life Around (Digital B)
30) Capleton - Ton Load (Digital B)
31) AJ Brown - Reggae Music (Digital B)
32) Based On A True Story (from the album 'Join Us')
33) Ghetto Youth (Chip I)
34) Show Some Love (Addis)
35) Want A Natty feat. Sasha (from the album 'Notorious')
36) Notorious (THC)




Anonymous said...

Large up man!!
Your selections of Turbulence tunes
a di baddis!!
(Dat mix a blaze inna di bathroom,
inna di Ipod, inna di car, ....
everyday all day!!!)

Dat mix iz maaaaad!! Turbulence is
a complete artist and him have so many tunes but dat selection iz di baddis!!!!

Bless up BMC, no matta who you are, where you from , I and I love da vybez!!!

Keep up the good works!!!
Large up to di max!!!
Blessed love

Pensador said...

hey man, this link doesn't work, please... put a new lik, i'm trying to find this album....