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MIX: Overcome - A 2008 Dancehall Mix by BMC

Overcome - A 2008 Dancehall Mix by BMC

With so many dancehall riddims coming out in a row, I decided to mix a whole bunch of 'm together for enjoyment on my bike-rides to work every day. Been enjoying the final result for a few days now and figured I might as well upload it too, surely there are others out there that'll like to hear this sort of overview of 2008 too. Some quite new, others relatively old (for dancehall standards), but for the largest part 2008 as far as I know. This is a step away from my usual mixes of 45s focused on the conscious sounds of today ( These are from mp3's, since many never even appeared on 45 (yet) and all dancehall stylee, meaning different lyrical subjects that might not be to everyone's taste. Without paying much attention to lyrical content, I love the style and even added a bunch of autotune tunes, an effect I very much dislike, but sometimes riddim and vocal flow just make up for the annoying effect. All in all, modern dancehall in the mix. For the roots vibes check my podomatic site linked above and in messages below, for this one, find the download link below the tracklist:

Tracks in order of appearance:

1) Movado - Overcome
2) Konshens - Hear Dem Talkin (Heatstroke riddim)
3) Einstein - Length An Strength (Heatstroke riddim)
4) Voicemail - Close To Drunk (Heatstroke riddim)
5) Vybz Kartel - Wine Up Yuh Body (Heatstroke riddim)
6) Serani - Study People (Drum Lane riddim)
7) Bugle - Cyaan Look Inna Wi Eye (Drum Lane riddim)
8) Elephant Man - Dawg A Bark (Mad Dogg riddim)
9) Vybz Kartel - Art A War (Mad Dogg riddim)
10) Busy Signal - Nah Help You
11) Aidonia - Gal Say Whoiiiii (Day Rave riddim)
12) Elephant Man & Ding Dong - DIP Again (Day Rave riddim)
13) Movado - Real Killa (Day Rave riddim)
14) Busy Signal - Mek She Stamma (Day Rave riddim)
15) Chino - Wine And Touch Ur Toe (Day Rave riddim)
16) Beenie Man - Hate Me Now (Bad Breed riddim)
17) Hitlist - Me Laugh People (Bad Breed riddim)
18) Bounty Killer - Mek Gal Bawl
19) Busy Signal - Money We Sey (Silent River riddim)
20) Assassin -Inna Mi Room (Silent River riddim)
21) Serani - Do U Good (Silent River riddim)
22) Bounty Killer - Corrupt (Silent River riddim)
23) Bugle - Almighty Bless (Silent River riddim)
24) Munga - When Mi Waan Too (Silent River riddim)
25) Movado - Dem A Pree (Silent River riddim)
26) Vybz Kartel - Nuh Batty Ting (Silent River riddim)
27) Busy Signal - Whine Like That (Silent River riddim)
28) Aidonia & Vybz Kartel - Laugh & Shot Dem
29) Konshens - Badmind (Tear Up Jeans riddim)
30) Serani - Iz This Real (Tear Up Jeans riddim)
31) Laden - Haffi Buss (Tear Up Jeans riddim)
32) Bugle - Don't Be No Pussy (Tear Up Jeans riddim)
33) Damian & Stephen Marley - The Mission (Mission riddim)
34) Movado - On The Rock (Mission riddim)
35) Elephant Man - Cater For The Poor (Mission riddim)
36) Jah Cure - Green Grass (Mission riddim)
37) Aliane - Spin Me (Stimulant riddim)
38) Vybz Kartel - Never Turn A Raper (Stimulant riddim)
39) TOK - Come Ya Mi Gal (Stimulant riddim)
40) Bugle & Movado - Set Me Free
41) Vybz Kartel - Life Sweet
42) Busy Signal - Do That (Sand Fly riddim)
43) Sean Paul - Grip (Sand Fly riddim)
44) Leftside / Dr. Evil - Cologne (Sand Fly riddim)
45) Bling Dawg - Licky Licky (Sand Fly riddim)
46) Movado - Dem A Fag (Self Defense riddim)
47) Vybz Kartel - Weh Dat Fah (Self Defense riddim)
48) Elephant Man - Sweep (Self Defense riddim)
49) Delly Ranks & Esco - Close Fit (44 Play riddim)
50) Bounty Killer - Send It Up (44 Play riddim)
51) Serani - She Loves Me
52) Vybz Kartel - Million By A Morning (Tiger Balm riddim)
53) Munga - Regular Basis (Tiger Balm riddim)
54) Assassin - Money (Work Out riddim)
55) Movado - Ina Di Car Back (Work Out riddim)
56) Sean Paul - Don't Tease Me (Work Out riddim)
57) Busy Signal - Enemy Territory (Quarter Past Twelve riddim)
58) Buju Banton - Water Man (Unfinished Business riddim)
59) Bugle - What Dem Doing (Unfinished Business riddim)
60) Assassin - Guide & Protect (Unfinished Business riddim)
61) Beenie Man - Since Him Dis (Unfinished Business riddim)
62) Movado - So Bless

Leave a comment when you've enjoyed the work put into the mix! Thanks.


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Ziet er tof uit, maar geen mix in zshare. Die van mij bleken ook verdwenen. Kan je 'm nog eens uploaden? Fanx!

Anonymous said...

Even ook mijn bewondering hier tonen voor deze mix. Doe je me een groot plezier mee. Beetje erg laat.
Big respekt. Lucky girl carien.

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yo man.. this looks like a ill mix.. but everytime i try to download on zshare it keeps starting over.. know whats goinon?? much thanks for keepin on these mixes.. got lots of them love them all!