Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MIX: Musical Shot - BMC's 80s Rub-A-Dub Session

Early to mid 80s niceness again at BMC's Reggae Mixes. Quite a few not so common tracks here, mostly taken from the LPs or singles with the exception of 3 tunes that were taken from a CD-R I received years ago through the trading-scene, tunes I'm still looking for myself (#15-17 and 29). If I may say so myself, this mix is NICE! Very nice groove throughout, to be used with doors / windows open, volume up and dancing shoes on.
Recipe as usual, no full tunes, one continuous mix with soundsamples, I will not upload the seperate tracks, promotional thing this! A few of these are available as represses / reissues, so look out for those.

Enjoy, summer vibes all the way!

Picture used in the artwork is a fragment of an original Greensleeves (http://www.greensleeves.net) 12" single cover, check out the label if you haven't already, they have a wicked reissue program going!

Tracks in order of appearance:

1) Admiral Tibbett - Musical Shot (Showdown Vol 2 LP - Sir Tommys)
2) Musical Dub (Showdown Vol 2 LP - Sir Tommys)
3) Johnny Osbourne - To The Rub A Dub Session (Midnight Rock 45)
4) Frankie Jones - Dance Cork (Dance Cork LP - World Enterprise)
5) Leroy Smart - Music In The Dance Hall (Music In The Dancehall LP - ZMW)
6) Papa Beeto - Rub-A-Dub Remedy (Marcus 45)
7) Alton Ellis - Skateland Girl (Volcano 45)
8) Toyan - Over Me (Best Of Toyan LP - Sunset)
9) Ranking Dread - Love A Dub (Greensleeves 12)
10) Roots Radics Band & Jackie Mittoo - Dub A Dub (Greensleeves 12)
11) Junior Murvin - Nuclear Boom (Apartheid LP - Greensleeves)
12) Anthony Red Rose - Champion Bubbler (Frontline LP - Weed Beat)
13) Papa San - Pick Your Choice (Frontline LP - Weed Beat)
14) Ashanti Waugh - All Over (Crime Act LP - Black Solidarity)
15) Robert Ffrench - On the Dance Floor (Joe Gibbs 12)
16) Pappa Biggy - Bad Man Organisation (Joe Gibbs 12)
17) Version (Joe Gibbs 12)
18) Welton Irie - Walk & Talk (Dynamite 45)
19) Al Campbell - Watch Your Step (Dynamite 45)
20) Peter Metro - Canada Cold (Dynamite 45)
21) Carlton Livingston - Rumours (Dynamite 45)
22) Lone Ranger - Solomon (Dynamite 45)
23) Version (Dynamite 45)
24) Barry Brown - Tour's Season (Joe Gibbs 12)
25) U Mike - Island In The Sun (Joe Gibbs 12)
26) Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Right Hand Side (Joe Gibbs 12)
27) Pampidoo - Bonanza (High Music 45)
28) Toyan - Yard Stylie A New Stylie Version (Sunset 45)
29) Yellowman - Gregory Free (White label 12)
30) Version (Sunset 45)
31) Bunny Wailer - Rock And Groove (Solomonic 12)
32) Version (Solomonic 12)
33) Freddie McGregor - Roots Man Skanking (Big Ship LP - Greensleeves)
34) Barrington Levy - True Love (Poor Man Style LP - Trojan)
35) Little John - You Can Do Anything (Live & Learn 12)
36) Shadowman - Come She Just A Come (Live & Learn 12)
37) Version (Live & Learn 12)
38) Delton Screechie - Pretty Blue Eyes (Wheely Wheely 45)
39) Super Cat - Ride And Shut Off (Wheely Wheely 45)
40) Early B - Wheely Wheely (56 Hope Road 45)
41) Wiss - Mr Sunshine (Mr Sunshine LP - Jah Life)
42) Mr Sunshine Dub (Mr Sunshine LP - Jah Life)

Drop me a comment if you rate the music! Let me know which tunes stood out for you, always nice to read what tunes have most impact.



bridgie said...

My dream last night was about...

BMC had a daily 3 hour radio program complete with artist interviews, and I was busily trying to catch up with episodes that I missed.

Gabe said...


Фил said...

Simply Perfect! =))
More Rub-a-Dub!)))

kalcidis said...

A great selection! Really loving it. Some favourites mixed with some fantastic songs I've never heard before. Musical Shot by Admiral is such a nice song!

Anonymous said...

Love that Frankie Jones tune!!

Anonymous said...

So how do I download this mix? :)

Anonymous said...

so here it is...
I love this mix .. a lot of artists i recognize but now i can complete my list..
thanks BMC

yes indeed i agree WICKED WICKED SELECTION

greetingszz from lucky girl

parri_crew said...

great muzik!!

Unknown said...

Where can I download or listen to this?

Anonymous said...

please, can you repost it on mixcloud? thx