Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MIX: Toyan - How The West Was Won ~ in the mix

Here's a new foundation mix based around a great deejay album from the golden rub-a-dub days. The album in question is ***How The West Won*** by (Ranking) Toyan, released in 1981 on the great Greensleeves label. It's a Henry 'Junjo' Lawes production with Soljie Hamilton & Scientist at the controls. Add to that the fabulous Roots Radics for the riddims and you have all ingredients for a wicked album from start to finish. Toyan is one of my favourite deejays of those days and this album is one of the reasons why. What I love especially is the use of riddims from a whole heap of other killer tunes from the era by artists like the Wailing Souls, Michael Prophet, Johnny Osbourne, Barry Brown and Hugh Mundell. For this new mix I selected the vocal companions to the tracks Toyan is toasting over on How The West Was Won and mixed them together in album order. No dub-sides were added in this mix, just the vocal and Toyan's deejay version. As with all my mixes, no full tunes, shorter pieces mixed together, resulting in a lifely mix of 28 minutes of early dancehall niceness. The good news is that, if you want to get hold of the full tunes in good quality (and I can imagine you do), many of these tunes can be found on albums that are available again these days. I've added the source of each track and if you enjoy what you hear I'd say, treat yourself and go get 'm; there's wicked intro's and further parts of the tunes on the Toyan album and there's plenty of other wicked tunes on those other albums too! Check it out and enjoy and leave a comment if you liked the mix!

1a. Michael Prophet - Gunman (2)
1b. Toyan - How The West Was Won (1)
2a. Hugh Mundell - Jacqueline (3)
2b. Toyan - African Ting (1)
3a. Wailing Souls - Fire House Rock (4)
3b. Toyan - Big Showdown (1)
4a. Johnny Osbourne - Baccara (5)
4b. Toyan - Toyan On The Go (1)
5a. Michael Prophet - Never Leave Me Lonely (2)
5b. Toyan - Lover Man Style (1)
6a. Johnny Osbourne - Ice Cream Love (6)
6b. Toyan - Children Children (1)
7a. Wailing Souls - Bandits Taking Over (4)
7b. Toyan - Capital Offence (1)
8a. Wailing Souls - Act Of Affection (4)
8b. Toyan - Pope In A Di Corner (1)
9a. Barry Brown - Sweet Sixteen (7)
9b. Toyan - Tribute To Entertainer (1)
10a. Wailing Souls - A Fool Will Fall (4)
10b. Toyan - Reggae Gone International (1)

Source of tunes (albums, unless stated otherwise):
(1) Toyan - How The West Was Won (Greensleeves)
(2) Michael Prophet - Gunman (Greensleeves)
(3) Hugh Mundell - Mundell (Greensleeves)
(4) Wailing Souls - Fire House Rock (Greensleeves)
(5) Johnny Osbourne - Never Stop Fighting (Greensleeves)
(6) Johnny Osbourne - Fally Lover (Greensleeves)
(7) Barry Brown - Sweet Sixteen (Greensleeves 12" single)



Anonymous said...

please upload... but not zshare because it simply sucks ^^


BMC said...

Will upload it soon, but why no zshare? You say it sucks, but for me it's about the only one that has been working 100% fine since I've been using it and the only site with an online player if you have the right plug-in installed for firefox, plus it gives download numbers and is very easy in use; which all combined made it my preferred choice.

What alternative would you recommend?

ethiopian immigrant said...

Another simply wonderful selection. Loved to hear it. Waiting patiently. And zshare seems fine...