Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MIX: One Way - BMC's 2006 mix - part 1

Reggae in 2006 - alive as ever! Plenty of tunes ranging from good to killer are still released on a regular basis on 45s in Jamaica, this besides a bigger number of uninteresting tunes though, so one has to select the good from the bad when buying recent JA 45s. Here's a little (~20 min) mix with a selection of some roots riddims and tunes from that first category released this year. Not a 'best of', just some good Jamaican music from 2006. All recorded from my own 45s and most of them still available, so if you like what you hear, go get 'm! ;-)

Tracklists with label of 45s:
1. Natty King - Rasta A Rage [acapella] (Strictly Roots)
2. Chezidek - Fi Wah (Coppola)
3. Junior Kelly - Fly Away (Coppola)
4. Prezident Brown - One Way (Global Fire)
5. Anthony Cruz - Half Way Tree (Footsteps)
6. Tanya Stephens - To The Rescue (Footsteps)
7. Turbulence - Say Yeah (Footsteps)
8. Chuck Fender - Mi Gi Dem (One Love)
9. Yami Bolo - African Brother (Jahara)
10. Slash - Poor People (Main Frame)
11. Turbulence - Jah Jah Way (Main Frame)
12. Gyptian - Tell Me How (Main Frame)
13. I Wayne - Life Is Easy (Main Frame)
14. Elijah Prophet - Nah Tek Nu Talk (Irievibrations)
15. Perfect - Take Me Home (Irievibrations)
16. Kashief Lindo - Just A Tree (Joe Frasier)
17. Alborosie - Herbalist (Forward)

This is just part 1, expect more like these plus dancehall, but also foundation and maybe UK-roots mixes in the future. So much ideas, so little time. :-)

Thanks for checking it out.



oceanic said...

hello bmc :)
ye it would be nice if u could upload this one..
thx !

Anonymous said...

yea mon dis be fyah... it be nice to be able to upload..yhnx