Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MIX: Basement Session - A Wackie's Thing

Here's a new old-style podcast that focusses on production work of Lloyd Barnes, better known as 'Bullwackie' or simply 'Wackie'. Jamaican producer Lloyd Barnes is the founder and owner of the so called 'Wackie’s House of Music' in New York, one of the (if not the) biggest reggae label in the US. He also had his own Wackie's studio in New York and recorded many artists (both Jamaican and other nationalities) with the quite unique and recognizable Wackie's sound. The studio and label were founded in the later 70s, though Bullwackie himself has been active in the music business before that too, releasing tunes on other labels than his Wackie's. This podcast contains tunes from singles from the 70s and 80s and gives an impression of the works of this fine producer. Since a couple of years a big reissue program of Wackie's material has been going on, so there's plenty of Bullwackie productions commercially available. Check it out.

Basement Session - A Wackie's Thing

01. Joe Morgan - Basement Session
02. Reckless Breed - Basement Scrub
03. Noel Delahaye - Are You Ready (To Dance Rocksteady)?
04. Ian Roots - Steppers
05. Wackies Rhythm Force - Stepper's Dub
06. Shades - Bubbling Queen
07. Tony Jackson & Mickey Jarrett - Reggae Music
08. Barrington Spence - Step In Jah Jah
09. Version
10. John Clarke - We Need Some Solution
11. Joy Card - Superstatic Magic Mystery
12. KC White & The Love Joys - All For Free
13. Mill Henry - Some Loving
14. Wackies Rhythm Force - Some Loving Version
15. Fabian Cooke - I & I
16. Melvin & Lloyd - Rasta Deh Pon Top
17. Wananchi - Rasta Version
18. Johnny Lover - Jah Is Top Ranking
19. Jerry Hitler - What's Wrong With You
20. Joy Card - Black Girl
21. Itopia - Creation
22. Mill Henry & Clive Field Marshall - Come And Rock Me
23. Heptone Barry - Girl You're So Divine
24. Wellington Allstar - Divine Episode
25. Azul (Clive Hunt) - Rockfort Rock

Hope you'll like it. Leave a comment if you do, it's always nice and encouraging to read that people enjoy the mixes I put together. Cheers, enjoy and thanks for the support! Much appreciated. :-)



Thomas said...

hey, i'm going to see milton henry tomorrow in brooklyn, and would love to have this mix for an early session before the show. thanks so much for all of your amazing mixes.


ethiopian immigrant said...

Loved to here this. Quality. I call it high grade.

Brian said...

PLEEEEZE make this available again!