Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Ruling Sound - a mid-late 80s 45s mix inna digital stylee

After the succesfull first episode of a 80s-digital-stylee-45s-mix I did over 1,5 years ago, here finally is part 2! Twice as long, just as nice! The very nice response on the first one made we want to make a next episode for some time now and I had plenty of tunes to include, just didn't get to it until now. Variety of labels, artists and productions. Check out the wicked opening series of 'sound killing' tunes, the continuing of the Modern Girl riddim from part 1 with two other cuts on it here, a Sleng Teng segment includig no less than 5 tracks on the Harry J lick of the riddim, another Jazzbo produced combination of Horace Ferguson and U-Roy tunes on Ujama, the Agony riddim of Admiral Bailey's Big Belly Man included in part 1 here with three other cuts etc. etc. Some riddims more kinda semi-digital than pure digital, but all from the period 85 - 89 and all recorded from the 45s, no mp3s here. No full tunes as usual either, shorter pieces mixed together to one continuous mix of a little over 60 minutes and believe me, IT NICE! :-) The mentioned part 1 is still available too; mix called *** Ruff & Tuff *** , scroll down to hear that one!

Tracks in order of appearance in this new one:

Ruling Sound - a mid-late 80s 45s mix inna digital stylee - part 2

1) Intro by Fuzzy Jones (taken from Banana Man - Ruling Sound (Taurus))
2) King Everald - Beat That Sound (Waterhouse)
3) Horace Martin - Sound Boy Style (Crystal)
4) Sanchez - Sweetest Sound (Techniques)
5) Banana Man - Ruling Sound (Taurus)
6) Frankie Wilmot - My Sound (Taurus)
7) Version (Taurus)
8) Chakademus - Season Me Season (Jah Life Time)
9) Little John - Clarks Bootey (Jammy$)
10) Peter Metro - Police In A England (Jammy$)
11) Tonto Irie - Have To Girlie Girlie (Jammy$)
12) Wolfman - Badman Living (Techniques)
13) Screwdriver - Dance Hall Full Up (Kangal)
14) Conroy Smith - Dance Hall Possie (Kemarley)
15) Version (Kemarley)
16) Thriller U - Dibby Dibby Sound (TB Sharp)
17) Chuck Turner - Youthman Struggling (Stereo One)
18) Major Worries - Mek Some Money (France)
19) Hopeton Lindo - Ghetto Tenement Yard (Jammy$)
20) Screw Driver - Computer Rule (Sunset)
21) Uglyman - Computer (10 Roosevelt Ave)
22) Little John - Come Back To Me (Harry J)
23) Peter Metro - Boopsy (Music Master)
24) Jah Screw - Boom Shock Attack (10 Roosevelt Ave)
25) Version (10 Roosevelt Ave)
26) Professor Nuts - Kangal A Knock (Kangal)
27) Peter Metro - The Don (Rosie Uprising)
28) Conrad Crystal - Fed Up (Thunder Bolt)
29) Early B - Gi God Trouble (Vena)
30) Carl Meeks - Johnny (Redman)
31) Florugon - We Run Things (Redman)
32) Shabba Ranks - Get Up Stand Up & Rock (Jammy$)
33) Little Kurt - Killer Sound (Techniques)
34) Robert Lee - Living Ain't Easy (Rambo)
35) Dignitary Stylish - Don't Touch The Crack (Kangal)
36) Pinchers - Agony (Jammy$)
37) Pampidoo - Synthesizer Voice (Jammy$)
38) Major Worries - Me No Response (Jammy$)
39) Horace Ferguson - Great Stone (Ujama)
40) U-Roy - Jah Jah Call You (Ujama)
41) Version (Ujama) Comments are appreciated!



Bredda Rich said...

please re up this mix!! ..BLESS!

Anonymous said...

Great Effort, dedication & Love shown here. Please Re Up this mix.
One Love.

Jojachin said...

yes man, want to hear that again. Please put it on zshare, would really appreciate

Anonymous said...

Yes king love the digikal mix track list fe real me member dem chune well.

Upload both parts so me can get a slice