Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MIX: Gregory Isaacs meets the Roots Radics

In the early 80s, reggae legend 'the cool ruler' Gregory Isaacs recorded a few albums with the superb Roots Radics as the backing band featuring great musicians like Flabba Holt, Bingy Bunny and Dwight Pickney to name just a few. In chronological order these albums were:

* The Lonely Lover (1980 - PRE)
* More Gregory (1981 - PRE)
* Night Nurse (1982 - Island)
* Out Deh (1984 - Island)

Often dealing with the subject of love and both the joy and pain of it combined with the great riddims by the Radics and the smooth vocal delivery of mr. Isaacs himself, these albums are in my humble opinion a highlight of the 30+ years carreer of Gregory Isaacs.
Here is a 30 minute mix of tunes within the broad 'love'-theme from these albums. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

01) Permanent Lover (More Gregory)
02) Stranger In Town (Night Nurse)
03) Star (Out Deh)
04) Night Nurse (Night Nurse)
05) Gi Me (The Lonely Lover)
06) Front Door (More Gregory)
07) Yes I Do (Out Deh)
08) Cool Down The Pace (Night Nurse)
09) Poor Millionaire (More Gregory)
10) Not The Way (Night Nurse)
11) Substitute (More Gregory)
12) Sheila (Out Deh)
13) Hush Darling (More Gregory)
14) A Few Words (The Lonely Lover)
15) My Only Lover (More Gregory)
16) Sad To Know [You're Leaving] (Night Nurse)
17) Poor Natty (The Lonely Lover)

All four albums are not so difficult to get hold of, so if you like the tunes and would like to hear 'm in full at good quality go get 'm! :-)


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