Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Hard One Fe Dem - a modern UK roots style mix

BMC alongside SPRINGLINE JAMAICA To celebrate the one year anniversary of Springline Jamaica online radio (not operational anymore these days), a large celebration was held on friday april 25th 2008 with a marathon-broadcast at their radiostation with contributions from a whole heap of people, among which a mix of myself. Here is said mix up for listen for one and all, including the Springline jingles alongside my own. Mix is focused on modern reggae with a UK roots sound. Not all from the UK, but I just use that description to give a general idea of what to expect. Contains contributions from big names from the scene like Jah Warrior, Russ D (Disciples), Twilight Circus, Dougie Conscious, Barry Issac, Manila Jeepney crew, King Shiloh + Dub Creator and more. Producers and engineers that still make wicked dubs for the flipsides of the records and make sure the bass is in full affect in their productions. Those I've been in contact with are very nice people too who deserve all support. The sounds in the mix, as usual, are shorter pieces of the tunes mixed together to a 45 minutes showcase of modern roots and dub. Most, if not all, of the music in this mix is still available for sale, so if you like what you hear and want to hear the full tunes in good quality, I'd say go get 'm! A good source for finding (amongst others) UK styled music is , from the man Jah Warrior himself. Enjoy!

Tracks in order of appearance (all versions present are custom-mixed together with the vocals to give nicely extended tunes):

1) Lyrical Benjie - Ten Plagues (King Shiloh 12")
2) Shiloh Dub Blessing (King Shiloh 12")
3) Michael Rose - Warrior (M-Records - Warrior CD)
4) Barry Issac - Teachings Of His Majesty (Reggae On Top - 10")
5) Twinkle Brothers - I Will Always Praise Jah (Reggae On Top - 10")
6) Praise Jah Dub (Reggae On Top - 10")
7) Tony Roots - WW3 (Manila Jeepney - Vision Tomorrow CD)
8) Simon Dan - Jah Rule (Psalms 25) (Nucleus Roots Music - 10")
9) Lutan Fyah - Never Surrender My Faith (Jah Warrior - 7")
10) Jah Mason - Rainbow Circle Throne (Jah Warrior - 7")
11) Rainbow Circle Dub (Jah Warrior - 7")
12) Sandeeno - Can't Keep I & I Down (Sip A Cup - 10")
13) Livi Jah - Warrior Music (Gussie P - Roots Supplement: Nature At Its Best Pt. 1 CD)
14) Kenny Knots & Bush Chemists - Going Home (Conscious Sounds - 10")
15) Going Home Dub (Conscious Sounds - 10")
16) Ras Imru Asha - Marshall (Entebbe - 10")
17) Version (Entebbe - 10")
18) Chrisinti - Sunburnt Faces (Manila Jeepney - Reggae For Humanity Vol. 1 CD)
19) Tony Roots - Guide Us (Manila Jeepney - Reggae For Humanity Vol. 1 CD)
20) Dona V - Down Deh (Manila Jeepney - Reggae For Humanity Vol. 1 CD)
21) Richie Davis - Grab A Hold On Jah (Mafia & Fluxy - 10")
22) Mikey General - Tell It Like It Is (extended) (M-Records - Cultural Roots Showcase CD)
23) Sister Rasheda - Hard One Fe Dem (Universal Roots - 10")
24) Fustep - Mr. Greedy (Conscious Sounds - 7")
25) Michael Rose - No Burial (M-Records - African Roots CD)
26) Dub Burial (M-Records - African Dub CD)

Enjoy, please leave a comment as a support for the work going into making these mixes for one and all to hear and hopefully to get people to buy tunes they didn't know before!



Thomas said...

I'ld like to download this mix..
A Friend told me it is very good...

BMC said...

Hi Thomas,

Yep, I still quite like this one myself. I've uploaded it for you. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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javieth said...

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Anonymous said...

hello i woulld like to feature some of your mixes on a pirate station here in miami please link me

William said...

special request to jah warrior

William said...

special request to jah warriorc

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