Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Stop the Violence! - a lyrical message

Crime and violence sadly is the order of the day in many places on this earth. Countries at war, countries with huge crime and murder rates, there's just too many of them. Jamaica, the island where the majority of the music of my mixes originates from, is no exception, au contraire, as the french would say. Crime and violence is a big problem for the country, the news is filled with reports on a next murder case; "too much blood a run" as Morgan Heritage sing. I can't speak from experience, I've never been to Jamaica myself, but have heard enough stories to at least have a slight idea of the situation. Since it's such a burning issue for this island that practically breathes music, the subject cannot stay untouched in songs. I do not refer to gun-tunes here, with singers bigging up guns and badman behaviour. Instead I refer to the positive songs by artists addressing the problem, asking for it to stop, no more guns, more unity, a plea for peace. There's a lot of such songs out there and for this mix I've selected a few of them from the last few years that I enjoy a lot and feel have a strong message. Often applicable not only to the situation in parts of Jamaica, but also to many other places on the planet. Certainly not my best mix in terms of transitions or song order, but lyrically hard to beat imo! For those that check most of my modern mixes, you will notice repetition of a few songs from older mixes, that's because I rate the tunes highly and they nicely fit this special episode so I reused them for the purpose. The mix ends with a song more of hope for the future. Lots of text, I know, but I liked to introduce this special episode a bit more extensive this time. Now let the music and singers do the talking.

Stop the violence, stop the crime, show more love, better must come!

1) Cherine - Kingston State Of Mind (Taxi)
2) Hit List - Stop Di Killing (Fouta)
3) Kashief Lindo - Paradise Jamdown (Joe Frasier)
4) Luciano - Get It Together (Pete)
5) Beres Hammond feat Delly Ranks - Siren (Harmony House)
6) Turbulence - Better Way (Sajay)
7) Sizzla - No Wickedness A Zion (In Time Music)
8) Luciano - Too Much Gunz (In Time Music)
9) Gyptian - Stop The Fussing & Fighting (Pleasure Time)
10) Chezidek - Want To See Love Again (Xterminator)
11) Turbulence - Show More Love (Maximum Sound)
12) Sanchez - Oh Please (Digital B)
13) Capleton - No Guns (Danger Zone)
14) Turbulence - Shoot Out (Free The Children)
15) Morgan Heritage - Too Much Blood A Run (Free The Children)
16) Richie Spice - Tired A (Yellow Moon)
17) Anthony B - Trigger Happy Cowboy (Camp Fire)
18) Turbulence - Gun Brings Misery (Palm Of Gold)
19) Luciano - It A Fi Stop (Ffrench)
20) Jah Mali - Blood Speaks (Rising Sun)
21) Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal - Tired Of It (Digital B)
22) Alpha Rowen - Murder (Acient Mystic)
23) Jah Cure & Jah Mason - Out Of Control (Kickin)
24) Turbulence - Live Up Right (New Beginning)
25) Gyptian - Serious Times (Frenz)
26) Capleton - Put It Down (King Lion)
27) Ghandi - Better Must Come (Kickin)

Please leave a comment when you've enjoyed the mix, it makes the effort much more worthwhile if people not only download, but also let me know that the love for the music is mutual. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

seems like a nice mix!
would be really nice if you can upload it...
also, i very sadly lost your mix "be free", one of my most loved ones. please upload it once again!
love your taste of music!

BMC said...

Uploaded it for you, also Be Free is available again. Check it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the read i am currently working on a stop the violence project will save your blog an share.

Anonymous said...

Like the tracklist, up for download?

Anonymous said...

I like the tracklist, isit up for download??