Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Delroy Wilson - Let There Be Love

New DOUBLE episode of BMC's Reggae Mixes with a mix based on the music of my favourite reggae singer: DELROY WILSON! I've made quite a few mixes by now, but my favourite singer was still waiting to be the focus of a mix and here it is. Often overlooked, Delroy Wilson doesn't always get the credits he deserves. Double episode, could have easily been a triple or more, so many good tunes by this man! Mix lasts a little under 80 minutes and contains many of my favourite Delroy tracks and some version and deejay cuts. Tunes are from a variety of labels, studios, producers and musicians and cover quite a big part of his career, though mostly focus on the period late 60s - late 70s. His ska recordings for Studio 1 are left out. It's interesting to hear the change in his voice over the years, I here tried to show with 4 versions of Delroy's Dancing Mood going in steps through his career. Personally I've always rated his later period with his voice more matured a bit higher than his early years, but both periods are extensively covered here. Sadly Delroy Wilson died in 1995 at the way too young age of 46 years old, but left behind a catalogue to be enjoyed forever. What a singer.
For all tracks sources are given so if you rate the music, you can track down copies yourself to get the full tunes (as always, here only short pieces are used in one continuous mix, no full tunes) in good quality without samples. Support the music! Check it out and if you appreciate the effort, be so kind to let me know via a comment. Thanks and enjoy!

Tracks in order of appearance (in brackets the source, which is set up as: format, album-title, label):
1) King Tubby - Dub Is Shining (CD, Bunny Lee presents King Tubby, Unity / Jet Star)
2) Delroy Wilson - Sun Is Shining (LP, Money, Clocktower)
3) I Trust You (feat. I-Roy) (LP, I-Roy - Touting I Self, Heartbeat)
4) Got To See My Baby (LP, Money, Clocktower)
5) Dancing Mood (CD, Dancing Mood, Studio 1)
6) Dancing Mood (CD, Greatest Hits, Jamaican Gold)
7) Dancing Mood (12", Justice)
8) Dancing Mood (7", Music Works)
9) Pretty Girl (LP, V.A. - Joe Gibbs Revive 45's Vol II. Rocky Gibbs)
10) Give Love A Try (7", Striker Lee)
11) Better Must Come (7", Striker Lee)
12) Dennis Alcapone - It Must Come (7", Striker Lee)
13) Might Can't Beat Right (CD, Greatest Hits, Jamaican Gold)
14) Better To Be Loved (CD, Better Must Come....One Day, Jamaican Gold)
15) Money Love (LP, Good All Over, Studio 1)
16) Wont You Come Home (feat. Ken Boothe) (CD, Dancing Mood, Studio 1)
17) Wont You Come Home + Version (feat. U-Brown) (12", Starlight)
18) I Can't Stand It (CD, Cool Operator, Music Club)
19) Every Body Needs Love (LP, Sarge, Charmers)
20) Talk Too Much + Version (7", Fatman)
21) Give Me Your Love (LP, Mr. Cool Operator, EJI)
22) Money (LP, Money, Clocktower)
23) Prince Hammer - Flash Your Dread (CD, Rastafari Bible, Patate)
24) Cool Operator (LP, Mr. Cool Operator, EJI)
25) Conquer Me (7", Striker Lee)
26) Dr. Alimantado - Johhny Was A Baker (CD, Best Dressed Chicken In Town, Keyman)
27) Dennis Alcapone & Prince Jazzbo - Lorna Banana (CD, Musical Liquidator, Jamaican Gold)
28) Too Much War (LP, blank - real track title unknown)
29) You Keep On Running (7", Dee Jay)
30) U-Roy - Never Get Away (7", Dee Jay)
31) Have Some Mercy (7", Dee Jay)
32) Trinity - The Book Of Roots (7", TR Groovemaster)
33) People Get Ready (LP, Unedited, Hulk)
34) King Tubby & Tommy McCook - African Roots Dub (CD, Bunny Lee presents King Tubby, Unity / Jet Star)
35) Live Good (7", Fatman)
36) Dillinger - Truth & Right (CD, Natty BSC, Recall)
37) Version (7", Fatman)
38) My Conversation (LP, Sarge, Charmers)
39) So Long Baby (LP, Money, Clocktower)
40) I Wont Take You Back + Version (12", E & J)
41) Conference Table (7", Striker Lee)
42) NuRoy - Conference At The Temple (LP, The Originator, Carib Gems)
43) Call On Me (LP, Unedited, Hulk)
44) Suspicion (12", Revue)
45) Sharing The Night Together (12", E & J)
46) Halfway Up The Stairs + Version (7", Observer)
47) Can I Change My Mind (7", Striker Lee)
48) I-Roy - Rose Of Sharon (7", Striker Lee)
49) I'm Not A King (7", Studio 1)
50) Ungratefull Baby (7", Coxsone)
51) It's Just Your Carelessness (CD, Better Must Come....One Day, Jamaican Gold)
52) Soloman (LP, Unedited, Hulk)
53) No Body's Business (LP, Nice Times, Vista)
54) Worth Your Weight In Gold + Version (LP, Worth Your Weight In Gold, Burning Sounds)
55) Let There Be Love (CD, Greatest Hits, Jamaican Gold)

"Let there be love love love among the nations, let there be peace peace peace among the people, too much war and there is no love, love is the only thing the world need today" - Delroy Wilson


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