Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Papa Tullo Rides The Rhythm

After having Nicodemus (2x) and Ranking Toyan in the mix with vocal companions and some dub versions, it's now time for a next deejay that was operating most actively in the same period. Centre of attention this time is PAPA TULLO, who later started calling himself Tulloch T when he did some work for amongst others Jammy$. I don't know much about this man, only that I usually enjoy his flow and style, what's most important. I don't know where he resides nowadays, but if I'm not mistaken he occassionally still voices a tune and performs, but it's not much. For now we're looking back to the period of the early 80s, in which Papa Tullo voiced plenty of tracks on known, but also lesser known riddims with lovely vocal companion tracks. Amongst others he had a number of his tunes released on 12" on the Negus Roots and Greensleeves labels. Here I've selected 14 vocal tracks, which get Tullo riding the rhythm next, sometimes followed by the version. Some of these come from vinyl copies, while other tunes are taken from CD's (official releases or CD-R's). The source of each is given below, so if you'd like to try and track a tune down you should have enough info to go by, though some of these are not easily available (while others can be found on more places than just the source given). As always, there's no full tunes here, it's shorter pieces mixed together to one continuous flow of niceness. :-) Please leave a comment when you've enjoyed the mix! Thanks.

1 ) Intro by Anthony Johnson
2a) Jah Son - She Love The Rub A Dub (1)
2b) Papa Tullo - Rub A Dub (1)
2c) Version (1)
3a) Cornell Campbell - Rasta Come From Jail (2)
3b) Papa Tullo - Jump And Practice (3)
4a) Wailing Souls - Diamonds & Pearls (4)
4b) Papa Tullo - Sister Pearl (4)
4c) Version (4)
5a) Lacksley Castell - Jah Is Watching You (1)
5b) Papa Tullo - Sweet Reggae Music (1)
5c) Version (1)
6a) Barry Brown - Please Officer (5)
6b) Papa Tullo - Parish Connection (6)
7a) Don Carlos - Gimme Gimme Your Love (1)
7b) Papa Tullo - Gimme More Love (1)
7c) Version (1)
8a) Leroy Smart - I Don't Like It (7)
8b) Papa Tullo - Do It Sweet And Neat (6)
9a) Jimmy Riley - Majority Rule (8)
9b) Papa Tullo - Ride The Rhythm (6)
10a) Lacksley Castell - Speak SOftly (1)
10b) Papa Tullo - Money A The Remedy (1)
11a) Barrington Levy - She Rob & Gorn (9)
11b) Papa Tullo - Cat Call Francella (9)
11c) Version (9)
12a) Wailing Souls - Up Front (4)
12b) Papa Tulllo - To The Edge Of The Rump (4)
13a) Natural Vibes - Be Wise (10)
13b) Papa Tullo (10)
14a) Cornell Campbell - Trick In The Book (11)
14b) Papa Tullo - Special Request To David Rodigan & Tony Williams (3)
15a) Lacksley Castell - Government Man (1)
15b) Papa Tullo - Straight To The Government (1)
15c) Version (1)

(1) Negus Roots 12"
(2) Papa D 12"
(3) Purpleman & Papa Tullo - Purpleman Saves Pappa Tollo In A Dancehall Style (Vista)
(4) Greensleeves 12"
(5) Various Artists - Dancehall Explosion (Trojan)
(6) Mother Liza & Papa Tullo - Mother Liza Meets Pappa Tollo (Vista)
(7) Various Artists - Zion Land (Jah'So)
(8) Various Artists - It's Reggae Time (Burning Rockers)
(9) Strong Like Sampson 12"
(10) Black Joy 12"
(11) Cornell Campbell - Natty Dread (Anthology) (Trojan)


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