Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Ruff & Tuff - a late 80s 45s mix inna digital stylee

With the introduction of the famous Sleng Teng riddim by Jammy$ in the mid 80s a new trend was set for digital reggae. The later 80s dancehall scene was ruled by digital riddims and gave way to numerous classics and sometimes nowadays higly sought after tunes. As one of the many interesting era's in Jamaican music I wanted to make a nice mix of it and here it is. I've recorded a bunch of my 45s from the period (i.e. late 80s) and mixed them together. Not the full tunes, parts of it that give a great idea of the tune itself. This mix has both classics and rather unknown tunes with a wicked Belly Man series, some nice Courtney Melody's, Pinchers', Robert French, a young Beenie Man, White Mice and much more. I've included some pics of the labels in the picture that comes with this episode. Enjoy!

Ruff & Tuff - a late 80s 45s mix inna digital stylee

1) Firehouse Crew - Mi No In A It Version (Taurus) feat. Fuzzy Jones intro
2) Pad Anthony - Mi No In A It (Taurus)
3) Pincher - Kingston 13 (Ossie)
4) Courtney Melody - Screechie Across The Border (Stereo One)
5) Lieutenant Stitchie - Story Time (Stereo One)
6) Lee Crystal - Give My Loving A Try (Romantic)
7) Sluggy - 95% Black In Jail (Music Master)
8) Little Kirk - Suffer Not The Little Ones (Shocking Vibes)
9) Horace Fergeson - Sensi Addick (Prince Jazzbo Music)
10) Prince Jazzbo - Brain Food (Ujama)
11) U-Roy - Musical Addict (Ujama)
12) Admiral Bailey - Big Belly Man (Jammy$)
13) Charlie Chaplin - Long Belly Man (Juney Star)
14) Tonto Metro - Flat Belly Man (Redman International)
15) Beeny Man - A Nuh Things Run We (Shocking Vibes)
16) Pinchers - Return Of The Don (Supreme)
17) Dennis Mangaroo - Turn It On (Mystic)
18) Bobby Digital & Cocoa Tea - Come Home (Jammy$)
19) White Mice - Youths Of Today (Incredible Music)
20) Robert French - Ruff & Tuff (France)
21) Courtney Melody - Modern Girl (France)
22) Version (France)
23) Badoo - Light Of Jahovah (Photographer)

If you've enjoyed the music, please let me know by leaving a comment. The postive feedback from the listeners means more to me than a big number of 'm. Just knowing you rate the effort is worth a lot. Thanks in advance! :-) More of this in the future, so keep checking back!



Bredda Richie said...

Yes brother please repost this it was a killer mix..Give Thanks!!

Jojachin said...

I second that, cannot find it on podomatic any more :/