Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Give Thanks For Life - 2007 - 2008 modern roots mix

New mix up of modern tunes. We're in may of 2008 already and I didn't make a mix containing JA tunes released this year yet, so it was time to change that. Here it is, 30 tracks, some from this year, some from last year, all from 7" except the Mary Jane riddim, which is taken from 10" singles. Usual things apply; no full tunes, shorter pieces mixed together at lower bitrate with added soundsamples. If you rate the tunes I'd encourage you to go out and get the tunes yourself to hear 'm in full, good quality and sample-free. A promotional thing this!
We have a nice mix of JA and European releases here with a variety of names, both veterans and newer vocalists. Two wicked Doniki's, a very underrated singer imo, old-school digital style riddims from Scotch Bonnet and Charlie's labels, Massive B's massive Kingdom riddim, big hits on the Rub A Dub riddim, wicked roots riddim called Dem A Run Away etc etc. Lots of niceness, roots stylee. Enjoy!

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Give Thanks For Life - 2007 / 2008 modern roots mix

1) Million Stylez - Oh Jah Jah (Rootdown - I Love)
2) Jah Mason - Yours Forever (Rootdown - I Love)
3) Ras McBean - Dem A Run Away (Unik - Dem A Run Away)
4) Lutan Fyah - Give Thanks For Life (Unik - Dem A Run Away)
5) Mafia & Fluxy - Version (Unik - Dem A Run Away)
6) Doniki - Life Of The People (Gully Bank)
7) Doniki - Don't Destroy The Earth (Vineyard - Earth)
8) Junior Slice - No Patience (Vineyard - Earth)
9) Version (Vineyard - Earth)
10) Kenny Knots - Rock Inna Dancehall (Scotch Bonnet - Mary Jane [10"])
11) Top Cat - Herbalist (Scotch Bonnet - Mary Jane [10"])
12) Carl Meeks - Higher Level (Scotch Bonnet - Mary Jane [10"])
13) Chezidek - I Won't Change (Charlie's - Back To Mount Zion)
14) McPullish - Dub Change I (Charlie's - Back To Mount Zion)
15) Lutan Fyah & Anthony John - Roots Woman (Rial Agony)
16) Capleton - Clean Meditation (Shore Jam - Ruff Life)
17) Anthony Cruz - Mi See It Clear (Shore Jam - Ruff Life)
18) Jah Mason - Thanks & Praise (Shore Jam - Ruff Life)
19) Chezidek - Call Pon Dem (Massive B - Kingdom)
20) Collie Buddz - Let Me Know (Massive B - Kingdom)
21) Burro Banton - Garrison (Massive B - Kingdom)
22) Queen Ifrica - Choppa Grade (Nicetime - No Combo)
23) Sweet T - Lethal Weapon (Nicetime - No Combo)
24) Chaka Demus & Pliers - When King Tubby's Used To Play (Pull Up My Selecta - Duke Street)
25) Tony Curtis - Mr. Law (Pull Up My Selecta - Duke Street)
26) Lukie D - How Long (Pull Up My Selecta - Duke Street)
27) Morgan Heritage - Nothing To Smile About (No Doubt - Rub A Dub)
28) Richie Spice - Di Plane Land (No Doubt - Rub A Dub)
29) Etana - I Am Not Afraid (No Doubt - Rub A Dub)
30) Ginjah - Never Lost My Way (No Doubt - Rub A Dub)

Large up once again for all the support, especially to the group that keeps returning to my mixes, taking the time to leave comments or send an email of appreciation instead of just grabbing it . I don't care about the number of downloads, I do care about the nice comments of the people that enjoy the music with me.
Special shout-out this time to the Reggae Sundance Guestbook and its contributors for the support and interesting conversations.


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