Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Never Give Up - a 70s roots selection

Here's a new mix with a rather random 70s vocal roots selection complete with their versions. Most of my mixes so far have been focussing on recent years or the 80s, so it was about time a strictly 70s mix was added to it. There's not a special theme for this one, the only restrictions I gave myself was no repetition of artist or label of the 45 and mainly tunes around the middle part of the decade (not too sure about the exact release dates though), resulting in 13 different vocal-tracks with their b-side version. As always, no full tunes, shorter pieces mixed together. Most of these track come from reissued 45s, so if you like what you hear and want the full tunes in good quality without sound effects, go get 'm! ;-)

1a) Lacksley Castell - What A Great Day (Fatman)
1b) Great Day Dub (Fatman)
2a) Delroy Wilson - Never Give Up (Clock Tower)
2b) Delroy Wilson - Version (Clock Tower)
3a) Conscious Minds - Hotter The Battle (Soul Beat)
3b) Conscious Minds - Brain Wash (Soul Beat)
4a) Brent Dowe - Righteous Works (Freedom Sounds)
4b) Version (Freedom Sounds)
5a) Rising Sun & Mudies All Stars - United We Stand (Afro)
5b) Mudies All Stars - United Version (Afro)
6a) Mighty Soul Rebels - Jah Jah Is No Gimmick (Guiding Star)
6b) The Mighty Soul Rebel Players - No Gimmick Version (Guiding Star)
7a) Heptones - Be A Man (Studio 1)
7b) Heptones & Soundemension - Be A Man Version (Studio 1)
8a) Donovan D - Don't Mock Jah (Techniques)
8b) Mock Jah Version (Techniques)
9a) Biggs - Judgement Day (Fe-Me-Time)
9b) The Caribs - Version (Fe-Me-Time)
10a) Ken Boothe - Silver Words (Observer)
10b) Silver Lotion (Observer)
11a) The Hurricanes - You Can Run (Black Art)
11b) The Upsetters - You Can Dub (Black Art)
12a) The African Brothers - Hold Tight (Impact)
12b) Randy's All Stars - Hold Tight Dub (Impact)
13a) Creole - Beware Of Your Enemies (Well Charge)
13b) Version (Well Charge)

Thanks for checking this one out and let me know when you've enjoyed the mix by leaving a comment!



ethiopian immigrant said...

With these tunes better has alredy come. Loved to here this. Thank you bredda.

Anonymous said...

i would love to here that mix, could you please upload it?

trueforms said...

Soundz Interesting.
Lets have a listen friend. Cheers!

mods said...

could you please upload this great mix all your mix is big man respect you brother