Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MIX: Road Block - BMC's 2006 mix - part 4

The year is long gone, but the music certainly is not. There were lots of tunes from last year left that didn't make their way into one of my mixes yet, but certainly deserve to be in one and since I didn't get to recording some 2007 released 45s to the PC yet, here's another belated but sweet 2006 modern roots mix. In this mix you'll find big tunes on a variety of roots-riddim styles with lyrical topics from herb to rastafari to lovers to poverty to anti-gun to ghetto life. You'll find contributions from singers, singjays and deejays and all mixed together, so no full tunes. Some of these are probably still commercially available, so as usual I say: if you like what you hear, go get 'm! :-) Enjoy that great voice of Da'Ville, that wicked vocal delivery of Turbulence, that original tune by the unknown Suzanne Couch, the big hit by Collie Budz...... or better, just enjoy quality modern 2006 roots!

1) Come Around aka Last War riddim (Blank - Come Around riddim)
2) Ziggi - Blaze It (Blank - Come Around riddim)
3) Collie Budz - Come Around (Epic - Come Around riddim)
4) Shabba Ranks - Burn Up [feat. Fatta and Los] (Blank - Come Around riddim)
5) Turbulence - Ghetto Youth (Chip I - Livity Nuh Nice riddim)
6) Capleton - Let The People Down (Chip I - Livity Nuh Nice riddim)
7) Pinchers - Kingston Jamaica (Calibud - Kingston Jamaica riddim)
8) Natural Black - Arms House (Calibud - Kingston Jamaica riddim)
9) Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal - She Caan Cool (Calibud - Kingston Jamaica riddim)
10) Beenie Man - Rough Times (Calibud - Kingston Jamaica riddim)
11) J Stylz - Tomorrow (Calibud - Kingston Jamaica riddim)
12) Morgan Heritage - Exalt His Name [Rastafari] (Sweet Sadie's)
13) Lutan Fyah - Vacancy (Hi Score - Green Heart riddim)
14) Turbulence - Don't Be Jealous (Hi Score - Green Heart riddim)
15) Da'Ville - Love U Better (Jah Snowcone - Holding riddim)
16) Spragga Benz - Little Things U Do (Jah Snowcone - Holding riddim)
17) Natural Black - Dig Up Mi Place (Jah Snowcone - Holding riddim)
18) Warrior King - Raper Man (Jah Snowcone - Holding riddim)
19) Terry Linen - Low Life (Raggedy Joe)
20) Suzanne Couch - Smile (Lionvibes)
21) Turbulence - Got No Love (Camp Fire - Playlist riddim)
22) Anthony B - Trigger Happy Cowboy (Camp Fire - Playlist riddim)
23) Tanya Stephens - Glue (Camp Fire - Playlist riddim)
24) Perfect - Sweet And Black (Camp Fire - Playlist riddim)
25) Jah Mali - Road Block (Penthouse)
26) Turbulence - Poor Man's Place (Maximum Sound - Jah Powers riddim)
27) Da'Ville - Come Rescue Me (Maximum Sound - Jah Powers riddim)

I've started recording some more recent 45s too, so watch this space for a 2006 - 2007 transition mix. Soon come! Comments are much appreciated! Thanks for checking this new mix! :-)


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