Thursday, July 2, 2009

MIX: Keep The Faith - another 2007 modern roots mix

Final mix of 2007 modern roots 45s. 40 minute mix of consciousness and lovers, the way I like it! Again some wicked European productions in here like the superb rocksteady styled Family riddim on A-Lone (same guys from the excellent Dirty Dozen riddim as part of my previous 2007 mix 'More Life'). Also the latest riddim from the Irie Ites camp that never fail to impress, this time with an update of Culture's Down In Jamaica (with involvement of Mafia & Fluxy again) and the Maximum Sound camp with two wicked riddims Black Board, of Lee Perry fame, and Ashanti Warrior. Ofcourse also plenty of room for JA productions with riddims like Guardian Angel, Gunman, Legal (with VC, remember him?) and more. Nuff big tunes here. I also had to include She's Royal in this mix, since I didn't do so yet and it's a big tune of last year. As always, no full tunes, shorter pieces mixed together with added sound-samples and at low, though very listenable quality. This will give a good impression of the tunes, a promotional thing. I keep on repeating this, but hey, it's the way I feel, so again, if you like what you hear I encourage you to buy the tunes yourself to get 'm in full, good quality and sample-free and to support the industry. Information on label and riddim of the 45s is given in brackets (label - riddim). If you like the mix and effort, please show your support by leaving a comment!

1) Alborosie - Precious Acapella (Forward)
2) Alborosie & U-Roy - Precious (Forward)
3) Chezidek - Bad Out Deh (Irie Ites - Down In Jamaica)
4) Lutan Fyah - Bad Traffic (Irie Ites - Down In Jamaica)
5) Tanya Stephens - I'm Not Proud (Mafia & Fluxy - Down In Jamaica)
6) Glen Washington - I Couldn't Do That (Mafia & Fluxy - Down In Jamaica)
7) Perfect - Light This Joint (Irie Ites - Down In Jamaica)
8) Mafia & Fluxy - Down In Jamaica Riddim (Irie Ites - Down In Jamaica)
9) Da'Ville - In My Arms (Renaissance - Legal)
10) VC - It's Time (Renaissance - Legal)
11) Tammi Chin - Sweet Love (Renaissance - Legal)
12) Gentleman - Serenity (Renaissance - Legal)
13) Doniki - Gully Bank (Gully Bank)
14) Tarrus Riley - She's Royal (Cannon)
15) Lutan Fyah - Real Rasta (Down Sound - Gunman)
16) Queen Ifrica - Mi Nah Rub (Down Sound - Gunman)
17) Turbulence - No Other Way (Down Sound - Gunman)
18) Alpheus - Keep The Faith (A-Lone - Family)
19) Ranking Forrest - Heads Of Government (A-Lone - Family)
20) Glen Washington - Jah Jah Delivered Me (A-Lone - Family)
21) Perfect - 30 Pieces (Irievibrations)
22) Chezidek - Bless I (Fire Ball - Rumours)
23) Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal - Rocker Pam Pam (Fire Ball - Rumours)
24) Capleton - Prophet Rides Again (Ink-A-Link)
25) Sizzla - Show More Love To The Youth (Free The Children - Africa)
26) Turbulence - Shoot Out (Free The Children - Africa)
27) Natty King - Africa We're From (Maximum Sound - Ashanti Warrior)
28) Jah Mali - Real Life (Maximum Sound - Ashanti Warrior)
29) Morgan Heritage - Guards Up [intro + Burro Banton] (Maximum Sound - Black Board)
30) Burro Banton - Lyrics Daddy (Maximum Sound - Black Board)
31) Luciano - Nations Of War (P2K - Culture)
32) I Wayne - More Herb (Yellow Moon - Dst)
33) Richie Spice - The World Is A Cycle [intro + Jah Cure] (Fresh Ear - Guardian Angel)
34) Jah Cure - To Your Arms Of Love (VP - Guardian Angel)
35) Tami Chynn - Over And Over Again (Fresh Ear - Guardian Angel)

Thanks for checking in again!



Anonymous said...

i just love your music!
please upload this mix again! in the podcast it's not available anymore!
it's a really lovely one!
keep on movin!!!

BMC said...

Done, available again through the link in the post itself!

rob harper said...

Hi BMC your reggae and dub mixes are awesome any chance of uploading keep the faith 2007 as this was my favourite mix