Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MIX: Nicodemus meets Bingy Bunny & The Morwells

Nicodemus aka 'the little short man', one of reggae's finest dancehall deejays! Wicked flow, great voice, nice lyrics and often big riddims! In mainly the early 80s he made a habit out of voicing riddims with original vocal tracks by Bingy Bunny & the Morwells. Bingy Bunny was besides vocalist for the Morwells also the rhythm guitarist for the famous Roots Radics in their golden years. The combination of Nicodemus and Bingy Bunny / Morwells always excited me and so I made a mix of Morwell / Bingy Bunny vocal tracks combined with Nicodemus' toast and in some cases the dub.
Enjoy this mix, let me know if you like it by leaving a comment! Thanks for checking out my new mix!

1. Intro (taken from the track Scorpion Sting Mi Granny)
2. Bingy Bunny & The Morwells - Tonight
3. Nicodemus - It Have To Ram
4. Version
5. Bingy Bunny & The Morwells - Be Wise
6. Nicodemus - Father Jungle Rock
7. Bingy Bunny & Morwells - Street Lover
8. Nicodemus - How You Look Girl Pon The Street
9. Version
10. Bingy Bunny & The Morwells - Reggae Party
11. Nicodemus - Natty Sell A Million
12. Version
13. Bingy Bunny & The Morwells - Wicked Man
14. Nicodemus - She Love It In The Morning
15. Bingy Bunny & The Morwells - I'll Never Give My Heart
16. Nicodemus - The Best
17. Version
18. Bingy Bunny & The Morwells - Keep It In The Family
19. Nicodemus - Keep It In A Tent
20. Bingy Bunny & The Morwells - Me And Jane
21. Nicodemus - Gunman Connection
22. Version



Anonymous said...

Really love to here this original as all of the other older mixes you have. You have a gift from jah....Share the love....

Toppa IrieItes said...

Ites! heard this years ago. excellent mix.. any chance to get this as dL again? like mixcloud or hulkshare??